Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jamey's favorite new quote...

..."Behind every good man is a good woman...rolling her eyes". From the movie Bruce Almighty.

I must be a very good man then.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Information share...

Stealing this off another blog thought it was good. Anyone reading this is tagged.

First Memory: Not too sure about this one, probably somewhere around the age of 3. Glad that means Avery will remember nothing about my learning curve during my first two years as a dad.

First Real Kiss: Okay start making fun... Other than a few bets to kiss some poor girl in elementary and middle school my first real kiss was when I was 16 to my girlfriend at the time.

First concert: You know I'm chuch of Chirst when my answer to this is Accapella at the age of 7 or 8. Great group that I still enjoy listening to.

First Love: Same as first kiss. First real love Jamey Kay Jones with in a week of dating her I knew we'd be married if she'd have me.

First Crush: ??? Not sure probably some girl in 1st or 2nd grade. The first I remember is my babsitter when I was 11 Katrina. She was something special (of course the age difference didn't matter to me, but she may have not been all for it).

First thing you think of in the morning: What time is it? Especially when I am getting up at 5:40 AM. Next is what do I have to get done that day.

First book you remember loving: Of mice and men. Great book and I also made Jamey sit through the movie with me when we first started dating.

First question you'd ask in heaven: Not sure on this one, probably ask about why some bad things had to happen.

First Best Friend: Josh Olsen. He was in a car wreck and killed when I was 16. I was good friends with him for ages 8-13.

Last time you dressed up: I am assuming this means in costume if that is the case two halloweens ago I dressed in 70's clothes. If it means nice... Probably church last sunday.

Last Book you read: John Grisham's latest: The Broker.

Last CD you bought: I think it was Elliot Yamin's latest. I love the American Idols.

Last time you cried: Don't remember I'd say over a year or two ago. Jamey would have a better answer probably.

Last movie you saw: Man of the Year two nights ago. It was a good movie with Robin Williams.

Last time you told someone you love them: I think yesterday or earlier today to Jamey. Told Avery last night.

Last funny thing you did: Talked trash during spades game with Russ and Jessy last night.

Last thing you watched on TV: Sportcenter.

Anyone reading is tagged, but leave a comment so I'll come check your blog.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SEC Picks

Ok girls you can skip and go to another blog. This is my SEC picks for 2007 in Football. Just to let everyone know I am a huge Florida fan so there is a little bias in my picks.

SEC West:

This used to be the JV part of the SEC, but with Auburn and LSU good every year and Arkansas and Alabama improving it is becoming as good as the East.

1) Auburn: I see Auburn going 10-2 losing 2. Their list of possible losses includes (@Florida, @ LSU, @ Arkansas, @ Georgia, Alabama, Kansas State). I think they could go 11-1 if things fall just right. But they could also easily fall to 8-4 and still have a very good team.

2) LSU: I see the Tigers going 9-3 losing to 3 of the 4 (Florida, Auburn, Arkansas, or Virginia Tech). They will be very strong, but could fall further down the list if Arkansas or Alabama do well.

3) Arkansas: The Razorbacks are my sleeper team. Many are writing them off, but with the two best backs in the country they remind me of Auburn of 3 years ago. I am picking them to go 9-3 and lose 3 to any of these teams (Alabama, Auburn, LSU, or South Carolina).

4) Alabama: I hate Nick Saban. Let me start off with that so you will know this may not be the most acurate pick of Alabama. I think they will go 7-5 and lose against all the ranked teams in the SEC and FSU out of conference. They could go 9-3 at absolute best, but more realistically will look at anywhere from 6-6 to 8-4.

5) Mississippi: I am picking Ole Miss at 4-8 with a few out of conference wins and MSU and a possible upset in the SEC.

6) Mississippi State: I see 2-10 and the dismissal of the coach for the Bulldogs this season.

SEC East

This may have 4 top 25 teams in it by the end of the year. Many of these teams will beat each other up and I don't see anyone going unscathed.

1) Florida: I see the Gators having to learn on the fly on defense, but the offense will be better than last year. Unfortunately for me...defense wins championships and Florida's is not good enough to compete and go undefeated. However I do see them going 11-1 this season (losing to either Auburn or Tennessee). I don't see LSU or Georgia beating them this year, although the old ball coach may get them in Carolina. They could finish anywhere from 8-4 to 12-0.

2) Georgia: This team is always under-rated in the SEC. Richt will have them ready and now that they have a QB with some experience I see them winning 10 games. Losing to Florida and either Tennessee, Alabama or Auburn.

3) South Carolina: This team is a sleeper. Spurier is the best coach in the SEC (which is loaded with coaching talent) and looks to have more talent this year. They did lose Rice, but return most of their starters. I see 8-4 for the Gamecocks this year. Losing to Florida, Georgia, LSU and either Tennesee or Arkansas.

4) Tennessee: I'm sorry Jason Bybee, but I just don't see Tennessee doing well this year. Losing all their recievers is going to hurt, although I feel the QB on this team is one to watch next year. I am picking 7-5 with losses to Florida, Georgia, California, Arkansas, and either Alabama or South Carolina.

5) Vandy: They will slide some this season. It seems they are a talented bunch in the wrong conference. I am picking 5-7, losing to the SEC East except Kentucky and Wake Forest (you know they were hoping that would be an easy win) and Auburn.

6) Kentucky: I do think they are improving, they are just in the wrong conference. I pick 4-8 with losses to the SEC and Louisville.

Well let me know what you think...

Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm back. After 2 very full weeks at the Simpson's house I now have 2 more weeks to get ready for football to be going full speed (and school in 3 weeks). A quick recap:

The week of the 4th Jamey's parents came into town and we had a good time seeing them for the first time since Christmas. Her dad and I were able to get a lot done around the house (with some help from Dawn and Chris Howell who helped paint and were great to help with Avery as well). We now are almost completely moved in, only the guest room, laundry room and baby's room to go. Jamey is getting them done at a good pace, so I think by the end of this week we'll be all set.

The next week Jamey, Avery and I headed to Huntsville for the all-star sports week. We had a good time and were able to spend alot of time with Jon and Stacy, and some time with Jason and Sunny Bybee. It was good to visit Mayfair, but we are glad to be back in Montgomery.

I enjoyed my two "off" weeks, but feel like I need more rest...