Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Was looking for some interesting questions to get some comments and found a link that had several "moral" questions. Here are a few:

Is it a sin to vote for a politician who is pro-choice on abortion?
a. Yes
b. Sometimes, depends on the circumstances
c. No
d. Not sure

Is abortion morally permissible?
a. Yes, it is the woman's choice
b. Only in cases of rape, incest, life of mother, etc
c. Only to save the life of the mother
d. Never permissible
e. Not sure

What is your view of the charismatic movement?
a. It is from God and is the future of the Church
b. It is a good movement, but not for everyone
c. One should be wary, the movement has problems
d. From the devil
e. Not Sure

What are your views on excommunication?

Should a Christian marry a non-Christian?

Well, what do you guys think? These are pretty deep questions. I feel we should vote for the more moral of the choices (regaurdless of party), abortion is at no time permissible, I like the charasmatic movement (as long as truth is being preached, which often is not the case), not totally sure on excommunication (but think there are cases when it needs to be used), and do not think a Christian should marry a non-Christian.

Tell me your opinions.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sports picks for the week

Picks for the Week

These are the Swami Simpson’s picks for the week in sports. It will be a mix of pro, college, high school and yes junior high sports that I will be watching. Here are the picks.


ACA vs. St. James
The Eagles get a chance for revenge. In the earlier loss, the girls held a late lead, but could not finish off the Trojans. With new coach Jamey Simpson, ACA is on the right path…
The pick: ACA in 3 games

ACA vs. MA
That is Montgomery Academy, not Madison. Last week the Eagles allowed an 18-6 lead to go to waste in their 23-25 loss. Not this time.
The pick: ACA in 2 games

County Volleyball tournament
With unbeaten Trinity the current favorite, many are not giving ACA a chance. I feel the girls are peaking at the right time and based on their tough 3 game set with Trinity last week…
ACA wins tournament
Giving Coach Jamey Simpson her 3rd county title in 3 years


Madison Academy vs. Elkmont
The Mustangs were upended last week by upstart New Hope. Although Carter Hamric went 2-3 late in the game the Mustangs were too far down to come back. This week they face a much-improved Elkmont team for their homecoming. The game will be closer than expected but the Mustang D is too much for the Devils.
The pick: MA 14 – Elkmont 10

ACA vs. Catholic
The Eagles had their chances last week against the 3-1 Ashford team. One play would have brought home that first win. This week they face a Catholic team with 20 returning Seniors that is looking to avenge several years of frustration against ACA. The Eagles have looked good the past few weeks and hopefully the improvement will turn to a win.
The pick: ACA ? – Catholic ?


Auburn vs. South Carolina
I like what Stevie has been doing to the Gamecocks. That said, Auburn will win going away…
Auburn 35 – USC 17

Tennessee vs. Memphis
Memphis always plays tough. No wait they’re awful…
TN 34 – Memphis 14

Florida vs. Alabama
It scares me that the Tide will be fired up to play. But UF should too, just remember the thrashing of last year…
UF 35 – Alabama 20

Notre Dame vs. Purdue
I am a true Notre Dame hater. This pick is more hope than what I really think will happen…
Purdue 35 – Notre Dame 34

Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech
A close game should be expected. I am not impressed with Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech’s only loss was a close one to Notre Dame…
GT 24 – VT 17

Ohio State vs. Iowa
This is the last chance until Michigan for OSU to lose. They won’t…
OSU 28 – Iowa 20


Miami vs. Houston
I am not impressed with the Dolphins at all. Good for us the Titans are worse. The game will be close, but…
Miami 17 – Houston 13

Kansas City vs. San Francisco
KC is due a win for Jon…
KC 28 – SF 24

San Diego vs. Baltimore
This is the game of the week. San Diego is the real deal, while I think Baltimore has won some games against weaker opponents…
SD 28 – Baltimore 21

New England vs. Cincinnati
The Patriots need a win in a bad way. Fortunately, for me and other Dolphin fans they won’t get it this week…
Cin 31 – NE 21

Seattle vs. Chicago
Another match-up that should be fun to watch. Seattle has a great offense, but I think Chicago will hold them in check for much of the game. And as a defensive coordinator I believe that D wins championships…
CHI 17 – Seattle 14

Well there you go sports fans. Tell me what you think.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Top Christian Groups

I love Christian music. Ask Jamey, I own every wow that has been put out and will ask for Wow 2007 this year for Christmas. I love older artists, I love the newer artists. Here are my top 10 favorite. And my bottom groups.

10. Salvador: Not a very well known group. But I heard a few of their songs on WOW and bought a CD. I love almost every song.

9. Acappella and AVB: This shows my church of Christ roots. I grew up with these groups and still enjoy their music. Unfortunately I have lost many of my CD’s/Tapes of these two groups. So if anyone has a copy I’d like to copy it (I’ll pay for any expenses, you can’t even buy many of the albums anymore).

8. David Crowder: Very good music. Great to worship with in the car. Has a very distinct voice that is really not my favorite, but I love his passion and lyrics. I think he will also move up the more music he puts out.

7. Mercy Me: Love their albums. I will move them up as they stay around. They have a cross over hit with “I can only imagine”, but have many more songs that are just as good if not better. The lead singer has a very distinctive voice that I enjoy. Their lyrics are very deep as well.

6. Jars of Clay: The song “worlds apart” is an all-time favorite of mine. But “Flood” is another that topped the charts for awhile. Also have many others. The newer albums are decent, but not like those first ones.

5. Jeremy Camp: A newer artist. I don’t even own a CD of his, but love his music on the Christian radio.

4. Michael W. Smith: The legend. He has been there from the beginning. From “Go west young man” to his newest albums he has songs that will be forever remembered. I prefer his worship albums, but many of his older ones are also very good. “Friends” will always be a big hit in the Simpson family.

3. DC Talk: Many top albums. I personally love all from the old school raps to the newer alternative style. Their lyrics have inspired me since I was young.

2. Third Day: This group has burst onto the scene in the last 5 years (for me). I own many of their earlier albums and love their live stuff. Mac Powell (I think that is the name of the lead) has a great voice. I love the message of many of the hits, but the band is very skilled as well.

1. Steven Curtis Chapman: My all-time favorite. I own about every album he has put out. Have listened to him since he first got started and continue to buy his albums. His recent releases continue to inspire. I love his voice, but more importantly his message. BTW: Has any song been played in weddings more than “I will be here”.

5. Petra: Christian rock is hard enough to get behind. Christian 80’s rock is way harder. This is like listening to the big bands of the 80’s singing Christian music.

4. Geoff Moore: Has good lyrics and is probably a really good guy. His music is just awful. “Homerun” is terrible.

3. Amy Grant: Had two or three good songs. “Baby, baby” is not one of them. Her personal life puts her here. (Others that were good, but had personal issues: Michael English). Not saying she cannot be forgiven, it just makes it hard for me to buy her Cd’s.

2. 4 Him: The backstreet boys of Christian music. Had one good song on a Wow CD awhile back, but the rest was awful.

1. Point of Grace: They have about as much depth as a Frisbee in their music. And the all girl group is not even that good of singers.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Top Ten Christian Movies

Next List. This time the top 10 Christian Movies. The criteria is that I have to have seen the movie.

10. Martin Luther: The 1950's version.

9. Prince of Egypt: Has a few "movie liberties" taken. But is a very well done movie.

8. Jonah: Veggietales special.

7. Luther: Very good movie about the Reformation.

6. The Ten Commandments: Oldie but a goodie.

5. Ben-Hur: Not completely on Christianity, but has several good scenes and gives context.

4. JESUS: Another portrayal of the life of Christ.

3. The Chronicals of Narnia: The books are better than the movie. But its points are very clear.

2. Gospel of John: Very well done version taken directly from the book of John.

1. The Passion of the Christ: Very intense movie that is a must see at least once, and probably should be seen more than that, for Christians.

Tell me which I missed.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Survivor/Amazing Race

Any comments on the two reality shows?

Survivor: Thought it got off to a good start.
My early pick: the buff guy in the Asian tribe.
Favorites: Cao Boy is hillarious so far. The guy on exile island.
Strongest Tribes: The Asian and Hispanic tribes are looking very strong.
Biggest mistake: Voting off one of the two males the African tribe had. Not good for physical challenges.
Soon to be gone: Hate to say it but not looking good for Kao Boi (however you spell it)

Amazing Race: How many different types of people can they have. I don't think I saw a "normal" white couple on the show.
Early pick: Daughter and Dad.
Soon to be gone: Cheerleaders, Beauty queens (I still can't tell them apart yet)
Who I am cheering for: The Rednecks from Kentucky and the Birmingham girls.

My Reality Show

On the last post I talked about several of my favorite reality shows, but I think the up-n-downs of my weekend were right there with them.
Thursday Night: Jamey's girls get their first win in the 3rd game. UP

Friday Night: We get beat again in football: DOWN

Saturday: Gators beat a tough Vols team: UP

Sunday: Dolphins get thrashed, Marlins choke away a gimme win: DOWN

We did have some of our good friends stay the weekend with us. Dawn and Chris Howell were at our house while they move in to their house. That was a good part as well.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Top Ten Reality Shows

The last post got me thinking. Here is a look at my top ten reality tv shows of all time (which is really just the last 6 years or so).

Top 10 Reality TV shows

10. America’s got talent: A rip-off of American Idol, but at least it got us through the summer. And you have to love the baywatch guy attempt to be serious.

9. Dancing with the stars: Not one of my favorites but it seemed everyone else got into this. My suggestion: get real stars.

8. The Bachelor: Good shows. The first few that were original were the best. From then it got hokey (ie: the bachelorette).

7. Joe Millionaire: Great show. The premise was that this guy was filthy rich (when in reality he made like $18,000 a year. The girls fall for him and when he picks a girl he had to tell her he was not rich. Great ending.

6. Nashville star: May actually have more talent than the more popular American Idol (Bucky would not have even made this show). I like how they have to be able to play an instrument.

5. The Apprentice: I never really got into this one. But the “your fired” has taken off.

4. Trading Spaces: Jamey’s favorite show. Everyone knows the idea, go over to neighbors house and fix up a room with a designer to help.

3. Amazing Race: One of the few I would actually like to be on. Jamey and I would tear it up. Love watching the different personalities come out. Cheered on the Hippies last year to victory (although the frat boys were hilarious and probably should have won).

2. American Idol: Don’t know if it is a reality show, or talent show. But it has the highest ratings and keeps Fox in business. Almost anyone under 40 in the U.S. at least has an idea of what is going on. From the awful singers in the beginning, to the ones that hang on too long (Chicken Little), to the great singers in the end it is a great show.

1. Survivor: It is my favorite and had the highest ratings for a long time. Looking forward to the new ones every year.

Not quite there:

Big Brother: A little too much of nothing for me

The MTV shows: Road Rules and Real World and Pimp My Ride

2-a-days (can’t stand Hoover High)

Contender: Was my number 11. I think the show is a good one, but its more a competition than reality show

American Inventor: Did the football guy win?

Supernanny: Hard for me to watch all those bratty kids.

Top Chef: For my father who loves the food shows.

Tell me which should be higher than others, or not at all on the list…


I am a huge survivor fan. Jamey and I have watched the show since we were in college and enjoy are time to cheer on someone we don’t even know who will quickly become like someone we know. I love the fact that it does have twists and turns and the show seems to make sure something new will be on. Most of America loves it too, because when you google survivor you get 92 Million results.
This year survivor has decided to “spice up” the show by dividing the tribes. This has been done before by men-women, and age. Now the show has decided to make it divided on race. This to me opens the door for a lot of problems. I will watch because I am curious to see what happens, but am a little upset that the show has decided to go in this direction.
Since I live in the south, race is always an issue, even when it’s not supposed to be anymore in the modern times we live in. As I am sure most of you would agree who live in Alabama. Is the show taking on the issue, and I am wanting to simply avoid it? Or is the show wanting to add to its ratings no matter the cost? Either way I will watch to see what happens…

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Enjoying Life

Today has been a good day. Although I am sick (can't breath without using my mouth), my team is 0-2, and Avery woke up at 5:45, today is still a good day. Why?

Because I am a Christian. I am able to talk about, worship, and pray to a God who has been through much worse.

Because I am a husband. I have a wife that loves me, takes care of me, and has fun with me. And enjoys much of the same things that I do (nice catch baby).

Because I am a father. I have a little girl that, as of this moment, loves me, plays with me, and kisses me. As noted in the picture she also helps me gameplan for football.

Because I am an American. I have the freedoms to worship my God, to live without fear.

Because I am a teacher. I get paid to influence kids everyday.

Because I am a coach. I do something I love and call it a "job".

So, even though I can't breath, am tired, still am slightly depressed about losing, today is a good day...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Hate Losing

Ever since I was a little child I have been the most competitive person I know. I would play atari with my dad and if I lost I would cry all night in my room, and have to be coxed out to eat dinner. When I played sports I would not be able to be around others if we lost (this is at the age of 6).
Now a more mature me still can't stand to lose. I know it is a part of life, just not a fun one. Coaching at ACA has been a great experience for me. I love "my boys" and would do anything for them. They have improved a ton from the jamboree to now. We played our best game the other night in front of about 5000 people in our stadium and got beat. We didn't just get beat. We got beat in overtime. On fourth down. When we covered the reciever as well as possible the ball just got between two of our guys to their guy. I can't stand losing and it has taken me since friday to finally be able to forget (somewhat) the woulda-shoulda-coulda's of the game.
Most of you know Jamey and I are probably the most competitive couple. With a combined 0-7 record the Simpson's have had to mature a little in this respect. I still cannot stand losing, but in the middle of the game one of the officials was talking to the head coach and me about a local coach who recently passed away at a young age. He mentioned their were over 1000 at the funeral of boys he had mentored. And that helped me to see that I did not get into coaching to win games, but to win boys for Christ. So even though I hate to lose, I love coaching no matter the outcome.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Strongest Football Conference

This is to all those who love college football. I have always heard this conference is the best, or this one is because of this. I have moved enough and have enough favorite teams (FLA, AZ, Air Force) to give a somewhat unbiased opinion on the strongest conference in college football. I rank them on overall streangth, top teams, and year-in year-out streangth. With deepest sympathies to all the smaller conferences I will limit this to the BCS top 6.

Big East:

Easily to weakest of the bunch. Only WV keeps them above the lower level conferences. Louisville is a solid team recently and every now and then Syracuse is worth something (not lately though).
Too many weak teams drag them down to the bottom of the 6.

PAC 10:

In basketball I'll fight for them, not in football though. USC is head and shoulders above the rest. And I think USC still wouldv'e gone undefeated in the tougher conferences the last few years. After USC we saw what happened to Cal against a solid (not spectacular Tennessee team). Oregon looks to be tough. But Boise State beat the dog out of Oregon State last night and there are too many weak sisters here as well. Arizona and ASU will be improved and could make a bowl, but would not fare well in the tougher conferences. UCLA can't play a lick of defense. Stanford is another basketball school.
They fall to number 5 of 6.

Big 10:

I know this may have been blaspheme ten years ago. But now it is reality. The Big 10 is simply not that good. Ohio State I believe is a national title contender and that is why I have them above the Pac 10. Michigan is a constant underacheiver (but they do have the best uniforms in the land). MSU is off and on. Same with Purdue, Northwestern (who is more off than on) and Illinois. Iowa is a solid under the radar type team. Penn St. was good last year for the first time in a while, but is not looking too good this year. Wisconsin is good at running the ball, and that's about it.
They are 4 of 6.

Big 12:

They are this high for two reasons and two reasons alone: 1) Texas, 2) Oklahoma. The rest are mediocre at best. I feel you have to have them up here because every year either TX or OK will be in the title game it seems or close to it. Nebraska is turning it around and look to win the North this year. Texas A & M is normally good, until recently. But I feel they will bounce back this year or next. Texas Tech has one of the best offenses in the country (until they play Alabama). Kansas St. is normally pretty tough as well. The rest: Not so good.
3 of 6


Most might disagree with this and I like to hear the reasons. The SEC is a very tough conference. Both sides have national contenders year in and year out. In the East you have FLA, TN, Georgia, and sometimes USC. In the west LSU, AU and Alabama most years. The problem lies in the rest of the teams. Vandy and Kentucky are whipping boys for the SEC and would be for most other conferences as well. Arkansas can sometimes do fairly well. MSU and Ole Miss are terrible.
2 of 6


I know this is a surprise to some people. But the top teams are as good as the SEC: Miami, FSU, VTech, Clemson (this season), Georgia Tech. They also have a much more solid middle: Boston College, NC State, Virginia, North Carolina. They do have a bottom level: Duke, Wake Forrest. But the lower level is much more competitive than in any conference. With title teams at the top, a solid middle to push them, and only two write in wins I think the ACC is
1 of 6

Alright you SEC crazy's tell me why I am wrong.

Sorry Phins...

The Dolphins managed to do it again, get up on an opponent have the ball in their territory and lose. Oh well just 15 more I have to watch. At least I got the right score 28-17, just wrong teams. Credit to the Steelers, there is a reason they are super bowl champs.
On another note, Jamey's girls got off the hump, somewhat. I am sure she'll blog about this so I won't give too much detail. They did not win the match, but finally got a game won.
About Avery now. Her new favorite word is "no". This morning I was getting her ready for school (to come with me to see her mom, who is coaching in the morning), and I asked her about several different things she knows and she pointed and laughed. Then I asked if she wanted her diaper changed and she said "no,no,no" and clung to me with arms and legs not letting me put her on the table. The funniest is when people she doesn't want try to pick her up now. She puts her hand in their face and says "no,no". Not that we encourage this, but sometimes it is funny.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Miami Dolphins

Miami vs. Pittsburgh

Most of you know the Miami Dolphins are my favorite team in any pro or college sport. I have watched and cheered them through many-a 8-8 seasons. They break my heart every year, but I keep on cheering.
Now there is optimism in Miami about their beloved Dolphins. I am attempting to not get caught up in it, as I have so many times before. But it is hard, as the Phins have added Daunte Culpepper to the mix. They have rid themselves of Crazy Ricky and are now hooked on former Auburn Tiger Ronnie Brown. They still have Chris---I catch the hard ones and drop the easy ones---Chambers and Randy—I beat my wife…twice—McMichael. Their Offensive Line is improved. Their Defense should be sound. And yet I know somewhere down the line they’ll manage to lose to the Jets or Bills or someone’s peewee football team. I also know they’ll beat the Patriots at least once (please) and upend some other team that should beat them. My fearful prediction for the Dolphins: 10-6 wildcard team.
Onto the game, Miami typically starts the season well (except for last season 3-7 and the one before that 4-12) and does well in hyped games. With Big Ben out I think Miami will upend the Steelers 28-17 tonight and get my hopes rising before crushing them again for the 26th straight year.

Also would like to give a shout-out to the Marlins. A complete game no hitter thrown last night. First team ever to come from 20 games under .500 to above .500. They will not make the playoffs (schedule too tough and Padres have no one left on schedule), but way to go guys. A $15 million salary for the whole team. There are 20 players alone that make that much. Watch out, if they do slip into the playoffs as a wild card they are 2-0 in the world series...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Improving SLOWLY

As most of you know I coach football at ACA. As the defensive coordinater I take a lot of pride in my boys. We have become better already, but with 3 sophmores, 2 freshmen, and 5 juniors seeing much playing time on the defense it is a SLOW process. We opened with a jamboree against a top 10 school in 4A and acted like we didn't know how to play. Things started rough this week as we gave up two quick scores in the first 3 minutes. After that we held them to 7 points (on a busted play) and forced two turnovers and 5 three-and-outs (girls that means we did well). Hopefully we can play a whole game this week and come out 1-0 in our region. We'll see Friday...

Monday, September 04, 2006

Top Ten Video Games of all time

This is my list to the top ten video games I have ever played. I think it is safe to say that I have played many video games in my 26 years from Atari to Playstation 2. These are the games I feel were the best to come around on all the game systems.

10. Track and Field: Nintendo with the power pad. A classic that actually involved physical work with a video game. Great game.

9. Contra: A great game by nintendo. I played this game all the time and loved it. The awful graphics just make me love it more.

8. Super Techmo bowl: Great game for the old school players. Kept up with stats for you.

7. Madden (name the year): Any of the Madden games have to be up here. I would play and follow with stats for a year. Now there is Dynasty mode. Create yourself and play. Great games.

6. Golden Eye: This 007 game was a favorite of my college years. I loved playing in the four screens. The Proximity mines were the weapon of choice for me.

5. Sonic: This game is mainly on here because it is Jamey's favorite game. It was a classic by Sega for many.

4. NBA Jam: A personal favorite of mine. I used to have all-out wars with friends on this game. Classic (Shaq and Penny on the Magic).

3. Halo: 1 and 2 are great. Can remember playing on the system at Harding. Now I lose bad to my little brother.

2. Pac-man: Know this shows my age but I love Pacman. Arcade's beware I can make that one quarter last half an hour on a good day.

1. Mario Bros/Duck Hunt: I know it "came with the game", but it is the most popular game out there. There was even a awful kid's sitcom that tried to come from the game. Almost everyone I know has played both these games. I knew all the warps and was able to beat the game without warping. And I hate that dog on Duck hunt.

Those just off: Mike Tyson's punch out, Double Dribble (Great close ups of the dunks), Mario Cart Racing, Tetris, All the new war ones out on Xbox are great also.

Let me know what I might have missed all you nerds that know you played these games.

Friday, September 01, 2006

"Christian Politics"

As I read several friends blogs, and links to other blogs, to other blogs. I become more and more disturbed about one thing. Our "politics" as Christians. It seems more and more we as well as the rest of the nation want to turn away from the actual history that America was founded as a christian nation. I was actually very surprised to hear this from many people that thought it was fact. When in reality that is as far off-base as one can go. Here are just a few small examples of the true history of the founding of our nation.

52 of 55 signers of our Declaration of Independence were deeply religious

Immediately after creating our government the Continental congress bought 20,000 bibles for the people of the nation (as a governmental purchase)

Quote from Patrick Henry: "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ."

George Washington in his farewell speach: "It is impossible to govern the world without God and the Bible. Of all the dispositions and habits that lead to political prosperity, our religion and morality are the indispensable supporters".

In 1782 the U.S. Congress voted this resolution: "The congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in ALL SCHOOLS"

Of the first 108 universities founded in America. 106 were distinctly Christian.
The Harvard Student Handbook rule #1: the students must know Latin and Greek in order that they may STUDY THE SCRIPTURES

For over 100 years over 50% of Harvard Grads were ministers

There are many more examples that I could list. But I think the point has been made. Our nation was founded as a Christian nation. Unfortunately, now our nation is so depraved morally. What is even more sad is that many Christians were not even taught that it has not and should not be this way. This is where "Christian politics" come into play. I know and acknowlege that my allegiance is first to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To that end I feel that I need to be involved in decisions that are made in the place I live. A country that once was a deeply Christian nation. And despite as bad as it has become. Why do you think we are attacked by Muslim extremists? It is not because we are athletically or mentally superior or a threat. It is because we are still viewed as a Christian nation.

Although our nation is not where any of us would like it to be: ie. Gay marriage, abortion, etc... We must continue to be ACTIVE in our government. It is shocking for me to hear of others that will not vote, or do not care about the affairs of the nation in which we live. To many times as Christians we take a passive approach and become the "silent majority" on major issues. I hear people all the time talking about how America is going down hill, yet doing nothing.

Despite all the immorality in the U.S. we are in better shape than all of Europe, most of Asia and many other nations. To this end I feel we must be proud that we do have religious freedom, and must attempt to gain back the "Christian" part of America.