Friday, December 29, 2006

Death Penalty

Do you believe in the death penalty? I am not fully sure. There are compelling cases on both sides.
The "pro" side would argue that their must be punishment that would deter criminals from committing such heinous crimes. This side would point to the Old Testiment in the bible with God ordering the deaths of several for breaking the law.
The "con" side would argue that Jesus asks us to turn the other cheek. We should not be violent to others, no matter the crime.

While I think I tend to lean to the pro side, I do have a hard time thinking of someone being hung, electricuted, or leathaly injected. I have seen the movie the Green Mile, and that is as close as I have ever come to seeing someone executed. I understand and support the rational thought behind the death penalty, but have a hard time thinking too long on the topic.

What do you think?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Should he be put to death?

I think so. Here is a story on the death of Sadame Hussain. This is being carried out by the Iraq court systems. What do you think?

NFL All-Pro Team

Here is my All-Pro Team for this season in football.

QB: Manning (Ind)
RB: Tomlinson (SD)
RB: Johnson (KC)
OL: Jamal Brown (NO)
OL: Kris Deilman (SD)
OL: Jeff Saturday (Ind)
OL: Chris Naeole (Jax)
OL: Willie Anderson (Cinn)
TE: Gates (SD)
WR: Harrison (Ind)
WR: Johnson (Cinn)

DE: Taylor (Mia)
DE: Kapman (GB)
DT: Sapp (Oak)
DT: Williams (Minn)
LB: Merriman (SD)
LB: Fletcher (Buff)
LB: Thomas (Mia)
LB: Urlacher (Chi)
DB: Bailey (Den)
DB: Williams (Dal)
DB: Wilson (AZ)
DB: Rhodes (NYJ)

K: Gould (Chi)
P: Turk (Mia)
Ret: Hester (Chi)

Almost on: Wayne (IND), Brees (NO), Gore (SF), Gonzalez (KC), Young (Ten)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Conservative or Liberal

I'm back. Took awhile with the traveling.

Are you a conservative or liberal? Do you think you fall somewhere in the middle? So do I, and about 99% of others reading this blog. After much thought on this subject I decided to blog on the issue. I am using the terms somewhat loosely (conservative/liberal). I mean them in the political and religious sense.

If most of you are like me you tend to view people that are more conservative than you as “not open-minded”. These people are just not educated enough to see things the way you do. These people are just not able to see what is true and important and usually stick to just a few issues that we would consider to be minor problems while missing the big picture.

The other type of people are those that are too liberal. These people are viewed as people that do not have a sound foundation of beliefs as far as the more conservatives would believe. Many of them ignore issues that we would find to be of extreme importance and they do not stand for what they do, or should, believe to be true. These do not want to levy their beliefs on others because they must not truly believe.

I compare this scenario to when I am driving. Those that are going slower than me are “old foggies” that are making it unsafe by how they are driving, while those that are passing me are “out-of-control” and do not understand how dangerous they are driving. While of course I am driving (at whatever speed I decide for the day) at the optimal speed that others should be driving at.

Personally I tend to lean more to the conservative side on most issues. However I find myself critiquing those that are more conservative that I am as people that cannot find the forest for the trees. While the many that are more liberal than me do not have a firm grasp on reality or they will not stand for what they believe in.

What I have learned in my interactions with many that see things differently than I do is that other people study as much, and often more, than I do. These people have put much thought into what they believe and although I do not always agree with them that does not make them wrong.

What do you think?

Friday, December 15, 2006


What do you think about this article? Here is the headline:
WELLINGTON, Ohio — An artist who was forced to remove his Nazi gingerbread men from the window of a hardware store has set up the display in an empty storefront in another town.

What about "free speech"? It is fine by me to have him take down this disgusting "art", but do you think he ought to be forced to?

Or what about this?

I support GWB for the most part. I know he has made some bad decisions, but who hasn't. This one though was a terrible move. One of the most difficult problems we have is immigration. I'd love to see the process made easier for those who'd like to be in America. That way they have rights, and are paying taxes. A fence!! Was that the best we could think up with the "smartest" men advising the president!! Really now, I could have given you that idea.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pop vs. Coke

Found this off my friend Jeremy's blog. What do you call your fountain drinks? I have always gone with Soda (I don't really know why). Living in the south though I hear about Coke all the time (even if people want a Dr. Pepper they call it coke). And I always found it funny to hear "them crazy yankees" call it Pop. Come on now, Pop?!?!
So what do you call it? Here is a map of the breakdown of the U.S.

My Blog

Somebody got to my blog with this as a google search:
tommy lee jones revolutionary war fan club


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I don't deny living in Alabama. I enjoy living in the deep south, but there are times when I do feel uncomfortable with the rednecks.

I call this one the redneck christmas.

What I would do with Avery, if I was truely a redneck.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Top 100 Artists Last group

Here it is. The top 20 in my artists. There are a few that made this group because of my love of their music, but for the most part I tried to be as objective as possible.

20: Garth Brooks: The face of Country music in the 90’s. He helped bring country music into the mainstream. He has several great songs. I even bought his box set, which is quite good.

19: Maria Carey: A great singer. She has been a constant in the music industry for many years. Her voice is unreal; too bad she is so weird. Looking forward to more of her music. She has over 15 number 1 singles already, and will most likely put out even more.

18: Journey: A great group. I still enjoy many of the songs they put out.

17: Sting: He was great in a group and as a solo artist. His voice is so distinct that it is hard to see anyone imitating him ever.

16: James Taylor: He has some great music. I still listen to his greatest hits while driving around.

15: Steven Curtis Chapman: My personal all-time favorite. He has produced hits since the early 1990’s and still is putting out great albums. His most well know (I will be here) is still played in many weddings.

14: Michael W. Smith: A stalwart in Christian music. For many years he was the face of the entire industry. He still puts out great worship music even today.

13: Nirvana: Dominated the music scene for several years. The music still reminds me of the mid-90’s.

12: Beach Boys: This was a great group. Have many hits that still make you want to sing today.

11: Led Zeppelin: Not my favorite. But they have sold more records than anyone other than the Beatles in the U.S.

10: Pearl Jam: This group was a great group for several years. I have always thought they were way under-appreciated for the impact on the music industry.

9: DC Talk: I feel this is the best group that existed in Christian Music. They were back in the days when old school rap was the way to go, and evolved into a great alternative sound.

8: Queen: I think the greatest group. They have many hits to back it up. And are still played today.

7: Metallica: A great group. They could easily be higher on the list. The Black album is a classic, but they have produced great songs throughout the years. Jamey actually came down the aisle to a Metallica song.

6: Pink Floyd: Again, not my cup of tea, but the music sold more copies than almost any other group.

5: Madonna: She changed music forever. Not always in a good way. But her influence is unmistakable.

4: Michael Jackson/Jackson 5: I know he is a terrible person today, but he was the king of pop. His impact still resonates in the music industry. And the Jackson 5 probably could have made the list on it’s own.

3: The Beatles: Way before my time, but I cannot argue with all they have accomplished, and the effect they have left in the music industry.

2: U2: A great group that has spanned the decades. They had great music back in the 80’s and have great music today. The Joshua Tree has to be one of the best all-time albums.

1: Elvis: He has to be at the top. How many people have a city named after them? His songs are still played and will always be played. He was more than just a great singer, but now is a historical figure.

Well, that is the list. Let me know who I left off that should have been included, or who shouldn’t have even been on the list. Who should be higher than who, and so on…

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let me get fat if I want to

NEW YORK — The Board of Health voted Tuesday to make New York the nation's first city to ban artery-clogging artificial trans fats at restaurants — from the corner pizzeria to high-end bakeries.

What's next, closing all the McDonalds?? Don't get me wrong I am not saying this is the best food to eat. But what happened to free choice.

Top 100 Artists part IV

Here are 40-21. Tell me who is too high/low.

40: Dave Matthews Band: Too many are almost in a worship-like trance when it comes to them to not include them on this list.

39: Patsy Cline: The greatest woman country singer. She has been the inspiration to many that have come after her.

38: Eric Clapton: He put out several albums that were at the top. Great to just sit and listen to a soothing voice. Change the world is a great one.

37: Third Day: Another great Christian group. They are in their peak now, so it might be too soon to judge them. Hopefully they will put out a few more albums like the first few and continue to be a great group.

36: Eagles: A good group. To put them higher would be I think to over-rate how good they were. Although, Hotel California is still a great song.

35: Barbara Streisand: Put out many albums that were very solid. She gets this high for her longevity and the sheer numbers of her fan-base.

34: Bruce Spingsteen: Great artist that was great to hear live.

33: Louis Armstrong: The father of the Jazz singers. Many still love to impersonate this great singer.

32: Phil Collins: A great artist. He has many hits by himself and with the group Genesis. “In the air tonight” is still one of my favorites right before a game on Friday night.

31: Harry Connick Jr: This one is for Jamey, although he has sold millions of albums, and still continues to put them out today.

30: Tim McGraw: He is still dominating the Country music scene. With over 7 singles off one album he established himself and he has not stopped putting out great music. His newest “My little girl” is a must listen to for all the dads out there.

29: Jimi Hendrix: He has influenced many with the guitar solos and unique music. Often imitated, but never duplicated.

28: Prince: “Purple Rain” is a great song. He has many others that have become great songs as well.

27: Chicago: A very good group. I have enjoyed their music for a long time. They have many songs that will stay around for a long time.

26: Elton John: Some would not include him on the list and others of you are telling me how dumb I am to have him this low. He has produced some great songs and is an icon in the music industry now.

25: Whitney Houston: Probably has the best voice of all-time. Her music gives anyone goosebumps.

24: The Temptations: “Sittin by the dock of the Bay” is a classic, as is most of their music. They have inspired many to sing in their style.

23: Lionel Richie: A great artist that had several albums in a row that were successful.

22: Bob Marley: A great artist in his own style. He has brought many who would love to copy his music into the industry.

21: The Rolling Stones: Alright, before you old fogies get onto me. This group has been old and not very good since the 1980’s so I am not counting longevity. Still they were good back in the day.

Monday, December 04, 2006

People person or task oriented person

Is it better to be a "people person" or someone, like me, that is task oriented? In class on Sunday the question was asked, and the answer was that both are important to have. I would agree, but I often wonder if it would be more important to focus on people than on getting the job done.
As a coach/teacher, I am friendly to the students I am around and do care about them, but I often am so OSD that I have to finish what I set out to do that day (especially in coaching).
The main example we use as Christians is Christ's, and many times he gives the example of putting people first and not always finishing whatever "task" was on his plate. I would say this is a bit unfair however, because Jesus' real task was people.

So I ask again is it better to be people minded or task oriented?

How 'bout them Gators

Way to go Florida. Beat OSU in the championship.

On a side note...I hate the Dolphins.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Top 100 Artists Part III

Here is 60-41. Let the comments fly.

60: John Mellencamp: Another artist that I did not realize had sold so much music.

59: Stevie Wonder: A great musician that has a voice that I could listen to all day. Not to mention the fact that he is blind.

58: 2 Pac/Biggie Smalls: I know I am putting 2 together, but the impact of their careers, and deaths, is still felt in rap music.

57: Shania Twain: I know she has not done much since her 2-3 first albums. But both those started the Country/Pop era of music.

56: Hank Williams Sr.: An artist that has inspired many Country singers.

55: Barry Manilow: I am not a “fanilow” but do respect the fact that he still has a huge fan base. The fact that I work with a guy who sang back-up to him helps as well.

54: Marvin Gaye: “What’s going on” is a great album. He is an icon in his type of music.

53: Johnny Cash: How many of these artists have had a movie come out about their life? Answer: Not many.

52: Bee Gees: Their very unmanly high voices have sold a lot of records. And “Stayin alive” is still a big hit.

51: Ozzy Ozborne: Not a great role model but has influenced music in a way not many others have. His “Ironman” is a favorite of mine.

50: Areatha Franklin: The first of the Divas. Might have been the best too.

49: Fleetwood Mac: I didn’t realize how many albums they’d sold until I started doing research. The numbers alone put them this high.

48: Ray Charles: A great artist that succeeded despite of his condition. Also had a movie done on his life (an automatic to get onto this list).

47: Alice in Chains: This is for all the real metalheads out there.

46: Bon Jovi: Anytime I want to hear an artist that is better when he is screaming than singing I plug him in. I actually really enjoy many of his songs.

45: Reba McEntire: A great story teller in her music. “The lights went out in Georgia” is still a classic.

44: Santana: I’ll admit I had never heard of him before his recent success. He is a great musician however, and he is still producing music that is popular to everyone.

43: Eminem: He represents a lot that is wrong with America today. But his impact will not be forgotten. And he did prove that some white-boys can rap.

42: Hootie and the Blowfish: If they were not still trying to hang-on to their careers they would be much higher on the list. Their “cracked rear view” album is one of the greatest of all time.

41: Celine Deion: Great singer. She has put out several hits. If she was not Canadian she might have been higher on the list (just kidding). Love to hear her belt out the notes.

Books for the holidays

Some books I'd like to see written for the holiday season. They would make great gifts.

Better Speech Writing: By George W Bush
Civil Rights: By Michael Richards
The Holocaust (why it didn't really happen): By Mel Gibson
How to be a clutch player: By Scott Norwood
How to add muscle: By Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Shawn Merriman, etc...
Why people like me: By Terrell Owens
How to win an election with no platform other than I hate George Bush: The Democrats

Let me know if you see any on the shelves in the upcoming year.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top 100 Artists part II

This is numbers 80-61:

80: Faith Hill: Still making a name as one of the greatest female singers in country music. Carrie Underwood has nothing on her.

79: Gloria Estefan: The latin queen of music. I still love hearing many of her songs.

78: Alabama: Have to include my state’s namesake. They had several great songs that are the anthems ‘round these here parts.

77: Justin Timberlake: He is huge right now. After a few years we’ll see if he moves up the list (as I predict) or down the list as a short lived musician.

76: Amy Grant: Had an impact on Christian music. She was the first to be able to successfully crossover into the secular music scene.

75: Cher: Many might put her higher on the list. I am not that impressed, but had to at least include her.

74: Vanilla Ice/Marky Mark/MC Hammer: I know it is cheating to have 3 in one spot, but none could qualify on their own. These three were hits for about 1-2 years. The first two made sure everyone knew white people cannot rap. The other had his own pants.

73: Aerosmith: A great group. They put out several hits during their time at the top.

72: Randy Travis: A country favorite of mine, when I want to “dig up bones” or just listen to an artist that I can actually sing along with.

71: Green Day: Another group that is surprisingly still hanging around. I thought they’d be a one-and-done, but their longevity keeps them on the list.

70: Rod Stewart: Not one of my favorites. But he was very big during his time, and is still around producing music.

69: Jars of Clay: Another Christian group that is outstanding. Haven’t really gotten into the newer stuff, but their first 2-3 albums were great.

68: Bush: I love the Machine Head album (wish I could find it). They were a great group that seemed to vanish quickly.

67: ZZ Top: I am putting this group on here for my father-in-law. They are a good old school rock group.

66: Bryan Adams: A little sappy for me, but many women (including my wife) really enjoy his music. Wonder what he’d sound like if he quit smoking J

65: No Doubt: They have not been around as long as some that made the list, but they have already out-sold many that are here.

64: UB40: A great reggae group. Not that I am way into that style of music, but I do enjoy this group.

63: Tina Turner: We don’t need another hero is still a great song. She was great for many years, and her voice was so powerful you had to listen.

62: Billy Joel: A great artist. He has written many hits and is still good to listen to.

61: Jewel: One of the first of the female alternative artists. She has several great albums

An update on the Simpson world of sports.

The year in review:

As most of you know Jamey and I coach junior high and high school kids. The beginning of this year was a good one for me. I coached the 7th and 9th grade teams and helped with the varsity basketball at Madison Academy. The 7th grade team I had went 21-0 and won the conference championship. The 9th grade team finished 13-5 despite playing many teams that were quite a bit larger than us. The varsity team at MA won the state title last year.

This summer we made a change to work with Alabama Christian in Montgomery. Jamey and I were both going to work through re-building seasons. Jamey took a team that had won 1 game last year and had very little experience to a 3-8 season (in which they led several games, but could not close them out), while I was the defensive coordinator for a team that went 2-8 (despite leading in 4 other games). We are both excited to actually be able to coach together in the upcoming year as we are the track coaches at ACA.

Most of you know I am a huge Florida Gator fan. So I was very excited when they won the national championship in basketball this past year, and they look like they have a great shot to repeat. I am also an Arizona and Air Force fan. Both had decent seasons last year, and each looks to go deep in the tournament this season (I see Air Force as a sweet 16 team, that already has beat Texas Tech, Wake Forrest (by 40) and Stanford (also by 40)).

In college football I am hoping to see Florida continue to do well. Air Force did not get invited to a bowl game, but I hope Arizona will.

In professional sports I was glad to see Dwayne Wade and the Heat win the NBA title. And while I do not see them repeating, my favorite team the Orlando Magic have the best record in the East to this point. The Dolphins got off to a very slow start at 1-6 and are now starting to act like they care. At 5-6 I don’t see the playoffs in the future, but maybe an 8-8 season. In baseball the Marlins played very well for a team of kindergarteners and maybe with a little experience they can challenge in the NL next season.

Also, in flag football in case you may have missed it. The Vaughn Park team won the title at Faulkner this past season, despite being much older and out-of-shape than every team we played.

That’s my world of sports.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Music Top 100 Part 1

With movie day in history (after I have seen the video now 3 times), I thought I’d do a top 100 groups list. Since I am into Christian music, and have only been alive since 1980, my list will include some shockers I am sure. I will reveal in a 5 part series with 20 in each part. Comments are welcome to tell me who I left off and who should not be on the list.
My criteria is that the artist had to have left, or has the possibility to leave, an impact on at least their genre of music.

Here is 100-81:

100: P.O.D.: A group that is only on the list because they have the potential with a few more good albums of becoming a great group. They do have three now that are very solid albums.

99: Boys to Men: A great group. They put out several albums in the early-mid 90’s and were at the top for several years. I still enjoy listening to the harmonies they put together in their albums.

98: Frank Sinatra: Good ole’ blue eyes. A great singer that can still be listened to today.

97: John Denver: Good artist.

96: The Beastie Boys: Brass Monkey all the way. This group was great for the few years they were at the top. I still laugh to hear their music being played by the kids I coach and teach.

95: Kiss: Not one of my favorites, especially with what their name stands for, but they did have a big impact.

94: Babyface: I know he has flown under the radar, but he has great music. If you are in the mood for romance his music will help you out.

93: David Crowder: If this were my wife’s list he might be in the top 20. He is growing on me as an artist and I think he will continue to impact Christian music for many years to come.

92: Accapella: I am such a homer with this pick. But I love all the Accapella albums, especially the old ones.

91: Red Hot Chili Peppers: A group that has put out several hits in the last decade. They fly under the radar most of the time, but are a very strong group.

90: Willie Nelson: An icon to many in his industry.

89: Cake: A favorite of mine. They have only put out two good albums, but their music is very unique, even though Jamey hates it J

88: Creed: A group that has put out 2 great albums. Hopefully they can get back to their roots. If not…they will be off the list soon.

87: Dixie Chicks: I am not a fan of their politics, but do enjoy their music, obviously several million agree with me.

86: Van Halen: Had several good albums.

85: Lynyrd Skynyrd: He has put out some good music. Notably “Sweet Home” to some state.

84: Christina Aguilera: She is on the way up. Barring an unforeseen stop to her career she will continue to rise as one of the biggest voices of this generation.

83: New Kids on the Block: The first boy band to make it really big. They set the stage for all those who followed (Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, etc…). Looking back now most people would be slightly embarrassed to have listened to them, but they were huge in the 80’s.

82: Kenny G: I know many of you may be cringing at this pick, but really who doesn’t know who this guy is. If you want to hear a great saxophone, you listen to this guy.

81: Guns ‘N Roses: A great 80’s band. They put out several great songs during their time at the top and influenced an awful hairdo for a long time.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tough Girl

nu=3235>5<2>33;>WSNRCG=32323:6362478nu0mrj.jpg">Avery is a lot like her mother. She often is a mini-Jamey. She also acts like her mother, often copying everything she does and says. She is also a very independent tough girl, just like her mom. She had a fever last night (hopefully it is going down as I am typing this at school) and it was obvious she did not feel good, but she continued to try to play and be a happy baby.

Monday, November 27, 2006


I have now been in the blogging world for a few months. While looking at others blogs I have come to a realization. As Christians, it seems we try to rationalize what we would like to do. Don't get me wrong, ask Jamey or my mother, I am the king of this. Finding something that I'd like to do that I know deep down is not the right thing and finding ways to make it sound ok, or at the least not that bad.
I have read blogs on why it is ok to curse, why it is ok to be gay, why it is ok to even use marijuana (spelling ??). I have heard people make cases as to why all these things are ok. Am I off here, or are we looking at a case of rationalization? I here all the time that since I believe in the use of force (military, police) that I am rationalizing something that is wrong, but at the same time I am being told that cursing, homosexuality, and drugs are ok? Is it just me or did I just jump back to the '70s and all the hippies are attacking me? (that is meant as a joke).

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Top Ten things I am thankful for this morning.

10. Nice smelling candles (I love the smell of a good candle)
9. John Grisham books: I just finished the innocent man (a non-fiction work) and am about to start on the broker. These are the only two that I have not read yet.
8. Hot shower (I think I took about 20 minutes this morning to wake up)
7. Thursday night TV: We are big into: Survivor (I smell a merge), CSI (all of them), and now Shark.
6. Friends we have that are coming over, and those that couldn't make it (we'll see you next time Jon and Stacy).
5. All my teams won last night: I know the Dolphins will probably lose today and make it not so good, but I pull for: Orlando (NBA) who is in first in the East, Air Force (6-1 with one loss to Duke), Florida (#1 in country) and Arizona (beat the mess out of some Birmingham team).
4. Christmas shopping. I know I may be crazy but I love to shop for Christmas presents for everyone.
3. FOOD: I can already smell the meal at 8:00 in the morning. (Stacy: I will miss your sweet potatoes, we'll have to visit Huntsville for some of those, and Jon we'll save some noodles for you).
2. Family in town today, and those we'll see on Christmas.
1. Wife and little girl

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Anyone seen the latest on Kramer (or Michael Richards)? He was in a comedy club being heckled by a few black men and went into a racial tirade. Saying something to the effect of 50 years ago they'd be tied to a tree and then dropping the "n" bomb several times. He has since come out and apologized on Letterman. What do you think? That is an awful situation.

Monday, November 20, 2006

"if they only had a brain"

The BCS has got me singing the old wizard of OZ song. They want the bowl money at the expense of having a great playoff system. Let's look at what a 8 team playoff would look like.

I picked the top 5 teams from the BCS and put in the ACC winner (we'll say GTech and undefeated Boise State, and Texas (big 12). To do this I had to nock out the WV/Rutgers/Lousiville teams which could be substituted for Boise State (either way they would be beat in the first round by Ohio State). Florida could also be switched with Arkansas if they win the SEC.

1 vs 8
Ohio State takes on undefeated Boise State. While I think everyone would pick OSU here, I'd pay to watch the game. We'll say OSU wins.

2 vs 7
Michigan takes on Georgia Tech. This is another game that could be closer than people think featuring the games best wide recievers. We'll pick Michigan.

3 vs 6
USC vs. Texas makes for a nice little rematch does it not. While both teams are very different I think the game would be a good one here. We'll go with USC.

4 vs 5
Florida vs. Notre Dame. You think people would not pay big money to go watch this one. Florida will prove how over-rated the irish are.

Second Round

OSU vs. Florida. To many this would be like a championship game. To be fair we'll pick OSU, although I think Florida would give them all they want.

USC vs. Michigan. A nice little Rose Bowl match-up. I'd go with USC in a close one.


OSU vs. USC. This might be the real BCS game, but at least it would have been proved on the field and not just voted on. I'd take OSU to win big.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

That's B(C)S

Today they revealed the new BCS standings. The day after Michigan gave up 42 points in a loss to Ohio State. The day after Michigan was down 11 points with 30 seconds to go in the "great epic" between two of the better teams in the NCAA. To me Ohio State dominated the game, and although they did not do a great job against Mike Hart, they are the superior team by far.
The rankings:
1. Ohio State (no problem here)
2. Michigan (are you kidding me?)
3. USC (another over-rated team)
4. Florida (another SEC team about to get messed over)
5. Notre Dame
6. Arkansas
7. West Virginia
8. Louisville

Now don't get me wrong Michigan is better than several of the other one-loss teams (they beat Notre Dame rather easily), but to put them over USC and Florida and even red-hot Arkansas is a mistake. Of course people that live in the rust belt (also known as the mid-west want a rematch) what else will they do?? Make some more cars!!

Here are the resume's for the other top teams and senarios that I would put them in.

Florida: If they beat FSU and Arkansas they should be number 2. They have the toughest schedule of any of the top 10 teams and are a blocked punt away from being undefeated. Yes, they do not win pretty (how about Michigans thrilling win over Vandy, or their close call two weeks ago). If we are stuck with an awful system, the team that plays the hardest schedule with the best record should be in the championship game.

USC: If Florida falters and they win-out they should go. They have not played a rough schedule (with the exception of Notre Dame, who Michigan handled and Arkansas, lucky they played them early). They should go over a one-loss Arkansas team because they won the head-to-head. They should go over Michigan because their resume will be very similar, except we have not already seen them get handled by Ohio State.

Arkansas: Need to win-out (LSU will give them fits and I don't think they match up well with Florida) and hope for Notre Dame to beat USC. If that happens I say you put them ahead of Michigan and Notre Dame.

Michigan: Obviously I am not very high on a rematch. But...If Florida loses to Arkansas, and Arkansas loses to LSU (very possible) AND Notre Dame beats USC (also possible) Michigan should go over a Notre Dame team they have already beat.

So those are my senarios, what do you think? What about other bowl games? Here are a few of my picks.

Sugar: Florida (who gets left in the cold) vs. West Virginia (if they beat Rutgers)
Rose: Michigan vs. Auburn (There's your rematch)
Orange: ACC winner vs. Notre Dame
Fiesta: Texas vs. Boise State

I see Arkansas getting the Capital Bowl, Tennesse in the next SEC game and LSU in the leftover bowl.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Top Ten Christmas

Top Ten Things I’d Like For Christmas

I am stealing this idea from another blogger. I love Christmas, and need to listen to the music. Yes I listen to Christmas music and am proud of it. Since you know how much I love lists, here goes…

This list is a dream list for me. If I could pick out ten things, no matter the cost or actual chance of them happening, here they are.

10. As good a time as possible in Colorado/Texas over the break: I am sure this will happen. Our parents bought us the tickets to come and see the families. I would like snow in Colorado and maybe a little in Texas as well.

9. A Gator Hat. Jamey got me the best Gator hat last X-mas and I managed to lose it in the move. Fitted hats are the best. In case anyone wants to know I where a size 7 ¼.

8. Subscription to Dolphin Digest: This is a must for any die-hard fan. It has articles throughout the year that no one except Dolphin fans will appreciate. I had this one time when I was little and loved reading about my team over and over. Now… if only they could win some games this year.

7. A Dolphin Christmas/New Years win. I want the Phins to be in position at 7-7 this late in the season and beat the Jets on X-mas (taking them out of the playoffs and putting us in position to grab a bid late). Then proceed to beat the 15-0 Colts to keep Miami’s ’72 team as the only undefeated team in history and securing our birth to the playoffs. While I’m at it, why don’t we just win the rest of the games to go to the super bowl.

6. NFL Sunday Ticket: I’d love to be able to watch the games I want to see on Sunday. This week I got to watch a thrilling Falcons vs. Browns game, while last week it was the Titans getting crushed by someone.

5. Sirius radio: Or whatever radio gets all the NFL games. This is my back-up to NFL Ticket, and it would be good to have all the stations for music for my dancing machine of a daughter. She has moves I have never even seen…

4. Music: I love my Christian music. And this year there are many great artists out there. Hopefully I’ll get my annual Wow CD from Jamey. I think I would actually like a Christina Aguilara CD (I can’t believe I just said that). And there are many other Christian artists I’d love to hear more from.

3. TIVO: I have heard great things about this. But I probably watch too much TV as it is. It would be nice to be able to record shows without having to use all the old VHS to keep everything on.

2. Tickets to watch the Gators win the National Title game. I know they have to beat a few teams first and hope USC loses, but I’d love to get to watch live as they “Tebow” their way over OSU or Michigan and prove all the critics wrong about Meyer’s offense.

1. My wife and daughter’s happiness. I hope both of them have a great X-mas.

I am sure there are more things I could list (A new car/house, etc…) but this is just a list I thought would be fun to make.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We are the champions


In a surprising blowout the old men managed to go undefeated last night. Playing Faulkner's best club team the old men used a suffocating defense to secure the win early and then had fun running the score up late in their victory over Kappa.
Led by Albert Cager's 3 TD's and Andy Bowen's 2 TD's the old men were only threatened once, at 13-6, before they pulled away to a 33-6 win last night in the championship.

The OM started with the ball and drove down the field quickly before an interception ended the drive at the 5 yard line. The defense quickly forced a 3-and-out and the OM started the next drive at the 50. Fueled by catches by Jerry and Russ to get the ball down to the 30, Andy Bowen scored one of his two rushing touchdowns by making several people miss. After another shutdown on defense, the OM scored quickly as Simpson found Cager for a 40 yard score.
After the half Kappa responded with a nice TD drive to make it 13-6. That is a close as they would get. The old men then ran a long drive down the field, including a reverse by Jeff May to get the ball down to the 5 yard line. From their Simpson found Bowen for a short pass that would push the lead to 20-6.
After another stop by the defense, with a sack on 3rd down by Jeff Hubbard. The OM quickly went down field. The big pass was Simpson to Medaris for 35 yards. On fourth and goal Simpson found Cager between two defenders to make it 27-6.
The last score was late in the game as Cager found Medaris for a 60 yard TD to complete the mercy rule.

Too bad that it is over.

Monday, November 13, 2006

"American" Christianity

Those of you who know me, or read my blog occasionally, know that I love the country I live in. I am very proud to live in a country that gives me the freedoms that America does. However, in class yesterday morning I heard the term American Christianity. We were discussing Paul. It got me to thinking.

The quote was used in class that when Americans pray we pray that our burdens be taken off our back. Or at least lessened so that we can continue. Where most of the rest of the world prays that their back be stronger to handle the burden. It made me think.

Often we hear people in churches, especially churches of Christ, complaining of the service where in other areas I would seriously doubt those being persecuted are questioning the song choice or the fact that they could not find a good seat on Sunday.

There are many other examples I could go on about, but hopefully everyone gets the point. I know I will try to think about this the next time I want to gripe about the church or some problem in my life.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Flag Football Pics

Here are a few pictures of Tuesday's victory.
nu=3235>5<2>33;>WSNRCG=32323:5969;29nu0mrj.jpg"> THE HUDDLE

By far the best looking football player I've ever seen.


Surveying the field

The Champs


What does everyone think of the Dems gaining control in the Senate and the House? Will we have bi-partisanship going on? Or will it be more of "we don't really have a plan, but whatever Bush comes up with we'll just bash" from the democrats?
I actually am very interested in what we will do in Iraq now. Will we attempt to finish what has been started? Or will we pull out now and leave them to fend for themselves?
What other bills will get started? Gay marriage as a nation? What does everyone think???

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ladies' Night

Last night the old men took on another Faulkner club. This time though, we brought our secret weapon...the women. Three girls decided to get in on the action of flag football (Jamey, Brandie, and Jessica). The girls all did themselves proud, and I'm sure they were flattered to be flirted with by 18-21 year old college boys.
The recount:
The old people won the game 33-31. We started off rough with an INT returned to our 15 and quickly were down 6-0. The next possession went much smoother when after several passes, Simpson (Kenny) found Cager for the first score and with a converted XP, the old folks led 7-6. The young boys quickly answered to make it 13-7. On the next possession fueled by long receptions by Jerry and Jessica, the old men cashed in on fourth and goal with Simpson finding Medaris in the back of the end zone on a great catch. The XP made it 14-13.
The young guys again made a nice drive (converting several fourth downs and overcoming a sack by Jessica) to push the score to 19-14. Again the old folks returned the favor. This time on a pass to Russ Lasiter in the back of the end zone. The score stayed 20-19 after Simpson's pass fell incomplete for the XP. The young folks quickly responded to make it 25-19.
On the next drive fueled by several grabs by Jessica and a run by Jamey to take the ball to the five. Simpson's play fake to Brandie pulled the defense up and allowed him to find Medaris in the back of the end zone all alone. The XP made it 27-25. The old folks then held the young boys on the next drive led by the pass rush of the women and Cager's INT. The old people pushed the lead to 33-25 when Simpson found Jeff May in the back of the end zone on 4th and goal. The young bucks would score again, but could not convert the last extra point and the old people stormed...well hobbled, onto the field in celebration.
Pictures to follow.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Did you vote today?

Have you gone to vote today? I have not. It is not because I do not feel it is important, I just did not have any time to go vote (and I don't think I am registered in Montgomery yet). I did want to talk about the fact that we get to vote and how great that is. Too often I feel we as citizens do not take advantage of the opportunity (like I am doing now). What are the main issues in your state? Fortunately, Alabama will not have to vote on prop 1 (gay marriage, which I would hope would be defeated if it made it on as a bill).

Monday, November 06, 2006

Flag Football: Round 1

Well the old men did themselves proud Saturday by beating two clubs at Falkner.

In the first game we beat the second best club at Falkner 21-19. We scored on the first possession on a run by Simpson on fourth and goal. The club (Lambda) battled back to tie the score at 7 later in the half. With 31 seconds to go in the half Simpson found Cager for a 31 yard catch and run to put the old guys up. Goins extra point grab pushed it to 14-7 at half. Lambda scored in the second half to make it 14-13, but could not put in the extra point. The Old men then pushed the lead to 21-13 on a nice drive with two catches by Jerry to take us down to the red zone. Simpson then found Jeff for the score. The tenatious Lambda's made it 21-19 on the next play as the QB broke up the middle on an 80 yard run. The extra point was no-good and the old men ran out the clock on the next possession.

The second game was a laugher. The old men scored on the first four possessions to make it 28-0 and finish the game off with a reverse by Bowen for 60 yards to mercy rule the Sigmas. Simpson finished with 3 TD's passing and Bowen finished with 3 TD's. Cager also had several big catches and 1 INT to effectively seal the game.

We now have a scrimage Tuesday night at 7PM with the ladies playing with us. We will take on the Sigmas as they look for revenge against us. More pictures and stories to come...

BTW: In case anyone is looking for a fantasy stud, I had 5 TD passing and 1 rushing in two games :)

Friday, November 03, 2006

David vs. Goliath

I think one of the favorite stories in the bible is the story of David and Goliath. Anyone who has ever felt themselves as an underdog can relate to David. I love this analogy on several levels, the obvious underdog level and the much deeper level of the faith in God.
Tonight we play Montgomery Academy or as they like to be called "The Academy". They are 9-0 and have scored over 33 points in the last 8 games (so you can imagine how great my nights have been as I cannot sleep). Do we have a chance? Did David?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Non-violent vs. Anti-American

After discussing with several men on various blogs I have continued to try to find out the pacifist (non-violent) view-point. What I have seen are two/three very different views and I'll attempt to mention each as I understand it. While I respect many of these people views (especially those in category 2 and 3), I disagree to a point with many of them. Here are the three types I have seen. Let me know what you think.

Category 1:

This group I would almost classify as the "anti" group. They tend to talk bad about Christians that are "fundamentalists", the country they live in, and really anyone that would fall into either of those two categories. I have a hard time understanding this group. It seems as though they want to enjoy the freedoms they enjoy, but want to criticize everyone that would disagree with their point of view.

Here is a quote that I thought fit this group

"The majority of pacifists either belong to obscure religious sects or are simply humanitarians who object to taking life and prefer not to follow their thoughts beyond that point. But there is a minority of intellectual pacifists, whose real though unacknowledged motive appears to be hatred of western democracy and admiration for totalitarianism. Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writing of the younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express impartial disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain and the United States[.]"

–Orwell’s Notes on Nationalism, May 1945

While not many of the people that I would consider friends fall into this category, I too often lump them all together...

Category 2

These are the pacifists that are much more like the amish. Although they obviously feel their choice in lifestyle is the correct one (often they point to the example of Christ) they do not condemn others that might disagree with them. This group seems to be the more prevalent group among the more educated left-wing group.
While I disagree with this group, they do make some valid points, but too often stop at theology without talking about practical solutions.

I would say this group is the "humanitarians who object to taking life and prefer not to follow their thoughts beyond that point" group.

Category 3

These people believe in defending your family, the rights of others, etc... But they do talk about exhausting all options of non-violence first. While I would say I am somewhat behind that, many here still fall short of practical solutions to events of the world today. This group does believe in having a police force, and a military, although many would not serve in either (or they would serve in a non-violent role).

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Flag Football Update

This weekend the "Old Man" club had our first practice and scrimmage. We had 9 guys come out, but were probably missing our best two athletes who had other things to do, how dare them :). We realized quickly that we did not have a whole lot of speed and that the ball-control offense would have to be used. After about 30 minutes of going over offense and defense we scrimmaged the best club at Faulkner to see how we matched up with the other teams.
We each got the ball 5 times from our twenty to drive the ball. We ended up losing 21-20 in a pretty close game. I hope once we add those two that were missing we can look a little better on defense (we were struggling at the end). But I felt pretty good that we did not look too bad against the best Faulkner has to offer.
We play this Saturday so be sure to check back for updates...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Is it alright to be proud?

Is it alright to be proud of circumstances? I sure hope so. I am tired of people that are not proud of the things they have been blessed with. Too many times do I hear people that are not proud of who they are. I am not advocating being arrogant, just realizing that we are blessed.
I am proud to be a Chrisitian, although I myself am not better than anyone else, I serve a savior who is superior to other gods. It may just be something that bothers me, but it is alright to be a Christian!! How will people become followers if we do not show that this belief is superior to others? Again, I am not better than others, but my God and Savior are. If I don't feel that way, then why would I be a Christian?
I am proud of the country I live. Maybe at times too proud. I am not ashamed that I live in a country that gives me the freedom to worship anywhere I would choose. I am not ashamed that I live in a country that defends those who are oppressed and protects its citizens. I am tired of reading blogs like this "But for now, just enjoy your mid-morning coffee knowing that we live in pretty much one of the dumber countries of the world".
I am proud of what I do for a living. Not many talk against that so I'll move on.

Sorry to vent in two posts in a row, but sometimes I wonder if we realize how blessed we are...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

60 civilians said killed in Afghanistan

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of hearing headlines like this one.

60 civilians said killed in Afghanistan

Don't get me wrong I am sad for the loss of any life, American or other. I just want to tell the Iraqi or Afahani "forces"..."QUIT BLOWING YOURSELF UP". I am tired of hearing how the U.S. is causing all the losses of the innocent civilians in suicide bombs. I don't remember hearing about us strapping a bomb to one of our soldiers chests and having him blow himself and several others up.

This probably follows the same line of logic as those who say we brought 9-11 on ourselves. I mean if we'd just allow the Muslims in Jerusalem to have the city to themselves and kick those Jews out, none of this would have been needed. We ought to be nice to these people or they'll blow a plane up in our cities.

For all the people that tell me we ought not be over there. I have yet to hear a realistic way to solve the problem in the middle east. Just like in coaching, it is much easier to critic from the sidelines, than be in the heat of it trying to do what you feel is right.

One blog that I found through Roxy has this article that is done much more elequent than I could ever do check out this blog

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mom's Blog

My mother has now started a blog if you want to check it out. I am adding it to my links but here is a direct one if you'd like to go there.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Flag Football

Recently some of the guys at Vaughn Park and myself have come up with the idea to try to play flag football in Faulkner's intermural program. Many of us played flag football through college and would like the chance to see just how much slower we have become. Personally I know I am sure to be disapointed when I break into the open, only to be run down by some younger legs. I think we are going to call ourselves the Omega Mu club or "OM" for Old Men if we get the chance to play.

Some of my favorite memories are of playing intermurals at Harding. My club was always one of the better football clubs. Not only memories of glory for my club (although you need to ask Jon about the time I caught and flipped him the ball for a TD in a game, or the "hail mary" I caught to beat a rival club), but many of my memories are of coaching Jamey's club. We only had one or two good players and most of our strategy consited of getting the ball to Jamey in about 20 different ways. She also had a play where she laid into a girl that probably doubled her weight and "decleated" her. Nice, that's my girl.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Can't coach effort

As most of you know who read my blog, I am the defensive coordinator for ACA's football team. There are several things that coaches learn quickly (I learned many my first year at MA). A few of these things are:
1) Players win and lose games
2) You can improve a team, but you cannot make them want to win
3) Sometimes you can play the best possible, and the other team is just better
4) Sometimes you can play bad, and the other team is just worse
And I have now figured out...

I have tried this all year. I have taken many different approaches as to how to motivate them, but some boys will play very hard and some will just play hard (if they don't at least play hard, they don't play for me).
This shows with my defense. I have about 7 guys that have bought into what we are trying to do and play with reckless abandon, and about 4 are still not too sure, or just do not understand what real effort is. That is why we can look great for several plays in a row, and then look like we don't have a clue what we are doing. The goal for next year...
Find 11 like Brent Teel.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Moral Questions part III

Few more questions for you to weigh in on.

Does God do miracles and heal?
Yes, God heals everyone who asks in true faith
Yes, occasionally God heals but not necessarily
No, God does not heal and do miracles today
Not Sure

What is the nature of damnation?
Eternal torment, sorrow, and regret
Not Sure/Other

Is assisted suicide ok?
If the person is going to dye very soon and is in great pain
Not Sure

I am not sure about some of these. I think God can and does do miracles, but do not know why or how he decides to use them.
I know hell is not a place I want to be. The bible mentions weeping and eternal fire.
I don't think I could assist someone in death, but cannot speak for it since I have never been in that situation.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

BCS poll

This is my blog on the BCS. Sometimes I feel you could take the "C" out of it, but this time they are pretty close to correct. Here is the current rankings.

1. Ohio State: They should be #1. They will be #1 all the way to the Michigan game. I can't see them losing to Michigan, so I guess they will be in the BCS Championship game. Hopefully they will play a good team, I can't stand OSU.

2. USC: The most underated team that has only lost a game in 3 years. They are being chosen to lose every week, but still are finding a way to get it done. I think they will run the table in the pac 10. I can't see Cal beating them, but Notre Dame could.

3. Michigan: Finally producing with all that talent, we'll see if they are still unbeaten when they get a shot at THE Ohio State University. I still think they could be upset before the game, and beat OSU to ruin their chances (at least that is what I am hoping for).

4. Auburn: Don't get me wrong here. I don't have a problem with Auburn, but to put them ahead of an undefeated tallented team does not make sense to me. Yes they play in the SEC, and if they'd lost to a very good SEC team that would make sense...They lost to ARKANSAS. Auburn will not lose another game, unfortunately they will still not be in the SEC Championship game, because I think the Hogs beat Tennessee.

5. West Virginia: They are my pick to be the team that gets messed over this year. I hope for their sake, that there is not a 1-loss team playing for the national title. I think they go undefeated and FLA still gets to go.
6. Florida: Good spot for FLA. I might have put them under Lousiville. Although, I think they are better than Auburn, they lost to them, so they should be underneath them in the rankings. Florida will not lose again. And when they beat the Hogs in the SEC Championship they will have a good chance to sneak into the title game.
7. Louisville: Another hopeful team that might go undefeated and not get a chance to play for the national title. I do not see them beating WVU, but if they do, they deserve to at least get a chance to go to the BCS Championship.
8. Notre Dame: Please beat USC. I don't think they can go to the BCS Championship, but they can mess it up for USC. They'll play in the orange bowl again.
9. Texas: Not real impressed with them, but they will finish with one loss this year. Going to the Rose to play the Michigan/OSU loser.
10. Cal: Tennessee might debate this ranking. They will lose again and not be in this spot.

My pick for what it will look like in the end.
1. OSU: I'd like them to lose to Michigan, but cannot see it happening.
2. USC: I don't think Notre Dame beats them at home.
3. FLA: They win the SEC with one loss and a blocked punt keeps them out of the title game.
4. WVU: They go undefeated and hopefully play FLA in an exciting game.
5. Auburn: They do not lose again and get a bowl spot.
6. Texas: Will not lose a game from here on out and will play Michigan is Rose Bowl.
7. Michigan: They may lose two games and still get in the rose bowl.
8. Boise State: I don't see them losing and hope the get invited to a BCS game, so they get killed.
9. Notre Dame: They lose to USC, but still get into a BCS (They now have 5 BCS games).
10. Louisville: Lose a close one to WVU and have to watch a sub-par ACC team take their spot in the BCS series.

Tell me how wrong I am.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Got this from Jamey, thought I'd share it here.

1. FIRST NAME? Kenneth
3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Not sure, I think watching movie about little girl
6. KIDS? one little girl, Avery
16. SHOE SIZE? 11
17. RED OR PINK? blue...if I had to pick red
19. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? my family people in Huntsville
21. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? Cargo Khakis and black shoes
22. LAST THING YOU ATE? Finger foods at church
23. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Class pretending to work
25. FAVORITE SMELL? Avery after her bath, Jamey's hair
29. FAVORITE DRINK? Dr. Pepper
30. FAVORITE SPORT? Football
31. EYE COLOR? green
32. HAT SIZE? 7 1/4
34. FAVORITE FOOD? Mexican food
40. FAVORITE DESSERT? brownies
43. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? Bible, Lou Holtz coaching book
44. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? no mouse pad
45. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? Football, Amazing Race
46. FAVORITE SOUND? Avery laughing

Friday, October 13, 2006

Top Ten College Games Remaining

With UF going to Auburn this week it got me to thinking of what were the top games left this season. As many of you know I love top ten lists, so here are my top 10 college games left this season. Obviously it does not include championship games or bowl games, these are games that are already scheduled.

10. Tennessee vs Arkansas: This game will determine alot about both teams. If Arkansas can pull the win off I see them as no worse than in first in the West of the SEC. If Tennessee wins they stay in the shadows of FLA in the East and help out Auburn's hopes of playing in the SEC championship.

9. USC vs. Cal: Proabably for the Pac 10 championship. Every team not in the Pac 10 will be pulling for Cal to upset the Trojans and keep them out of the championship game for the 3rd straight year.

8. Nebraska vs. Missouri: Normally the North of the Big 12 is a joke. Not so this year with Nebraska at 5-1 and Missouri at 6-0. The winner here gets their shot at Texas and a BCS bowl game.

7. FLA vs FSU: I know FSU is not looking good. But if FLA manages to get through the rough part of the schedule unscathed, look out for the Noles. This could be FLA's fall game before the SEC championship game.

6. Clemson vs GTech: The winner here is my pick to have a great shot at a BCS. GTech has only one loss (to Notre Dame) and Clemson is as dangerous as anyone in the country right now.

5. Arkansas vs LSU: This game will be huge for the hogs if they want to have a shot at a BCS game. Same for any chances of LSU.

4. Notre Dame vs. USC: This is big for the bowls. If ND wins, pencil them into a big game. If USC wins and takes the Pac 10...sadly I think they go to the BCS regaurdless of what FLA can do.

3. Florida vs Auburn: If FLA wins 2 things happen. 1) Arkansas is in the championship game in the west. 2) FLA will go into FSU undefeated. If Auburn wins, the conference is up for grabs on both sides.

2. West Virginia vs Louisville: The winner of this is in a BCS bowl game, and has a chance to play in the Championship game if things go their way. I like WVU and Louisville against any other team in the country and would love to see one of them win it all.

1. Ohio State vs. Michigan: Talk about huge. This will be for a birth in the Championship game assuming both can do what they need to leading up to this point.

Let me know what you think. My picks:

10. Tennessee
9. USC
8. Nebraska
7. Florida
6. Geogia Tech
5. LSU
4. USC
3. Auburn
2. West Virginia
1. Ohio State

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Moral Questions part II

These are some other "moral" questions I found that might provide some interesting discussion. Let me know what you think.

Is it permissible for Christians to drink alcohol?
Yes, as long as it is in moderation
Not Sure

Is the death penalty for grave crimes such as murder permissible?
Not Sure

Is premarital sex a sin?
Yes, it is fornication
No, not if the people love each other
No, not at all
Not Sure

Are all people predestined or do people have free will to chose?
God predestines everyone to heaven or hell
God predestines foreknowing what we will choose
It is a paradox, both are true God does not predestine at all
Not Sure

To be honest I am not sure where I stand on questions 1,2 and 4. I would say 3 is wrong.
I would lean towards alcohol being ok in moderation. But not really for me. The best arguement I've heard towards no alchol was by Eddie Cloer at HU. He simply said "why". Why would you want to drink alcohol when we have so many other choices?
I would also lean to saying I am for the death penalty, but do not think I could be the one to enforce it.
The last one is difficult. If God knew we would not choose him, why make us? I still don't even come close to understanding that one...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Growing up

I have recently started noticing Avery as a little girl. For awhile she was a baby, but not is clearly a girl. I noticed this first when she starting drawing me pictures. These of course are colorful scribbles. But are done with a purpose by her.

I then saw Avery play at the park. She would not accept help for things she could do. Including the slide, bridges, and any other area she could go to. She was becoming a little girl.

Yesterday we spent the day at the fair. She enjoyed the shows (which we expected). She loved the sealions. But I was curious to see how she would handle the rides. After easing her into it with the giant slide with mom and teacups. I took her on the Merry-go-round. She enjoyed it so we decided to let her on the bumper boats by herself. Despite the sign that said the child had to be over 1 and 1/2 and over 36 inches (although she is close to that height) we let her ride it. She loved it. She rode it 3 times and was upset everytime she had to get out of the boats. She was by far the youngest kid on the ride, but you wouldn't have known it by looking at her. So we became a little more bold and got her onto another "big kid" ride. Despite being put with other older kids that she did not know, she did very well. I am sure Jamey will blog on this later with pictures so I'll stop there.

Even though she is growing up I will always view her as my little girl.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The "Peaceful" religion

After reading several other blogs about the Muslim religion, I have decided to write my own. Many times we are fed a line that most of these people are very peaceful and there are a few “extremists” that give the religion a bad name. While I would agree that many Muslims (particularly ones that do not live in the Middle East) are peaceful, I would disagree that the religion does not allow for violence. And here are just a few reasons why:


While there are many other verses that could be put in here, I have chosen just two to share on this blog to attempt to keep it as easy to read as possible.

1. [2.191] And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.
2. [4.89] They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah's way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.

Here is another story of a Muslim leader:

Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri preached that killing non-Muslims was justified even for no reason, the jury at the Old Bailey has heard.
"Killing a Kafir [infidel] for any reason you can say it is OK even if there is no reason for it," he was recorded as saying.
Sudan's militant Muslim regime is slaughtering Christians who refuse to convert to Islam, according to the head of an aid group who recently returned from the African nation.
The forced conversions are just one aspect of the Khartoum government's self-declared jihad on the mostly Christian and animist south, Dennis Bennett, executive director of Seattle-based Servant's Heart told WorldNetDaily.
Villagers in several areas of the northeast Upper Nile region say that when women are captured by government forces they are asked: "Are you Christian or Muslim?"
Women who answer "Muslim" are set free, but typically soldiers gang-rape those who answer "Christian" then cut off their breasts and leave them to die as an example for others.
Backed by Muslim clerics, the National Islamic Front regime in the Arab and Muslim north declared a jihad, or holy war, on the south in 1989. Since 1983, an estimated 2 million people have died from war and related famine. About 4.5 million have become refugees.

From the beginning, Islam drew a distinction between Christians and Jews and other non-Muslims. The former were "people of the book." They had to pay special taxes and wear identifying clothing, yet their status reflected a certain respect for what Muslims saw as the earlier but incomplete and corrupted revelation recorded in the Bible.

This next story I’ll give the a short version:

After the Pope made a remark that Islam can be a violent religion. Many in the Islamic community asked that something be done.

AS SHE LAY dying in a Mogadishu hospital, Sister Leonella forgave her killers. She had lived in Africa for almost four decades and could speak fluent Somali, but her last words were murmured in Italian, her mother tongue. ``Perdono, perdono," she whispered. I forgive, I forgive.
She was 65 and had devoted her life to the care of sick mothers and children. She was on her way to meet three other nuns for lunch on Sunday when two gunmen shot her several times in the back. "Her slaying was not a random attack," the Associated Press reported. It "raised concerns" that she was the latest victim of "growing Islamic radicalism in the country."
Raised concerns? Sister Leonella was gunned down less than two days after a prominent Somali cleric had called on Muslims to kill Pope Benedict XVI for his remarks about Islam in a scholarly lecture last week.
In his lecture, Benedict quoted the late Byzantine emperor Manuel II, who had condemned Islam's militancy with these words: "Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."
In the ensuing uproar, British Muslims demonstrated outside Westminster Cathedral with signs reading "Pope go to Hell" and "Islam will conquer Rome," while the head of the Society of Muslim Lawyers declared that the pope must be "subject to capital punishment." In Iraq, the radical Mujahideen's Army vowed to "smash the crosses in the house of the dog from Rome" and the Mujahideen Shura Council swore to ``continue our jihad and never stop until God avails us to chop your necks." Arsonists in the West Bank set churches on fire, and a group calling itself ``The Sword of Islam" issued a warning: ``If the pope does not appear on TV and apologize for his comments, we will blow up all of Gaza's churches."
With all this going on many still want to say that the Pope’s actions were wrong and that he prompted the Muslims to react. It is a staggering double standard, and too many in the West seem willing to go along with it. Witness the editorials in US newspapers this week scolding the pope for his speech. Recall the State Department's condemnation of the Danish cartoons last winter.
All of this has led me to feel the need to vent a little about this “peaceful” religion and the tolerance we need to show it. Sorry for the long blog, thanks if you made it this far in reading it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Big players make big plays

Most of you that read this blog know that I coach football at ACA. We have a very special player on the team this year. His name is Brent Teel. Now, I have coached many good athletes in my career, but this one is different. He is by far the easiest to coach. He gives more effort than any I have coached so far.
This week we were losing a game to Catholic with under a minute left and had 4th and 25 at our own 15 yard line (ladies, that is not a good situation, it would be like shopping at Sears with $5 and needing to buy a formal dress). He caught a pass in the flats and broke (this is a literal number after watching the film) 8 tackles on his way to tying the score at 13 with 48 seconds left. Just to show he wasn't done, he scored the winning touchdown in overtime.
His stats for the game were 229 total yards, all three of our TD's, and 19 tackles. This earned him player of the week for Alabama by the Birmingham news (all classes) and player of week in Montgomery as well.
What makes him a good player is not all this. But the fact that he is the most polite young man you could know (if Avery was a few years older, I might even consider letting him date her).
Great to be around such good young men...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Was looking for some interesting questions to get some comments and found a link that had several "moral" questions. Here are a few:

Is it a sin to vote for a politician who is pro-choice on abortion?
a. Yes
b. Sometimes, depends on the circumstances
c. No
d. Not sure

Is abortion morally permissible?
a. Yes, it is the woman's choice
b. Only in cases of rape, incest, life of mother, etc
c. Only to save the life of the mother
d. Never permissible
e. Not sure

What is your view of the charismatic movement?
a. It is from God and is the future of the Church
b. It is a good movement, but not for everyone
c. One should be wary, the movement has problems
d. From the devil
e. Not Sure

What are your views on excommunication?

Should a Christian marry a non-Christian?

Well, what do you guys think? These are pretty deep questions. I feel we should vote for the more moral of the choices (regaurdless of party), abortion is at no time permissible, I like the charasmatic movement (as long as truth is being preached, which often is not the case), not totally sure on excommunication (but think there are cases when it needs to be used), and do not think a Christian should marry a non-Christian.

Tell me your opinions.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sports picks for the week

Picks for the Week

These are the Swami Simpson’s picks for the week in sports. It will be a mix of pro, college, high school and yes junior high sports that I will be watching. Here are the picks.


ACA vs. St. James
The Eagles get a chance for revenge. In the earlier loss, the girls held a late lead, but could not finish off the Trojans. With new coach Jamey Simpson, ACA is on the right path…
The pick: ACA in 3 games

ACA vs. MA
That is Montgomery Academy, not Madison. Last week the Eagles allowed an 18-6 lead to go to waste in their 23-25 loss. Not this time.
The pick: ACA in 2 games

County Volleyball tournament
With unbeaten Trinity the current favorite, many are not giving ACA a chance. I feel the girls are peaking at the right time and based on their tough 3 game set with Trinity last week…
ACA wins tournament
Giving Coach Jamey Simpson her 3rd county title in 3 years


Madison Academy vs. Elkmont
The Mustangs were upended last week by upstart New Hope. Although Carter Hamric went 2-3 late in the game the Mustangs were too far down to come back. This week they face a much-improved Elkmont team for their homecoming. The game will be closer than expected but the Mustang D is too much for the Devils.
The pick: MA 14 – Elkmont 10

ACA vs. Catholic
The Eagles had their chances last week against the 3-1 Ashford team. One play would have brought home that first win. This week they face a Catholic team with 20 returning Seniors that is looking to avenge several years of frustration against ACA. The Eagles have looked good the past few weeks and hopefully the improvement will turn to a win.
The pick: ACA ? – Catholic ?


Auburn vs. South Carolina
I like what Stevie has been doing to the Gamecocks. That said, Auburn will win going away…
Auburn 35 – USC 17

Tennessee vs. Memphis
Memphis always plays tough. No wait they’re awful…
TN 34 – Memphis 14

Florida vs. Alabama
It scares me that the Tide will be fired up to play. But UF should too, just remember the thrashing of last year…
UF 35 – Alabama 20

Notre Dame vs. Purdue
I am a true Notre Dame hater. This pick is more hope than what I really think will happen…
Purdue 35 – Notre Dame 34

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech
A close game should be expected. I am not impressed with Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech’s only loss was a close one to Notre Dame…
GT 24 – VT 17

Ohio State vs. Iowa
This is the last chance until Michigan for OSU to lose. They won’t…
OSU 28 – Iowa 20


Miami vs. Houston
I am not impressed with the Dolphins at all. Good for us the Titans are worse. The game will be close, but…
Miami 17 – Houston 13

Kansas City vs. San Francisco
KC is due a win for Jon…
KC 28 – SF 24

San Diego vs. Baltimore
This is the game of the week. San Diego is the real deal, while I think Baltimore has won some games against weaker opponents…
SD 28 – Baltimore 21

New England vs. Cincinnati
The Patriots need a win in a bad way. Fortunately, for me and other Dolphin fans they won’t get it this week…
Cin 31 – NE 21

Seattle vs. Chicago
Another match-up that should be fun to watch. Seattle has a great offense, but I think Chicago will hold them in check for much of the game. And as a defensive coordinator I believe that D wins championships…
CHI 17 – Seattle 14

Well there you go sports fans. Tell me what you think.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Top Christian Groups

I love Christian music. Ask Jamey, I own every wow that has been put out and will ask for Wow 2007 this year for Christmas. I love older artists, I love the newer artists. Here are my top 10 favorite. And my bottom groups.

10. Salvador: Not a very well known group. But I heard a few of their songs on WOW and bought a CD. I love almost every song.

9. Acappella and AVB: This shows my church of Christ roots. I grew up with these groups and still enjoy their music. Unfortunately I have lost many of my CD’s/Tapes of these two groups. So if anyone has a copy I’d like to copy it (I’ll pay for any expenses, you can’t even buy many of the albums anymore).

8. David Crowder: Very good music. Great to worship with in the car. Has a very distinct voice that is really not my favorite, but I love his passion and lyrics. I think he will also move up the more music he puts out.

7. Mercy Me: Love their albums. I will move them up as they stay around. They have a cross over hit with “I can only imagine”, but have many more songs that are just as good if not better. The lead singer has a very distinctive voice that I enjoy. Their lyrics are very deep as well.

6. Jars of Clay: The song “worlds apart” is an all-time favorite of mine. But “Flood” is another that topped the charts for awhile. Also have many others. The newer albums are decent, but not like those first ones.

5. Jeremy Camp: A newer artist. I don’t even own a CD of his, but love his music on the Christian radio.

4. Michael W. Smith: The legend. He has been there from the beginning. From “Go west young man” to his newest albums he has songs that will be forever remembered. I prefer his worship albums, but many of his older ones are also very good. “Friends” will always be a big hit in the Simpson family.

3. DC Talk: Many top albums. I personally love all from the old school raps to the newer alternative style. Their lyrics have inspired me since I was young.

2. Third Day: This group has burst onto the scene in the last 5 years (for me). I own many of their earlier albums and love their live stuff. Mac Powell (I think that is the name of the lead) has a great voice. I love the message of many of the hits, but the band is very skilled as well.

1. Steven Curtis Chapman: My all-time favorite. I own about every album he has put out. Have listened to him since he first got started and continue to buy his albums. His recent releases continue to inspire. I love his voice, but more importantly his message. BTW: Has any song been played in weddings more than “I will be here”.

5. Petra: Christian rock is hard enough to get behind. Christian 80’s rock is way harder. This is like listening to the big bands of the 80’s singing Christian music.

4. Geoff Moore: Has good lyrics and is probably a really good guy. His music is just awful. “Homerun” is terrible.

3. Amy Grant: Had two or three good songs. “Baby, baby” is not one of them. Her personal life puts her here. (Others that were good, but had personal issues: Michael English). Not saying she cannot be forgiven, it just makes it hard for me to buy her Cd’s.

2. 4 Him: The backstreet boys of Christian music. Had one good song on a Wow CD awhile back, but the rest was awful.

1. Point of Grace: They have about as much depth as a Frisbee in their music. And the all girl group is not even that good of singers.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Top Ten Christian Movies

Next List. This time the top 10 Christian Movies. The criteria is that I have to have seen the movie.

10. Martin Luther: The 1950's version.

9. Prince of Egypt: Has a few "movie liberties" taken. But is a very well done movie.

8. Jonah: Veggietales special.

7. Luther: Very good movie about the Reformation.

6. The Ten Commandments: Oldie but a goodie.

5. Ben-Hur: Not completely on Christianity, but has several good scenes and gives context.

4. JESUS: Another portrayal of the life of Christ.

3. The Chronicals of Narnia: The books are better than the movie. But its points are very clear.

2. Gospel of John: Very well done version taken directly from the book of John.

1. The Passion of the Christ: Very intense movie that is a must see at least once, and probably should be seen more than that, for Christians.

Tell me which I missed.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Survivor/Amazing Race

Any comments on the two reality shows?

Survivor: Thought it got off to a good start.
My early pick: the buff guy in the Asian tribe.
Favorites: Cao Boy is hillarious so far. The guy on exile island.
Strongest Tribes: The Asian and Hispanic tribes are looking very strong.
Biggest mistake: Voting off one of the two males the African tribe had. Not good for physical challenges.
Soon to be gone: Hate to say it but not looking good for Kao Boi (however you spell it)

Amazing Race: How many different types of people can they have. I don't think I saw a "normal" white couple on the show.
Early pick: Daughter and Dad.
Soon to be gone: Cheerleaders, Beauty queens (I still can't tell them apart yet)
Who I am cheering for: The Rednecks from Kentucky and the Birmingham girls.

My Reality Show

On the last post I talked about several of my favorite reality shows, but I think the up-n-downs of my weekend were right there with them.
Thursday Night: Jamey's girls get their first win in the 3rd game. UP

Friday Night: We get beat again in football: DOWN

Saturday: Gators beat a tough Vols team: UP

Sunday: Dolphins get thrashed, Marlins choke away a gimme win: DOWN

We did have some of our good friends stay the weekend with us. Dawn and Chris Howell were at our house while they move in to their house. That was a good part as well.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Top Ten Reality Shows

The last post got me thinking. Here is a look at my top ten reality tv shows of all time (which is really just the last 6 years or so).

Top 10 Reality TV shows

10. America’s got talent: A rip-off of American Idol, but at least it got us through the summer. And you have to love the baywatch guy attempt to be serious.

9. Dancing with the stars: Not one of my favorites but it seemed everyone else got into this. My suggestion: get real stars.

8. The Bachelor: Good shows. The first few that were original were the best. From then it got hokey (ie: the bachelorette).

7. Joe Millionaire: Great show. The premise was that this guy was filthy rich (when in reality he made like $18,000 a year. The girls fall for him and when he picks a girl he had to tell her he was not rich. Great ending.

6. Nashville star: May actually have more talent than the more popular American Idol (Bucky would not have even made this show). I like how they have to be able to play an instrument.

5. The Apprentice: I never really got into this one. But the “your fired” has taken off.

4. Trading Spaces: Jamey’s favorite show. Everyone knows the idea, go over to neighbors house and fix up a room with a designer to help.

3. Amazing Race: One of the few I would actually like to be on. Jamey and I would tear it up. Love watching the different personalities come out. Cheered on the Hippies last year to victory (although the frat boys were hilarious and probably should have won).

2. American Idol: Don’t know if it is a reality show, or talent show. But it has the highest ratings and keeps Fox in business. Almost anyone under 40 in the U.S. at least has an idea of what is going on. From the awful singers in the beginning, to the ones that hang on too long (Chicken Little), to the great singers in the end it is a great show.

1. Survivor: It is my favorite and had the highest ratings for a long time. Looking forward to the new ones every year.

Not quite there:

Big Brother: A little too much of nothing for me

The MTV shows: Road Rules and Real World and Pimp My Ride

2-a-days (can’t stand Hoover High)

Contender: Was my number 11. I think the show is a good one, but its more a competition than reality show

American Inventor: Did the football guy win?

Supernanny: Hard for me to watch all those bratty kids.

Top Chef: For my father who loves the food shows.

Tell me which should be higher than others, or not at all on the list…


I am a huge survivor fan. Jamey and I have watched the show since we were in college and enjoy are time to cheer on someone we don’t even know who will quickly become like someone we know. I love the fact that it does have twists and turns and the show seems to make sure something new will be on. Most of America loves it too, because when you google survivor you get 92 Million results.
This year survivor has decided to “spice up” the show by dividing the tribes. This has been done before by men-women, and age. Now the show has decided to make it divided on race. This to me opens the door for a lot of problems. I will watch because I am curious to see what happens, but am a little upset that the show has decided to go in this direction.
Since I live in the south, race is always an issue, even when it’s not supposed to be anymore in the modern times we live in. As I am sure most of you would agree who live in Alabama. Is the show taking on the issue, and I am wanting to simply avoid it? Or is the show wanting to add to its ratings no matter the cost? Either way I will watch to see what happens…

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Enjoying Life

Today has been a good day. Although I am sick (can't breath without using my mouth), my team is 0-2, and Avery woke up at 5:45, today is still a good day. Why?

Because I am a Christian. I am able to talk about, worship, and pray to a God who has been through much worse.

Because I am a husband. I have a wife that loves me, takes care of me, and has fun with me. And enjoys much of the same things that I do (nice catch baby).

Because I am a father. I have a little girl that, as of this moment, loves me, plays with me, and kisses me. As noted in the picture she also helps me gameplan for football.

Because I am an American. I have the freedoms to worship my God, to live without fear.

Because I am a teacher. I get paid to influence kids everyday.

Because I am a coach. I do something I love and call it a "job".

So, even though I can't breath, am tired, still am slightly depressed about losing, today is a good day...