Sunday, July 30, 2006

Avery's New Tricks (proud of myself)/ Top Ten War Movies

New Tricks

Go Gators

Some of our friends had a dog called Riley. The dog was very good at doing all types of tricks. She could sit, speak, roll, lay and jump. Unfortunately, to get to one trick she would have to go through all 4 of the others. To get her to roll, she would sit and speak and follow it with a jump....

Avery is now learning several new words and tricks. She can point to her eyes, nose, and mouth. She can say hello, bye-bye, Avery (new this week), baby, mama, and daddy. To get her to do some of her pointing tricks though she goes through them all. She cannont simply point at her eyes, soon to follow will be the nose and mouth.

Jamey used to teach the 4 year olds at Mayfair. In class she would teach one of our favorite little girls who used to always say "I'm so proud of myself" after finishing puzzles, ect.... Avery now has a shape-sorter (probably the kind you had growing up with the star, square, circle, ect...). As she was learning to put the shapes in we would always clap for her. Now she puts the shapes in and claps for herself (without us even being in the room).

Now I have just finished watching "Saints and Soldiers" a good movie (I'd give it 4 stars). That led me to thinking of a new top ten. Sorry ladies this is a top ten war movies list. The criteria is movies that are entirely based on a war (no "Forrest Gump" that have a war in them, but are not based on war). I have to have seen the movie as well.

10. Enemy at the Gates: Very good movie. Based on to assassins with a good cast.

9. Tears of the Sun: Bruce Willis in one of his best movies. Worth going to rent.

8. Gettysburg: Great Civil War movie for anyone who doesn't study the Civil War and those of us who really enjoy studying it. It draws you in and tells of one of the most important battles in our nations history.

7. Gladiator: Russell Crowe gives a great performance. Worth watching to see the special effects, it feels as if you are in the coliseum.

6. Crimson Tide: Another with Denzel, but this time with Gene Hackman. Great drama in this fictional movie.

5. Glory: Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman give great performances. Everyone needs to see this movie at least one time. Also great with historical accuracy.

4. We were soldiers: Mel Gibson with several other great younger actors. Great movie for wives as well as half the movie is from their perspective. Based on real events in Vietnam.

3. Patriot: Mel Gibson again. Based on the Revolutionary war. Great story that is loosely based on facts. Another movie the wives will enjoy as well.

2. Braveheart: Mel Gibson's best movie. This is definitely a man's movie based in Scotland as they gained independence from England. Great war scenes.

1. Saving Private Ryan: The cast alone would make it great: Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Vin Diesel, Giovanni Ribisi, Paul Giamatti, but the action scenes were intense and realistic. The characters pulled you in. If you want a true experience watch this with surround sound.

Honorable mention: Black Hawk Down, Behind Enemy Lines, Gods and Generals,

Movies I have not seen that I have heard are good: Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Band of Brothers series, Troy, Thin Red Line, ect...

Movies I have seen that I purposely left off: Pearl Harbor, Alexander the Great (heard he was portrayed as gay), Three Kings

Let me know what you think.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Avery's temper/ Another top ten list

Not a big fan of boys kissing my little girl.

I love my little girl. She is sweet and cute and fun to be around. I am able though to admit she has a little spunk in her. This will be good when all your sons are trying to put the moves on her, but right now it is something we're working with. Avery can now give some of the meanest looks. She is generally very pleasant and happy until something is taken from her. We have begun to spank her for throwing fits (don't call us in).
Anyway, the other night I was watching Avery while Jamey was out. We have a cord in the living room that Avery knows she is not to touch (she can do what she wants with everything else in the room). Every now and then she is playing and accidentally comes to it and pulls. We say no and move her and if she goes back she gets spanked. This happened the other night (nothing too bad yet).... Later on in the evening Avery was pulling something out of a book (also a non-rare occurrence) as I took the book away Avery started her normal fit and again got spanked (don't think I just beat my little girl, this is not as often as it sounds). I put her down and she proceeded to sprint to the cord and stare at me as she pulled it as hard as she could from the wall. After I spanked her I realized what she had done. She had become mad and ran to "get me back" the only way she knew how.
Again, Avery has been an almost perfect child to this point so do not think she is a temper tantrum monster. But she can throw one with the best of them already. I love females...

Now a top ten list sent to me from my mother who knows I love lists (call me Stacy Stacy).
This is the top ten worst URL's.

Attn: EntrepeneursEveryone knows that if you are going to operate a business in today’s world you need a domain name. It is advisable to look at the domain name selected as other see it and not just as you think it looks. Failure to do this may result in situations such as the following (legitimate) companies who deal in everyday humdrum products and services but clearly didn’t give their domain names enough consideration:

1. A site called ‘Who Represents‘ where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity. Their domain name… wait for it…

2. Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views

3. Deleted. Funny but not what I wanted on my family friendly blog

4. Need a therapist? Try Therapist Finder

5. Then of course, there’s the Italian Power Generator company…

6. And now, we have the Mole Station Native Nursery, based in New South

7. If you’re looking for computer software, there’s

8. Deleted. Same reason as number 3.

9. Then, of course, there’s these brainless art designers, and their whacky

10. Want to holiday in Lake Tahoe? Try their brochure website

Hope you enjoyed,

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Top Ten Actors

This is it. The final of the top ten actors. My criteria was for movies I'd seen. If the actor was well rounded and able to carry a movie on his own.

Top Ten Actors

1. Tom Hanks : Look at his list of movies: Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Philadelphia, Cast Away, You've got mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Big. He has been in almost every possible role and has excelled in all of them. I will go watch a movie if he is in it.

2. Mel Gibson: Has become better with age. Lethal Weapons, Patriot, What Women Want, Braveheart, Mad Max, Maverick, Payback, Ransom, Signs, We were soldiers, and many others. Action and serious movies. It doesn't hurt that he also directed The Passion of the Christ.

3. Jimmy Stewart: Classic actor. Mr. Smith goes to Washington, It's a wonderful life, The man who knew too much, Vertigo, and many others. He was the actor of his time.

4. Bruce Willis: One of my favorites who also has gotten better with age. Die Hards, Armageddon, 5th Element, The whole 9 yards, Last Boyscout, The Kid, 6th Sense, Tears of the sun, and many others.

5. Al Pacino. Although I feel he is a supporting actor. He is a great actor. In many movies where he star opposite someone, he is the superior actor.

6. Tom Cruise: I am not a fan of the man but look at the list. MI's, Top Gun, Cocktail, Minority Report, Far and Away, A few good men, Jerry Maquire, Rain Man and many other great movies. He will carry a movie on his own.

7. Brad Pitt: Newer actor compared to the list, but has put out classics in many areas: Fight Club, Seven, A river runs through it, Mr and Mrs. Jones, and many others. He will take on many movies others would not.

8. Harrison Ford: Has to be on the list for the many decades of good movies. Starwars, Indiana Jones, Fugitive, Air Force One, K-19 Widowmaker, Patriot Games, and many others.

9. John Travolta: Has succeeded in many different types of rules. Grease, The Generals Daughter, Face Off, Basic, Broken Arrow, Ladder 49, Look who's talking, Phenomenon, Pulp Fiction.

10. Denzel Washington: A personal favorite of mine. Training day, Philadelphia, Bone Collector, Crimson Tide, Fallen, Glory, John Q, Man on Fire, Manchurian Candidate, Pelican Brief, Out of Time, Preachers Wife, and my favorite Remember the Titans. He also had many more great movies.

Honorable Mention:
Val Kilmer
Nicholas Cage
Matthew McCaughey
Marlon Brando
Charlton Heston
Dennis Quaid
Jeff Daniels
Martin Sheen

Hope youv'e enjoyed the top 10 actors. There will be more to come. Thinking about top sports movies, war movies. Throw some out that you liked.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Supporting actors

Top 15 supporting actors chosen on major actors that have been in several movies, but are usually not the star. Most of these have been in movies where there is at least one major star opposite them. A few may have had movies where they were the major actor, but for the most part they are known for being supporting actors (at least in my mind).

Top 15 Supporting Actors

1. Ed Harris

2. Morgan Freeman

3. Tim Robbins

4. Gene Hackman

5. Tommy Lee Jones

6. Robert DeNiro

7. Jack Nickleson

8. Anthony Hopkins

9. Samuel L. Jackson

10. Sean Penn

11. Christopher Walken

12. Christian Slater

13. Ed Norton

14. Al Pacino

15. Robert Duval

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Action/ And my daughters obsession with phones


Recently Avery has learned a new word. "Hello" or as she says it "Hew-wo". This has become her new thing. Today at football workouts she was given a stopwatch to keep her busy. As I heard laughter from the area she was I tuned to see her having a complete conversation (in whatever language she speaks. We think it is a mix of Russian and Chinese now.) on the stop watch. Then at lunch without any prompting she put her hand to her ear and started a conversation (something like: "Hew-wo, laksjflkjfa al;kfjlkjsdfl ;lasjflfkjafklj, bye-bye") with her hand.

Now onto action actors. Something I am much more comfortable in. Again my criteria is actors that I have seen. These guys are men's men. People we'd all like to be if trouble came around. Some may not have the most skills in speaking, but when you can bench press 450, no one is too concerned about the eloquence in which you speak.
Onto the list:

Top Ten Action

1. Bruce Willis: The man among men. Even with the receding hairline he is the man (so there is hope for me still). His Die Hard series is one of the best.

2. Jean-Claude Van Damm: "Bloodsports" were unreal. This guy is not a great actor, but man can he put on a fight scene. I cringe in some of the scenes, but his fight scenes make it worth watching his movies.

3. Clint Eastwood: Many great movies where he was the man.

4. John Wayne: The name or action stars. Would be higher if I'd seen more of his movies.

5. Will Smith: One of my personal favorites, because of his comedy in action movies. Could make a case for him with the comic actors as well.

6. Jackie Chan: The human stunt man.

7. Sylvester Stallone: Rambo, Rocky, need I say more.

8. Vin Deisel: The name alone is great, but in XXX and Fast an Furious did a great job.

9. Steven Segal: Great actor in many B-rated movies, with a few that were good.

10. Colin Farell: New actor that has done well so far. Much of this will depend on Miami Vice.

11. Arnold Schwartznegger: The Governator is a must for the list.

12. Sean Connery: Great in all the Bonds. Also has done well in movies like "The Rock".

Honorable Mention: Pierce Brosman, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Val Kilmer, Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford.

Let the comments fly. Next up will be the Supporting actors (a top 15 list)...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Romance Actors

Now I do not claim to be a Romantic expert (except today when I brought Jamey home several roses, guys I recommend the fresh market for many flowers for not too much), but with the help of my wife and a few friends here is my shot at the top romance actors. Again there are many I am not going to remember since I am just 26 years old. The "Gone with the Wind" type actors will not be on this list. These are guys I have seen on film (although I have only seen 10 romantic movies in my life, at least I claim). My list is based on acting skills, and who if I were a woman I'd go to the movies to watch.
The List:

Top 10 Romantic

1. Richard Gere: Pretty Woman sealed it for me. If I were a woman I'd marry him.

2. Kevin Costner: It's stinkin Kevin Costner, come on...

3. Tom Hanks: Good in all areas, but great in Sleepless in Seattle, and You've got mail

4. Matthew McCaughnehey: Voted Sexiest man recently

5. Ben Affleck: Great actor, slightly good looking

6. George Clooney: The movie with JLo was very good

7. Jonny Depp: My wife's pick. Can't imagine why...

8. Hugh Grant: In several romance movies

9. James Dean: For the older readers

10. Leonardo DiCaprio: Titanic (Too feminine for my taste, but many like him)

Well start the criticing. This will be my weakest list, as I do not watch many romance movies (but I do buy flowers). Up next Action...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Top Ten Lists

One of my favorite things is to make top 10 lists. I drive Jamey crazy at times asking her over and over to help me with my lists. She usually is very helpful, for the first couple of hours and then is ready for me to move on. The first list I have for you is my top 10 actors. I couldn't just come up with one so here is the first of several. This list is the top 10 Comedy (actually top 12). The criteria is: the actor has to have played in at least a few movies (no only TV guys or one shot wonders). Here you go:

1. Robin Williams
2. Steve Martin
3. Billy Crystal
4. Eddie Murphy
5. Will Farell
6. Adam Sandler
7. Chris Farley
8. Chris Tucker
9. Ben Stiller
10. Jim Carrey
11. Wilson Brothers (the one with the crooked nose is funnier)
12. Jamie Foxx

Comments are welcome. Let me know who you feel I left off that deserved to be here. Still to come... Romantic, Action, Supporting, Honorable Mention, Overall.

Intro to blogging

Avery and Lawson giving my favorite sign

This is my first ever blog. At least on the internet. I hope to update somewhat often, depending on what sport season is going on. I have to acknowledge that I first felt blogging was for those of us still in puberty. However after reading several of my post-pubescent friends blogs I have decided to start my own. I figure my ramblings about all things unimportant are just as much fun to read as anyone elses so why not waste more of your time by having you read my blog.
Throughout the year I will be posting on some of the extremely intelligent things that 8th graders will say in my class (no names). As any of you know who work with (or are even remotely involved with) 14 year olds know, they tend to speak before thinking. I'll also be posting on the two loves of my life, my wife and little girl. And fear not sports fans I'll have a little time to put some thoughts on the upcoming year in football (high school, college, and pro). Yes all you who live in Alabama there is PRO FOOTBALL as well.
Well till later signing off,
Coach K