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Friday, November 30, 2007

Top 10 upsets of the college football season

Thanks to a comment by James, I figured I'd do another list this week. The top 10 upsets in a very unpredictable season of college football. There were many to pick from, and I attempted to not pick too many SEC games.

10: South Florida over Auburn: My brother Thomas was able to go to this game. Auburn was still undefeated and not many people knew about South Florida. This game set the tone for Auburn, who would be upset again by MSU, and South Florida, who would go to #2 in the BCS before feeling the pressure.

9: Arizona over Oregon: I know they were able to win the game because of Dixon's ACL, but Oregon was a front-runner for the BCS with a heisman candidate. Another #2 getting knocked off, and it was in prime time. Doesn't hurt that I am an Arizona fan (having lived in Tucson).

8: Georgia over Florida: As a Gator fan I hate to put this in here, but UGA beating Florida for the first time in a million years and putting Tennessee in the SEC championship game and Georgia in a BCS was a huge game. Georgia (a team that got beat twice early in the year) played an outstanding game, and it didn't hurt that Tebow was not 100%.

7: Colorado over Oklahoma: This was another BCS team that fell on its face against an unranked team. Colorado is an improved team, but if they played this game 10 more times, Oklahoma wins them all.

6: ULM over Alabama: Although Alabama is not a great team, they were looking at a potential 8-4 season and a good bowl before losing at HOME to a team that is a mid-level team in a terrible conference.

5: Kentucky over LSU: Knocking LSU from the unbeatens. Great game as well. Kentucky was a solid team, but still should not have been able to beat LSU.

4: FSU over Boston College: Matt Ryan had just beat Virginia Tech and become a heisman candidate. Now FSU rolls in to Boston College and takes this team out of the BCS picture. They also effectively end Ryan's chances.

3: South Florida over West Virginia: Another great upset by the Bull of South Florida. This made them the team to beat and almost knocked out West Virginia. My prediction is this is the only loss of West Virginia this season.

2: Stanford over USC: This would have been one of the biggest upsets of the decade if not for number one...

1: App. State over Michigan: By far the biggest upset of all-time. A team that had no business on the field with Michigan getting the win. A blocked field goal, a last minute drive to take back the lead. I would say Michigan did not even play that bad at the end. App. State won the game, Michigan did not choke it away.

What did I miss?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Next list

I am going to attempt to do another top 10 list. See if you can follow this one.

Top 10...continuations of multiple part movies and the worst choice to replace the main actor.

10. Rocky VII: New lead...Leonardo Di Caprio

9. Mission Impossible: Dennis Hopper

8. Indiana Jones: Chris Tucker

7. Star Wars: Jim Carrey

6. Friday: Russel Crowe

5. Ace Ventura Pet Detective: Harrison Ford

4. Godfather: Jackie Chan

3. Rambo: John Voight

2. Austin Powers: Al Pacino

1. Legally Blonde: Whoopi Goldberg

Any other ideas for top 10 lists or to add to this one??

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Simpson update

A quick update on the stuff going on. Haven't been updating as regularly as I'd like, but with football over I may have more time...well if I'm not holding my boy or girl.

Braden is doing very well. He was born at 10 lbs even and 21 3/4 inches long. He is a big strong boy. Jamey says he is sleeping really well. Avery has been getting up during the night now. She is a proud big sister. Above are some pictures. Jamey has many other pictures.

Football ended last friday as we went 2-8. Highlight of the season was the Jodan Creel story. Read the last post for more on the story or this story picked up by Sports Illustrated. Now we start reloading for next season, with several new players and a few that played young we have a chance to be good.

Now Jamey and I turn our attention to track. The girls have a chance to be great and the boys have an outside shot at being a top team this season.

Also since I have time to blog (students studying for a US states and capitals test) thought I'd go over my preseason NFL picks at the halfway point.

Here's my link to the picks from preseason.
NFC East: Eagles at 10-6 is not a great pick, I did have Dallas at 9-7 and in the playoffs.

NFC South: Had New Orleans here at 10-6 which may happen, but did not see Tampa doing so well. Also had Carolina doing well, but without Delhomme they don't have a chance.

NFC North: Had Chicago here, did not pick Detroit or Green Bay (but who did?).

NFC West: Seattle was my pick here, and they may still be the team to make it, but no team here looks great. Arizona would be my new pick.

AFC East: I picked the NYJ to win, not looking so good now. Had New England at 11-5 and in the playoffs.

AFC South: Had Indy winning. But did not think much of Tennessee or Jacksonville.

AFC North: Picked Baltimore (bad) and Cinncy (also bad). Looking like Pittsburg wins the title.

AFC West: Had San Diego at 12-4, they still have a good shot at winning division, but not going 12-4.

Picked Carolina over San Diego in Super Bowl.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jordan Creel

I will post more on this if I have the time later. But I was witness to God's work Friday night in the shape of a football player. Read this article and you'll see why...

...Many times as a Christian coach you question if God cares or not about sports. There are many stories about "religious" teams that give God the credit for their victories. But what about the teams that have Christians on them that do not win. I have been a coach on winning and losing teams and did not feel I was a worse or better christian on either of them. So what roll does God play in high school sports...

I am not sure of the answer, but do know that I was shown a little of his power in what he allowed Jordan to do last Friday. Not only did he play well, but his teammates played well above their heads to give him a small gift, that is insignificant in the big picture, but allowed him to see he was loved.

What do you think? Is God concerned with who wins and loses? Why do teams that give him no credit do as well as those who are followers of him?


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Political top 10

Thought this was funny.

Signs Your Presidential Candidate is Under-Qualified

10. Promises to improve foreign relations with Hawaii.

9. Runs a series of attack ads against Martin Sheen's character on "The West Wing."

8. His #1 choice to work on his cabinet is "That Bob Vila guy."

7. Outstanding record as Governor of Rhode Island nullified by the fact that no one really cares.

6. Got his degree in Political Economics by bribing Sally Struthers with a chocolate donut.

5. Anybody mentions Washington, he asks, "The state or the DC thingie?"

4. At the debates, answers every question with a snarled, "You wanna wrestle?!?"

3. Vows to put an end to the war in Pokemon and free the Pikachu refugees once and for all.

2. Says the Pledge of Allegiance as quickly as possible, then shouts, "I win!"

...and the Number 1 Sign Your Presidential Candidate Is Under-Qualified...

1. On the very first question of the debate, he says, "Regis, I want to use a LIFELINE."

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Harding on ESPN

Nice to see the old school on ESPN's top 10 plays. Football team has not been doing so well, but this is nice.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Great Quotes II

I love to read about the dumb things people say. Here are some for your enjoyment.

"How to store your baby walker: First, remove baby."
- Anonymous Manufacturer

"We are unable to announce the weather. We depend on weather reports from the airport, which is closed, due to weather. Whether we will be able to give you a weather report tomorrow will depend on the weather."
- Arab News report

"Those who survived the San Francisco earthquake said, "Thank God, I'm still alive." But, of course, those who died, their lives will never be the same again."
- Barbara Boxer, Senator

"I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada."
- Britney Spears, Pop Singer

"My sister's expecting a baby, and I don't know if I'm going to be an uncle or an aunt."
- Chuck Nevitt, North Carolina State basketball player, explaining to Coach Jim Valvano why he appeared nervous at practice

"Better make it six, I can't eat eight."
- Dan Osinski, Baseball pitcher, when a waitress asked if he wanted his pizza cut into six or eight slices

"It isn't pollution that is hurting the environment, it's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it."
- Dan Quayle, former U.S. Vice-President

"Any time Detroit scores more than 100 points and holds the other team below 100 points they almost always win."
- Doug Collins, basketball commentator

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NCAA Football

I am now a bigger NCAA fan than NFL fan (thanks to the Miami Dolphins). Here is my top 15 at this point.

1) USC: Too much talent. I can see Cal and Oregon scaring them, but not winning.

2) LSU: I don't think they'll stay here all year, but don't know who will beat them. Probably Arkansas the last week.

3) OU: Bob Stoops has his team under the radar and ready for another trip to a big BCS to get routed.

4) UF: Too young to go undefeated, but talent-wise they're as good as anyone in the country.

5) CAL: Under the radar, but should be undefeated going into USC. Ask Tennessee if they are for real.

6) WVU: Not enough defense, and now that South Florida has added another tough team on the schedule I don't see them going undefeated.

7) PSU: Joe Pa has a good chance to be in the Rose Bowl this year.

8) Texas: To many athletes not to be a factor in the BCS.

9) Rutgers: I love this team, but they will lose at least one and that is probably one too many for a Big East team.

10) Clemson: They always find a way to give a few games away, will this be the year they live up to their potential??

11) Oregon: Not too sure about the Ducks, we'll find out against USC and Cal later on.

12) Hawaii: Probably going to be undefeated and in a BCS. That will make for an exciting game if it is Hawaii vs WVU.

13) OSU: Not sold on the gators whipping boys. We'll see later against PSU and Wisconsin.

14) Wisc: Ok, Faulkner played a team that played the Citadel, who played with Wisconsin for 3 quarters, enough said.

15) Lou: Losing to Kentucky hurts, but I could still see them winning the Big East.

On the rise:

USF: Beating Auburn lost some luster last week, but I think they are for real.

The other USC: Spurrier gets a real test this week @ LSU.

Arkansas: I know they lost a game they shouldn't have, but Mcfadden makes them a threat in the SEC West.

About to drop:

Alabama: With Georgia and FSU on the schedule I see a split at best.

Kentucky: Now its time to play in the varsity level.

Texas A&M: The Big 12 North is awful again.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Pep Rally

Had a good "black out" pep rally last night. Not much fun for me, but Avery loved the glow in the dark necklace and sticks. She danced and had fun. She is growing up quickly.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another reason to hate the Patriots

They cheat to win...

Click here to read more

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Makes you proud...

Love it when very intelligent people make comments about how great our education system is. Watch Mario Lopez's reaction at the end of this...

Key words: U.S. Americans, Iraq???, Asian countries???

Reminds me of the Billy Madison quote, "we are all now dumber for hearing that".

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

Hope for the Dolphins??

Is there hope for the Dolphins? There may be. After winning both meaningless games they are looking good. The running game looked very good last night. The defense is solid (even without three of the best players.

Ronnie Brown is starting to show flashes of why he was a #2 overall pick. I am hoping he will become the dominate back Miami needs. Jesse Chatman also looked very good last night against a solid Chiefs defense.

The addition of Trent Green is not as good as I was hoping it would become. But if he can just manage games we should become a decent team. Anyone seeing playoffs for the dolphins???

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Caption anyone...

Wonder what these guys are thinking...

Monday, August 13, 2007

New List!!!

This is the next list. Ashley asked for here it goes.

The top 10 reasons you know school starts to early.

10. You peel yourself out of your vehicle at 7:30 AM to get in the doors.

9. Summer vacations consist of dinner and a movie at the Rave.

8. During summer kids are hoping labor day weekend gets here so they can have a long break.

7. Graduation is interupted by announcements for registration for the next year.

6. Summer reading is the Sunday paper.

5. The first week of school is rough because kids can't wait to light their fireworks (4th of July if it went over your head)

4. Graduation speaker doubles for opening ceremony speaker.

3. At the end of school you say, "see you real, really like next week".

2. Kids summer jobs allow them to buy a car...or a bike...ok a taxi ride.

1. The last reason you know your summer is too short...You attend ACA.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


School is already going on. Anyone else feel it is too early???

On a good note, only 2 weeks until our football jamboree...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jamey's favorite new quote...

..."Behind every good man is a good woman...rolling her eyes". From the movie Bruce Almighty.

I must be a very good man then.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Information share...

Stealing this off another blog thought it was good. Anyone reading this is tagged.

First Memory: Not too sure about this one, probably somewhere around the age of 3. Glad that means Avery will remember nothing about my learning curve during my first two years as a dad.

First Real Kiss: Okay start making fun... Other than a few bets to kiss some poor girl in elementary and middle school my first real kiss was when I was 16 to my girlfriend at the time.

First concert: You know I'm chuch of Chirst when my answer to this is Accapella at the age of 7 or 8. Great group that I still enjoy listening to.

First Love: Same as first kiss. First real love Jamey Kay Jones with in a week of dating her I knew we'd be married if she'd have me.

First Crush: ??? Not sure probably some girl in 1st or 2nd grade. The first I remember is my babsitter when I was 11 Katrina. She was something special (of course the age difference didn't matter to me, but she may have not been all for it).

First thing you think of in the morning: What time is it? Especially when I am getting up at 5:40 AM. Next is what do I have to get done that day.

First book you remember loving: Of mice and men. Great book and I also made Jamey sit through the movie with me when we first started dating.

First question you'd ask in heaven: Not sure on this one, probably ask about why some bad things had to happen.

First Best Friend: Josh Olsen. He was in a car wreck and killed when I was 16. I was good friends with him for ages 8-13.

Last time you dressed up: I am assuming this means in costume if that is the case two halloweens ago I dressed in 70's clothes. If it means nice... Probably church last sunday.

Last Book you read: John Grisham's latest: The Broker.

Last CD you bought: I think it was Elliot Yamin's latest. I love the American Idols.

Last time you cried: Don't remember I'd say over a year or two ago. Jamey would have a better answer probably.

Last movie you saw: Man of the Year two nights ago. It was a good movie with Robin Williams.

Last time you told someone you love them: I think yesterday or earlier today to Jamey. Told Avery last night.

Last funny thing you did: Talked trash during spades game with Russ and Jessy last night.

Last thing you watched on TV: Sportcenter.

Anyone reading is tagged, but leave a comment so I'll come check your blog.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SEC Picks

Ok girls you can skip and go to another blog. This is my SEC picks for 2007 in Football. Just to let everyone know I am a huge Florida fan so there is a little bias in my picks.

SEC West:

This used to be the JV part of the SEC, but with Auburn and LSU good every year and Arkansas and Alabama improving it is becoming as good as the East.

1) Auburn: I see Auburn going 10-2 losing 2. Their list of possible losses includes (@Florida, @ LSU, @ Arkansas, @ Georgia, Alabama, Kansas State). I think they could go 11-1 if things fall just right. But they could also easily fall to 8-4 and still have a very good team.

2) LSU: I see the Tigers going 9-3 losing to 3 of the 4 (Florida, Auburn, Arkansas, or Virginia Tech). They will be very strong, but could fall further down the list if Arkansas or Alabama do well.

3) Arkansas: The Razorbacks are my sleeper team. Many are writing them off, but with the two best backs in the country they remind me of Auburn of 3 years ago. I am picking them to go 9-3 and lose 3 to any of these teams (Alabama, Auburn, LSU, or South Carolina).

4) Alabama: I hate Nick Saban. Let me start off with that so you will know this may not be the most acurate pick of Alabama. I think they will go 7-5 and lose against all the ranked teams in the SEC and FSU out of conference. They could go 9-3 at absolute best, but more realistically will look at anywhere from 6-6 to 8-4.

5) Mississippi: I am picking Ole Miss at 4-8 with a few out of conference wins and MSU and a possible upset in the SEC.

6) Mississippi State: I see 2-10 and the dismissal of the coach for the Bulldogs this season.

SEC East

This may have 4 top 25 teams in it by the end of the year. Many of these teams will beat each other up and I don't see anyone going unscathed.

1) Florida: I see the Gators having to learn on the fly on defense, but the offense will be better than last year. Unfortunately for me...defense wins championships and Florida's is not good enough to compete and go undefeated. However I do see them going 11-1 this season (losing to either Auburn or Tennessee). I don't see LSU or Georgia beating them this year, although the old ball coach may get them in Carolina. They could finish anywhere from 8-4 to 12-0.

2) Georgia: This team is always under-rated in the SEC. Richt will have them ready and now that they have a QB with some experience I see them winning 10 games. Losing to Florida and either Tennessee, Alabama or Auburn.

3) South Carolina: This team is a sleeper. Spurier is the best coach in the SEC (which is loaded with coaching talent) and looks to have more talent this year. They did lose Rice, but return most of their starters. I see 8-4 for the Gamecocks this year. Losing to Florida, Georgia, LSU and either Tennesee or Arkansas.

4) Tennessee: I'm sorry Jason Bybee, but I just don't see Tennessee doing well this year. Losing all their recievers is going to hurt, although I feel the QB on this team is one to watch next year. I am picking 7-5 with losses to Florida, Georgia, California, Arkansas, and either Alabama or South Carolina.

5) Vandy: They will slide some this season. It seems they are a talented bunch in the wrong conference. I am picking 5-7, losing to the SEC East except Kentucky and Wake Forest (you know they were hoping that would be an easy win) and Auburn.

6) Kentucky: I do think they are improving, they are just in the wrong conference. I pick 4-8 with losses to the SEC and Louisville.

Well let me know what you think...

Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm back. After 2 very full weeks at the Simpson's house I now have 2 more weeks to get ready for football to be going full speed (and school in 3 weeks). A quick recap:

The week of the 4th Jamey's parents came into town and we had a good time seeing them for the first time since Christmas. Her dad and I were able to get a lot done around the house (with some help from Dawn and Chris Howell who helped paint and were great to help with Avery as well). We now are almost completely moved in, only the guest room, laundry room and baby's room to go. Jamey is getting them done at a good pace, so I think by the end of this week we'll be all set.

The next week Jamey, Avery and I headed to Huntsville for the all-star sports week. We had a good time and were able to spend alot of time with Jon and Stacy, and some time with Jason and Sunny Bybee. It was good to visit Mayfair, but we are glad to be back in Montgomery.

I enjoyed my two "off" weeks, but feel like I need more rest...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

60 things about me

I am taking this from alot of others blogs and will give it a shot...

1) I am intimidated by this because there is no guide, and I am not the best at elaborating, ask my wife.

2) I may be the worlds worst speller, and often don't use larger words in my blog for fear of spelling them wrong.

3) I am in love with my wife more today than I was yesterday and probably will love her more tomorrow than today.

4) I like being the daddy of a little girl way more than I thought I would.

5) I am already struggling to think of things to put down, but don't think my life is boring.

6) My favorite color is and has always been blue, and I love that Avery's eyes are that color.

7) I am excited that my little brother will be moving down here at the end of July so I can spend time with him.

8) I obsess about coaching more than people think, and really spend 80 hour work weeks during the season and Jamey still loves me.

9) I am more of a pro football fan than a college one, although living in Alabama is slowly changing me (as well as Florida's recent title).

10) I am terrible at fixing up a home, but actually enjoy the process of making something better than when I bought it.

11) I have always been slow to get angry, but unfortunately as I get older I am able to get upset a lot easier.

12) I went to 3 different high schools since my father was in the military.

13) I actually enjoy moving somewhere new and starting fresh, but want to find a place to settle for Avery and Jamey.

14) Having lived all over the south and can honestly say that Searcy, AR is the hottest place on the planet, even more hot than Montgomery, AL.

15) If I could pick a place without worrying about friends, or a job, I'd live in the West (Colorado or Northern Arizona).

16) My favorite vacation was a cruise with Jamey and I can't wait to go on another, although we'll probably be waiting for a long time.

17) I have a good group of friends in Huntsville, Montgomery, and a few good friends in Searcy.

18) I don't see the need to drink beer, when dr. pepper is so good.

19) I love the holidays, with Christmas being my favorite time of the year. I even love the music (starting before Thanksgiving).

20) Eventually I'd like to buy a house with a pool, but the one we have now is going to be great.

21) I love the church we attend now, but would like to get to know many other couples better than I do now.

22) I have no ability to cook, although I can bake some serious frozen pizzas and have made pasta before.

23) I could eat mexican food every day.

24) I want to have 4 kids, but I think we will end up with 3 kids.

25) I have scars all over: One on my arm, one on my chest and a few in my head. I also have a finger that is broken and has never been fixed.

26) I am often reminded by friends and family about how lucky I am to be with Jamey, and they are right.

27) I wish I could spend more time around Avery.

28) I love to play mini golf and bowl and am actually fairly good at both. My high game in bowling is a 181 and I don't remember mini golf.

29) I am missing eating out already, Jamey and I made a decision to try and save more money, but I love to eat out.

30) I don't deal well with backtalk from kids that I teach, but for the most part am very calm with those I teach.

31) I had terrible acne when I was in junior high and am glad that I only have a few pimples now.

32) If I wasn't a coach, I'd be in the business world in marketing.

33) When I sleep I want it as cold as possible and then I pull the blankets all the way up. I can't sleep if it is warm.

34) I am terrified of needles. I gave blood this year at ACA for the first time and will not give again. I was scarred for 2 weeks from the needle, and they had to use both arms.

35) I don't like snakes much either, or birds for that matter.

36) I am glad that I was raised in a family that is against divorce and that showed me so many values of a marriage.

37) I am glad that I like my in-laws and respect my father-in-law.

38) I hope we have a good season in football, the boys have worked hard, but know as a coach that that does not guarantee wins.

39) I will probably watch all the Faulkner football games I can this year to watch my brother and several other players I coached.

40) I had to cheat and look at Laura's blog to get a few ideas after I got stuck and I'll probably have to look again to finish this post.

41) I don't keep in contact with anyone (except one person occasionally) from high school because I am embarassed about what a jerk I was and all the dumb things I did and said.

42) I love all my college friends and try to keep in touch with them as much as I can.

43) I would recommend Harding or any other Christian school to anyone because those schools are a great place to be.

44) I am stuck again....

45) ....And after checking Laura's blog...I like to shop for a man (which means under an hour in a store). I love finding a good deal and will often buy stuff we don't even need if it is cheap.

46) I will watch ESPN even if I have already seen the same highlights 3 times, ask Jamey.

47) I love reality TV. Survivor is my favorite, but I'll give any of them a chance.

48) I have watched every episode of friends, most of CSI, and I will become an addict of many shows.

49) I love Christian music. DC Talk, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith are my top 3, but I will listen to any group.

50) I enjoy singing. I have been on the praise team in Huntsville, and sang in several groups in high school.

51) I think kids today have too much going on, but remember when I was in school I played 3-4 sports, was active in the youth group, was in the chorus, and had good grades and I didn't feel I did too much.

52) I love having good ringtones on my phone, but am not popular to enjoy them enough.

53) I would love to own a old school nintendo. My favorite games were Mario Bros, Techmo Bowl, Track and Field (with the power pack) and Zelda.

54) I could play tetris for hours.

55) I am a man in Alabama and I don't like to fish or hunt. But I do like to camp (if there is a shower I can use).

56) I want a grill. I really think I would cook much more if I was able to grill everything.

57) I want Avery to be 5'10, but Jamey only wants her to be 5'7 or less so she can have more of a selection with the guys.

58) If I was a little shorter Jamey told me she would not have dated me and I don't blame her. I think it is odd when short men date taller women.

59) I actually enjoyed watching soccer a few days ago. Even though it was in spanish.

60) I didn't think I'd make it through this and don't know how many people will read this but if you do leave me a comment so I'll know who is reading my blog please.

Monday, June 25, 2007

NFL Preview: Playoff/Superbowl Picks, Random, College Football

Sorry for the long title, but I thoought I'd try to squeeze alot into this one post.

AFC Playoffs

1) Indianapolis 13-3
2) San Diego 12-4
3) New York Jets 12-4
4) Baltimore 11-5
5) Bengals 11-5
6) New England 11-5

I see New England upsetting the Jets in the first round and Baltimore winning against the Bengals. The second round I have San Diego getting some revenge on New England and Indianapolis beating the Ravens.

My super bowl pick for the AFC....San Diego


1) New Orleans 11-5
2) Eagles 10-6
3) Chicago 10-6
4) Seattle 10-6
5) Carolina 9-7
6) Dallas 9-7

In the wildcard I see Chicago getting knocked out by Dallas and Carolina beating Seattle. In the divisional round I have Dallas losing to New Orleans and the Eagles getting upset by Carolina.
My super bowl pick for the NFC... Carolina

In the big game I have Carolina winning the Superbowl.

In Random news I ran into one of the people that read my blog. JRB who teaches law at Faulkner and I met at a yard sale in Montgomery. It is neat to meet someone you feel like you already know.

You college fans keep checking, I will be posting my SEC and national picks soon.

My Girls.

Not everybody is this lucky. These are my two beatiful girls that I have been able to spend alot more time with.

Friday, June 22, 2007

NFL Preview: NFC South and East

Here's the latest part of my NFL breakdown. The next post will have my playoff and superbowl picks.

NFC South

1) 11-5: New Orleans is everyones favorite it seems, and for good reason. They have one of the best offenses in the NFL and the defense has improved enough to make them a legit contender for the Super Bowl.

2) 9-7: Carolina has not been mentioned much in teams that have a shot at the playoffs, but I think they are a team that will shock many in the NFC and could make a run in the playoffs. Delhome to Steve Smith is as good a combination as you can get.

3) 6-10: Tampa Bay will continue to struggle and I think this is the last year for many of the older players on this team. In order to win they must start from scratch.

4) 5-11: Atlanta will fall even farther than it did last season. Even if Vick were not in trouble with the law I felt this was a .500 team at best. With him in trouble I see them having a rough year and eventually cutting ties with Vick.

NFC East

1) 10-6: Philadelphia is the best team in this division as long as they can stay injury free. Donovan has to stay healthy all season. I think this is the year of Westbrook to break out in a big way.

2) 9-7: Dallas will finish in the playoff hunt, but I am not sold on Romo or how Owens will handle it when things get a little tough. Their defense is not good enough to win many games either.

3) 9-7: New York will finish with a decent record this season. I think Manning will do well and the offense will be solid (although losing Barber will be a big loss), just am not sure about the coaching or the defense.

4) 8-8: Washington will be a much improved team this year with Campbell having experience and Portis being healthy. The defense is just not there yet. They are the best-worst team of a division though.

Up next: Playoff and Super Bowl picks

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hate crime or not...

What do you think of this story by Foxnews?

The driver of the car carrying Morales struck a 3- or 4-year-old girl, apparently prompting the attack.
"The driver, for whatever reason, whether he realized he was involved in the collision or his vehicle forced a stop, got out of the car, got into a confrontation with several men and was assaulted," Piatt said.
Morales came to his aid and was fatally attacked in what police are calling a "spontaneous homicide." He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.
The driver was able to get back into his car and drive away. Both he and his vehicle have been located, Piatt said, but he declined to release the driver's identity because the man is a witness in an ongoing investigation.
"We could have had anywhere from two to 15 and 20 [people] who are actually involved in the assault," Piatt said. Some 2,000 to 3,000 people were gathered in the parking lot at the time.
The child was treated for non-life-threatening injuries at Brackenridge Hospital.
Piatt said there is no reason to link the assault with the Juneteenth celebrations.
"There were no city-sponsored events occurring on the parking lot of Booker T. Washington, although there were some events in the immediate area — Rosewood park," he said. "Some of the crowd may have gone onto Booker T. or people just out in their apartments — celebrating, having a good time, whatever — but there's nothing to tie one to the other and nothing to indicate that this was a hate crime."

First of all I would say beating a man to death would require a lot of hate (although I know that is not what a "hate crime" refers to).

Second do you think it matters that the crowd was black (as was the girl hit by a car) and the driver hispanic? I'd say it mattered alot.

Monday, June 18, 2007

NFL Preview: NFC West and North

I know I have taken a long break on my NFL picks, so here are two divisions in the NFC.

NFC West

1) 10-6: Seattle will win this divison, which I believe will be much improved from last season when it was the worst division in football. They will have Alexander and Hasselbeck healthy and that will allow them to win this divison.

2) 8-8: San Fransisco will be one of the more improved teams as they were last year, but with a much tougher schedule and people taking them seriously this will be a rough year.

3) 8-8: Arizona will finally tap some of the potential they have had in the desert the last few years. I think with a QB finally in place they should continue to get better, but they must improve their defense.

4) 6-10: St. Louis will slide further back in this division. They have an explosive offense, but probably would have a hard time stopping the Faulkner University Intermural All-Star team from scoring.


1) 10-6: Chicago makes me nervous, but I think they will at least make the playoffs out of a very weak division. I am not a believer in Grossman, but don't think he'll be the biggest of their problems. The defense will not be as strong as last year and that is why I see the slide from them.

2) 6-10: Green Bay will be the second best team in a very bad divison. Farve will break the record he came back to break, but will pay the price by playing on this team.

3) 6-10: Minnesota will struggle on offense. They have a very solid defense, but are in the worst shape at QB than any other team in the NFL.

4) 4-12: Detroit will be terrible again. I don't see them getting any better until they fire Millen.

I'll try to get the other two divisions up soon and my playoff picks for 2007.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Big Day...

Today was a huge day for the Simpsons. Not because Paris Hilton has decided to give up acting stupid, but for a few reasons.

Reason 1: We are having a baby boy. Due date is November 3rd, and he is already measuring big, so here's hoping he is as athletic as the little girl we already have. He looks healthy and we are excited about seeing him in about 20 more weeks.

No doubt here baby!!!!

Reason 2: We have agreed to buy our second house. It was Jamey's favorite and I think it will be a great house to raise our 2 kids. It is in a good area of town and is 2000 sq ft with 4 bdrms. It also has alot of character, being built in 1950. We just need a few rooms painted and it will a great house to move into.

Reason 3: I have been getting to spend much more time at home with Jamey and Avery and have been able to see Avery grow up. She now loves going to McDonalds or Burger King to play in the big kids playground. She is normally the smallest kid playing, but she loves to go up and come down the slides at these places. She is ready to be the "big sister" even though I am not sure she knows what that means. She is able to express herself very well now.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Money can't buy everything...

...or maybe it can. Paris Hilton is now out of jail after "serving" only 3 days of her sentence, which had already been reduced to 23 days. Not only is she able to drink, do drugs, and then get in a car and drive with very little punishment, now that punishment is even less.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Is he the man??

I sure hope so for the Miami Dolphins sake. What happens to Culpepper?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Oh Billy...

It now appears Billy Donovan will be heading back to Florida. As a Gator fan I was not happy to see him leave. But as an Orlando Magic fan thought at least he will be with a team I root for. Now he has flip-flopped his way back to Gainsville and left a bad taste in the Magic's mouth. Hopefully Orlando can sign Van Gundy to take over the team and UF will still be strong...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Vacation to Stone Mountain

I know Jamey will post a lot more on this later, but thought I'd let everyone know we are back from Stone Mountain, Ga. It was a great trip. I haven't been able to spend much time with Avery to watch all the new tricks she can do.

She can now sing (mimic whatever I am singing). She can open the fridge and get her own drink, and occasionally shut the door back. She can speak very well now in sentences (she has stopped using the 3rd person vocabulary she had for awhile). She can recongnize Applebees and other landmarks the Simpson's frequent. She can swim, with floaties, by herself and she doesn't want any help from Daddy.

Now to the trip. We started by going to a farmyard (plastic) which Avery had fun at, but was not a fan of the very loud noises. Next we ventured to the 4D movie theater, which did warn of animals coming off the screen. We went anyway and Avery was doing fine until a snake came at you and hissed. She now has a fear of snakes (even though we convinced her it was just "kissing" her). Next was lunch and then on to the train. Avery loves riding on trains and it was fun. Then we went to the sky lift. Jamey and Avery enjoyed this and I did once we were off the lift.

We saved the part where Avery could pet the animals to this point, as she was beginning to show signs of someone who had not had her nap. She loved petting the goats and sheep and we could have stayed there all day. But on to the Riverboat we went. Avery liked the paddle boats, was not too big a fan of the river boat, but loved feeding the ducks. For all the money we spent we could have saved it all and given her duck food and she would have been happy.

We did go back to watch the fireworks that night and after Avery was convinced no snake was going to come of the lazer show she enjoyed it.

I know I had a great time and I am sure Jamey will post some pictures later...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

If I were a hero... says I'd be him. I can live with that. Who would you be? Who would you say I'd be?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Top Ten worst chinese fortune cookie sayings

I figured I need a new list so the other day Jamey and I and Avery ate at the Chinese buffet, which is very good and it got me to thinking of a new list. This is my top ten worst fortunes you could pull out of the cookie.

10. You are not allegic to dogs, because you just had some.

9. Your lucky numbers...666

8. Hope you don't like your house, or you really like fire.

7. Your car needs a new transmission and tires...and brakes

6. I see McDonald's in your future career...

5. You are as deep as a frisbee.

4. Enjoy how you look now, because that's as good as it's going to get.

3. Your boss like to dress up in women's clothes in your office when you're not there.

2. Your stomach did not agree with the sushi you just ate.

1. You will leave a large tip for your server.

Anyone have any others? The ones we get now just have wierd chinese proverbs. Where's the fun in that?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I have been addicted to the show 24, since about three seasons ago. Jack Bauer is the man. This season started with a bang, and had some very good moments. It was not as strong a year as last season, but still ranks as some of the best TV you can watch.

The ending though may have been the worst in 24 history. It may have been one of the worst in many show's history. Jack just staring off with not any clue as to what is going to happen next season was terrible. Don't get me wrong I am sure I'll still watch next season, but I hope it has a better wrap up than this season.

On a side note, I may be one of the few who think American Idol got it right. I am pulling for Blake, but think Jordin takes it Wednesday.
Till next year Jack...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Idol shocker!!!

American Idol delivered a shock last night when Melinda Dolittle was voted out of the show. My personal favorite is Blake and I also enjoy Jordin, but it had to be a shock that the shows "favorite" is not going to sing in the final show. What does everyone think of this???

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Simpson's

One of my favorite shows (not just because of the name...haha), because it has so much in it. There are times when it makes fun of religion, but often it is to prove a point. There are other times the show has stupid humor, but all seem to point out what is wrong. Michael Felker did a great story on why he likes the show: He does a great job detailing why he likes the show and the good parts about it.


Most of you who read my blog know Jamey and I both coach at Alabama Christian Academy in Montgomery. Our track season was special to both of us this year because of the kids and how well we did. Our girls won the sectional meet an placed 4th at state and our boys placed second at the sectional meet.

What makes it even more special is what they gave us after the junior high and high school banquets. Normally the kids go in and get the coach a gift ($50 to some resteraunt) that is very nice. Here is what our kids got us:

$520 in gift cards that can be used on anything
$55 to Applebee's
$50 to Bonefish Grill
$20 to the Rave

Total that up: More than we would have ever expected. I have never even heard of anything like this much less experienced it.

Even without the gifts we loved the season, but it is neat that when Jamey and I are wanting to be able to afford to go out to eat for a date and are looking into planning a family vacation we will be able to go now!!! Thanks ACA families you have touched our lives this year and made us realize this is where we belong.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Life in pictures

Thanks to Jason Bybee I have decided to try the "my life in pictures". I just typed in the answers in the image part of google and picked the first one (on almost all of them).
Where was I born: Florida
Where do I claim as home: Melbourne, FL

Where do I live now: Montgomery, AL. Although I still haven't seen the capital building yet.

What is my name: Kenny Simpson. At least now I know I am not the ugliest Kenny Simpson in the world...

My Grandmother: I would hope she was supposed to be the one on the left.

Favorite Food: Pizza. But not this kind, I only like meat on my pizzas.

Favorite Drink: If you look close it is the "Cherry/Vanilla Dr. Pepper". I prefer it as a fountain drink from Sonic.

Favorite Smell: Google thinks I enjoy the smell of wet dog. I really put Avery's hair after a bath. But I guess the smells are close ?!?!

Favorite Song: "I will be here" by Steven Curtis Chapman. I guess he changed his CD cover to "I don't want to be here". I looks like Bill Cosby with a beard trying to be a thug.

Place I have lived: Tucson, AZ. The spider problem was just too much for me so I left.

Where do I work: Alabama Christian Academy. It looks like we have bad weather in the future.

Where would I like to visit: Alaska. Although I'd prefer a cruise ship and not a cannoe.

NFL Preview: AFC West

The last of the AFC in this section of my picks for the NFL next year.

1) 12-4: Chargers: I think they can even have a better record than that if they catch a few breaks. They are a team that I feel will challenge for the Super Bowl next season. Rivers and Tomlinson are dominate as is the defense.

2) 9-7: Denver: I feel they will struggle a little under Cutler this season. They do not have as many threats on the outside on offense, but will continue to be able to run the ball as well as anyone in the league.

3) 5-11: Kansas City: They have too many holes to challenge in this division. Assuming they lose Green, they will struggle (especially if they allow Brodie Croyle a chance at QB). Their defense will improve, but not enough this year.

4) 3-13: Oakland: Jamarcus Russell in my opinion will be a bust. I don't see them getting better on defense either.

Monday, May 14, 2007

You-tube, Myspace

Check out this story:,2933,272014,00.html. What do you think? I am not sure I understand the reasoning behind it, and it makes me worry if there could be some other type of ban in the future.

It also makes me wonder if anyone is censoring these sites. I was able to watch the hanging of Sadame Hussein on you-tube, which was very disturbing. Are there somethings that should be taken off the web? Is there anyway to monitor it?

Update on life of the Simpson's

Well I can almost relax. Our football game went well, we won the JV game 7-0 and lost the Varsity 14-7. We fumbled twice inside the 5 yard-line, the last with 40 seconds left in a close game against a 6A school in Tuscaloosa. I was happy with the defense. We allowed 2 scores, but also forced 3 turnovers and held our own against a team with two division 1 prospects.

The next day we had our track party. I am sure Jamey will post on this later with pictures of Avery jumping into the pool. She even liked the divingboard at the Young's house.

Mother's Day went well for the most part. Avery gave her mother her gift in the morning and we went out for lunch to celebrate. We wanted Olive Garden, but there was a 40 minute wait, so we chose Shoney's. I think Jamey enjoyed it and I promised to take her to Olive Garden some night later on, so if anyone wants to babysit...
I called my mom, but couldn't get her on the phone, so "mom happy mother's day" if you didn't get my message.

We should be able to slow down a little now. The past three weekends I have been to Mobile, Gulf Shores, and Tuscaloosa with coaching, I am ready to have date night with my girls this friday and Avery's birthday party this weekend.

Friday, May 11, 2007

NFL Preview: AFC South

This may be the easiest division to pick:

1) 13-3: Indianapolis: They will continue to dominate teams, because they have the best offense, and a defense that can play at times. They are my pick to go deep into the playoffs out of this division.

2) 10-6: Jacksonville: They are hard to pick because they win so ugly. Yet, they win and that's all that matters. I think the offense will be better this year and their defense is one of the top in the league.

3) 6-10: Houston: I think they will shock some people this season, but overall they are not even close to challenging to win the division. The passing of Reggie Bush I think causes them to have to wait even longer for their first playoff season.

4) 5-11: Tennessee: I love Vince Young. The problem is their is no one around him this season. Losing Pacman will hurt alot more than they care to admit and I don't think their defense is good at all.

This site is only for those who love their children alot...

...only go here if you're sure you love them...

Do you love you're kids??

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Mother's Day (Early)

Happy Mother's Day to two of my special women (Avery is number three).

I would have been lost without Jamey these past years. She is the heart of our family of 3, soon to be 4. Having a wife that takes on so much is a great blessing for me. Not only that, but she is hot!!!
While she a great wife, she also has the best instincts of as a mother for our little one. Avery is lucky to have a mother like you.

I could not have asked for a better person to get to spend the rest of my life with. I know that the years we, Lord willing, have left will be a blessing to me and I thank God every day that you allowed me to con you into marriage to someone like me.

Happy mother's day to my mom. If not for you I don't know who I would have become today. Your gentle (and at times firm) hands raised me to know what I should and shouldn't do and be able to stand for what is right. Raising 5 kids is not an easy task and you do it with grace. I love you.

NFL Preview: AFC North

This division is one of the harder ones to predict. I think the Steelers will rebound, but they lost their coach. Baltimore should be good, but they lost an all-pro linebacker. The Bengals should be good, but they stunk last year. The Browns may have had the best draft this season.

1) 11-5: Baltimore: I think they lose a little on defense, but McNair will keep them in many games this season. They can make some noise in the post season as well.

2) 11-5: Bengals: They will rebound from a poor season last year. With the best QB in the division they will be in every game.

3) 9-7: Pittsburg: They will do well, but without Cower they will go through a little adjustment period.

4) 6-10: Browns: With a rookie at QB late in the year they will be a dangerous team, just not for a few years.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

NFL Preview: AFC East

I have been ready for football to start now since around the middle of March. I am hoping to do a complete breakdown of the NFL and my picks to make it all the way. If anything the NFL is known for a few surprises, and I have a few among my picks. Here is the AFC East:

1) 12-4: NY Jets. Surprise number 1 on the list. I feel the Jets made just enough moves to get better and keep the chemistry they have built. I think they are not ready to challenge to win the super bowl just yet, but will win more games than most give them credit for.

2) 11-5: New England Patriots. I have them struggling for chemistry, but think they will gel enough to be a force in the playoffs. Had they not taken Randy Moss, I think they would actually do better. Brady is the best QB in this division and the defense will get even stronger.

3) 7-9: Buffalo. They are not a good team, but do have people that can beat you in the skill positions. I feel their defense will take a big hit, losing both starting inside linebackers, but should still be solid enough to win some games.

4) 4-12: Miami. I was one of the many to be upset with Miami's picks in the draft. That aside, I don't think we signed anyone on defense other than Porter that will be an impact. Our DB's are terrible, and in a division with so many good recievers that spells trouble. I think Green will do well at QB, but see Miami inserting Beck later in the year.

Monday, May 07, 2007

4th in state

Our girls track team placed 4th at the state meet. We were hoping for top 5. The great news is we had no seniors. Jamey is quite the coach.

Now I can focus on us playing a 6A school in football Friday night...

Monday, April 30, 2007

Girl's rule...Boy's did well too.

Went to 4A section 1 meet this weekend. Jamey's girls won easily 138 to 39 (second place), beating 10 other teams rather easily. Our boys took second by beating the 3rd place team in the last race. You can view results with this link
Go to 4A section 1.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

About Time

Lovin this:

NEW YORK — On the heels of her obscene comments at a recent media event, an infamous feud with Donald Trump and countless politically sensitive remarks, Rosie O'Donnell is leaving "The View" at the end of her first season on the show.
ABC said Wednesday it was unable to agree on a contract with the opinionated host, and she'll leave the show in June.
O'Donnell said in a statement that "my needs for the future just didn't dovetail with what ABC was able to offer me."
"This has been an amazing experience," she said, "and one I wouldn't have traded for the world."
O'Donnell has helped raise the ratings for the daytime chat show invented by Barbara Walters. But her outspokenness has caused almost constant controversy, including her nasty name-calling feud with Trump.
Earlier Wednesday, rumors swirled that O'Donnell's bawdy humor while emceeing the Matrix Awards on Monday would result in her leaving "The View."
O'Donnell's antics occurred Monday in front of 2,000 people at an event feting New York's most accomplished women in media at the Waldorf-Astoria Grand Ballroom.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Random Thoughts #2

Couple things for today.


Track team won an invitational last weekend. Boys and Girls (first win for the boys). Girls doubled up second place in an invitational of 11 schools (8 were 6A).

The girls then won the city championship (public and private schools, mostly 6A). Final scores:
ACA 171, second place 85... The boys were runner up by 2 points to a 6A school. We are 4A in case not everyone knows that.

Have sectionals coming up Saturday, so hopefully we can continue the momentum we have started...


Jamey has already posted on this, but we've made an offer on a "project/house". Has a pool and 4 bedrooms. Hopefully it will work out.

Bad Politics:

Sheryl Crow:,2933,267783,00.html I don't think I want to use a square of toilet paper only...

War:,2933,267802,00.html. Can we not let the generals do their job.

Al Gore: Please run...Please, then maybe the GOP would have a chance.

Partial birth abortion: About time it was outlawed. Even if you are for a womans "right" to choose, this procedure is terrible. Jason K has posted a blog on the issue. Warning it is graphic


Dolphins: Please draft or trade for a QB. And quit calling me, I can't play this year.

NBA: Heat are in trouble, but so are Mavs and Spurs...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random thoughts

I am about to get into "super-busy right before school lets out" mode. But thought I'd try to post before I got too swamped.

My prayers as well as millions of others are with Virginia Tech. I'd like to think we could put aside politics at a time like this but not Rosie "why am still on public TV when Don Imus is fired" O'Donnell says its George Bush's fault because of allowing guns into the public. Come on now, somebody fire her...

Hope the Dolphins do well in the draft, cause it ain't looking good so far for next season. Real glad we gave up that home game to play in London...

Who's off American Idol? My pick is Phil Stacey is gone, Chris will be in the bottom three as well as one of the Divas. Please veto America's vote and get rid of Sanjaya. He sounded like a terrible 13 year old girl last night.

24: Will Jack get Audrey back? Will the president wake up?

DRIVE: Jamey and I tryed it the other night and it is a pretty good show. Not that we need more TV to watch.

Survivor: Who will win? I have enjoyed the season, with different twists. I love the old guy, but think he will be ousted near the end.

My Orlando Magic have earned the right to get swept by Detroit in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Way to go Magic.

Jamey and I are looking for a house now. There are a few (one especially) fixer-uppers that we have our eye on. And both have a POOL!! I hope it will work out for us to get one.

If I don't kill any 8th graders in the next few weeks. I will enjoy track season (hopefully) as it comes to a close and spring football as it gets started.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Give me a break!!

This man is an idiot. But did he deserve all he the trouble he has come in!!! What in the world happened to free speech. The man said something that was awful and should have been punished. But to fire the man for a radio show that has had much worse come out of it is not right. Here is the story;_ylt=ApBjultA1lGrUiLOyI5Ufco5nYcB?slug=ap-imusprotests&prov=ap&type=lgns if you want the full scope.
I may have a different perspective on this because I have seen racisim...ON BOTH SIDES. I grew up in Florida and played on a football team where I was called "cracker" by the team I was on and "n*#*@ lover" by the teams we played against. I have used awful words to describe people of color that I am not proud of. I am definitely not saying he should be completely let off the hook for what he said. But the punishment for this is worse than when he goes off about everything else.
To live in a culture where it is great to call out "upright, narrow minded christians" and be forced into rehab for calling someone a "fag" is not a place I want to be. Sure it is wrong to say "faggot" to refer to a homosexual or "n###" to refer to a person of color. And our country will make sure that is dealt with, but what about people that make fun of other areas. What about the use of the word "cracker". If that were as bad we'd be arresting Chris Rock as we speak. Or what about rap videos that call black women much worse than "nappy headed ho's". What about people calling out the president as an idiot, or racist man?
Is it just me or is anyone else tired of all the political correctness??

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol

Who's going home tonight? My pick Haley.

I thought that the 3 real candidates for the guys all did a good job, although Phil is on the bubble. Sanjaya is getting through even though he is terrible.

The girls did not have a good night, but Haley is the next in line...

Bottom 3 pick from me: Haley, Phil, One of the divas

This could get intersting if the guys continue to impress...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Junior High Champions

We won the Championship. In a domiating fashion we were able to defeat all the other junior highs in the city (well, at least the private schools).

Here are some of the results:

The final scores for the girls:
ACA 104
MA 26
MC 13
Trinity 7
Brew Tech 4

For the boys:

ACA 102
Trinity 47
MA 9
MC 5

Here are a few highlights:

Lacey Smith (1st: 100, 1st: 4 x 100, 1st: Long Jump, 3rd: 200)
Sierra Gray (1st: 200, 1st: 4 x 100, 1st: High Jump, 2nd: 100)
Jasmyne Pollard (2nd in 200, 400, Long Jump, 4 x 100)
Ashton Foss (1st: 400 and 4 x 100, 3rd: Long Jump, 4th: 200)
Jadie Coleman (2nd in 800 and 1600)

Ricky Toles (1st: 400, 800, Long Jump, 4 x 100)
Brooks Williams (1st: High Jump and 4 x 100, 2nd: 800, 4th: Long Jump)
Spencer Prescott (2nd: Long Jump, High Jump, 4th: Javelin)
Reed Teel (1st: 100Hurdles, Triple Jump)

A complete victory. The kids worked hard and earned a good win for them.

Monday, April 09, 2007

City Championships

Tonight Jamey and I have the city championships for our junior high track team. In reality it is the private school city championships (and whatever public schools show up) for Montgomery. We have a great chance at winning the boys and girls titles. I'll post results soon.