Thursday, March 29, 2007

Top 10 American Idols

This is my post over the 5 seasons I have watched of American Idol. I have my favorites and you have yours, but I will try to be somewhat objective in this list of the top 10 American Idol Contestants of all time (all 5 years). At the end I'll list my favorites and you are more than welcome to comment with yours.

10. William Hung: The man may have been the best to use his small window of opportunity and turn it into fame. I personally think he actually could sing a little in a wierd sort of way. Say his name now and everyone around will start with "She bang, she bang..."

9. I am willing to admit this is a complete homer pick. But anyone that really enjoys a great singer should love Elliott. He took many songs and made them very unique (or in the words Randy "made them his own"). His new CD is out and it is very good. Avery loves to dance around to it.

8. Justin Guarini: The first runner up. He has put out an album, I think 2. Been on the big screen. And is still in the news. He will never be a great artist but should make it as a celeb.

7. Clay Aiken: He may not have won his show, but he is much bigger now than Ruben. He is a great singer, although I am not a huge fan of his now. On the show, he may have had the biggest voice of any hopefuls.

6. Chris Daughtry: Probably the first Idol to get messed over. He should have been in at least the top 3 of his season (which in my opinion was the strongest top to bottom). He now has a big Album out which I expect to continue to climb on the charts. He is looking at a long career. On the show he was great in taking whatever the theme was and making great songs.

5. Kimberly Locke: She is one of Jamey and my favorites. I am still hopeful she'll make it to superstar status. She has the voice to do it. "Somewhere over the rainbow" was a great song for her on Idol.

4. Katherine McPhee: The runner up to a good-but-not great Taylor Hicks. May have one of the best voices in the group. I was not a fan of her somewhat snotty attitude, but she could sing. If she gets in with a good writer the sky is the limit on what kind of career she can have.

3. Jennifer Hudson: Big voice. Not that great on American Idol, but has found her place. Dreamgirls was a huge movie and her big voice was there to carry the movie.

2. Carrie Underwood: Great on the show. She has become an icon in country music now. Winning the Country Music Artist of the Year this past year. She will have a huge career. Loved her on the show. Need to buy her new CD.

1. The American Idol: Kelly Clarkson. She made the show what it is. Without someone as talented as her in the first year the show may not have got off the ground. She has a great career already and should continue to move up.

Just off the list (favorites of mine): George Huff, Mandisa, Vonzel Solomon, Nadia Turner, Josh Graysin.
Over-rated: Taylor Hicks, Bo Bice
I will post my worst American Idols (to make it in the top 12) later.
Do you think any of this seasons can even make it in the top 10.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reality Shows: American Idol and Survivor

I love Reality TV. I haven't really been into American Idol until the last two episodes. The overall talent is not near what it has been, but there are a few good artists. My favorite from last season Elliott Yamin placed 3rd and I just bought his debut album (it is very good). My next favorite was Chris Daughtry (his CD is good as well) who placed 6th.

My favorite this season is Blake. I feel he is the most unique or the entire group and could see myself buying a CD from him. There are others that are good as well including...

Phil Stacey. He is coming on strong after what I thought was a slow start. Not sure I'd buy his album, but he is a good singer.

The future winner Melinda Dolittle. I am not sure she will pull it off, but her voice is great. Surprisingly though, I don't see myself getting her album.

Who's gone tonight? Probably him

Onto Survivor. It is one of my favorite shows. The tribes have now been divided again. I am rooting for several on the islands, but one I am ready to see go is Rocky. What a punk. I'll post more after Thursday's show.

Monday, March 26, 2007


What is peace? Sunday morning I was able to hear a great sermon on peace by Ross Mitchell. I am not going to be able to convet exactly what was said, but will do my best to get the main points out.

Ross started out by saying the world has never and probably will never have peace again. Since Cain killed Able there has always been something going on. He said some people view of peace is when the world stops to re-load. Unfortunately that is the case all too often.

He then brought the lesson to a personal level saying that many of us don't want peace, we just don't want trouble. He mentioned people in the church that hate each other simply avoiding the other and calling that peace. But that was not peace. Often we just like to avoid confrontation and fixing our problems and say we're just trying to "keep the peace" or "not rock the boat".

His next point also struck a cord with me. He mentioned often we want peace at the expense of values. While he said this is rare, there are cases where we will sacrifice the truth for peace. Mentioning several examples of Christ he said this was also not peace. He made reference to the now infamous "gay bishop" and how churches that condemned that action were told they were not keeping the peace. But Christ calls us to call a sin a sin as well.

To me peace is almost impossible. It is hard to ballance peace with confronting the sins and problems (including our own), but Ross did an excellent job of showing that while we need to hold fast to what is true, we need to be as loving as possible.

Tournament notes

-- Got 3 of 4 in my "main bracket". The one I am competing with my wife (I am actually going to beat her this year for the first time in a long while). Didn't pick OSU who should have lost not one, but two different times already. Have Florida winning it all.

--Love that UNC choked. Tyler Hansborough may be the most over-rated player in America. The kid travels almost every time he touches the ball. He may shoot free throws well, but he better be glad he is not going against Oden in the next round and potentially Hortford/Noah/Richards in the finals.

--Had some exciting games, it would have completely made my day if OSU had been knocked off by Tennessee. I really felt the refs allowed OSU back into the game, calling 10 fouls in the first 8 minutes of action. Loften did help by heaving several ill-advised 3's.

--Speaking of refs. Is there any other sport that is dictated as much by the refs as basketball? I don't think there is.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Media Bias

This picture was on the front of the USA Today Newspaper. What is ironic is that if the picture were to have been taken about 5 seconds later, the little girl would probably be asking the American soldiers for some candy or food. The obvious intent would be to show that our military is over there terrorizing little children. I would hope that even those opposed to our presence would know that our military men are over there protecting the innocent and that it is the enemy that is setting bombs to blow up civilians, use children as protection, and kill all in their path. Unfortunately, I know that is not the case as many are now finding ways of making our military the one that "forced" the terrorists to act the way the do now. Hopefully, pictures like these will not be used much more.

Worst Tournament?

Is this the worst NCAA basketball tournament in recent history? Sure we've at least had 2 good games: Xavier vs OSU and Duke vs VCU, but there were not any other games that seemed to be that good. The lowest seed we have left is a 7 (already strong team that was ranked in the top 25 during the year), and all four 1 seeds are still around. Not only did it kill my bracket, but it has left a sour taste in my mouth. Three of the 2 seeds and 3 seeds are left as well. Am I the only one who feels this way?

**Also all the American Idol fans out there Elliott Yamin's CD is out and it is great. He was my favorite last year and I have been waiting on it to come out.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Random thought about Iraq

I am a firm believer in the military. I was raised a military brat, and would not trade it for anything. Along the way I have come to many of my own conlusions about people that do not support the military.

That is where I am a little confused about the issue of not supporting our troops. I know there are many that do not support the war on terror (or war in Iraq). And I understand that they have that right and duty to speak out against the war. What I always get upset with is statements against our troops. Comaring them to Nazi's, etc...

While I feel you have the right to question the war, I feel we should always support our men that are risking their lives for our country.

I also feel that too often we are much to open with our views against the war. That is why I feel America will have a hard time in any upcoming wars in the future, because we will always have those opposed. Giving an open mic to all those opposed gives those we are fighting hope. Setting solid dates allows them to know how long they must last. I would be for taking the news out of wars altogether. While awful things happen in the war, we often lose sight of the objective.

Here is an exerpt from the Heat's Pat Riley. Not really a noted politician but I feel one that hits home a good point.

In discussing the Heat's decision to honor U.S. soldiers at home games, team coach and president Pat Riley offered pointed views today when asked about the situation in Iraq.

''My personal opinion,'' Riley said, is ``what's going on in our country right now is not going to stop until the election because the Democrats, or the other side, or the nay-sayers simply are going to drive it right into the ground and become so negative with what the administration is doing until there's an election to make their point. That won't help anybody.

``That's not going to help the political process. It definitely doesn't help the soldiers because there is such a division over here. My concern is about them. . . .


As many of you know my wife and I are the track coaches at Alabama Christian Academy. We took over a program that had a few good athletes, but not much as a team. This year in the halls we have spent recruiting the best athletes to come out and run for us. We have had 3 meets now and are starting to hit stride.

Yesterday was the most recent meet we have had. We easily won JH boys, JH girls, SH girls and SH boys mostly because of our numbers (we have about 3 times as many people as the next closest teams). But we had several kids actually lower their times in the mile 20 seconds or more. For those non-runners that is an amazing feat to accomplish. We also had an 8th grader win the 800 meters by 25 seconds over everyone else.

Jamey's girls are starting to show they will also be a force at the state meet. She has one that has a legit shot at winning state in 4 (really 5, but we are only allowed to run them in 4) events. She also has several girls that are becoming close to marks needed to go to state.

The best news...Jamey has no seniors and I only have 1.

Friday, March 09, 2007

What has this world come to....

Yesterday I heard that LSU's women's coach had resigned. Not a big deal, but when it went on to say she (Pokey Chatman) would not coach in the NCAA tournament it caught my attention. Who wouldn't at least finish out the year unless it was something bad??

Well according to ESPN it is a much bigger story. Apparently she resigned because of allegations that she was having an "improper relationship" with a player. Of course nothing has been proven, but why resign and run if it is not true?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

NCAA anyone???

I have started a bloggers tournament pickem for anyone who reads my blog. If you want to pick the tournament and compete with us online use this link to yahoo fantasy sports. If you do not have an account it is free to sign up.

Once signed up go to the basketball pickem (it is also free). Next go to join a private league (not sure how private it is now). I don't think there is a limit on how many join so hopefully we'll have a big group going.

League number is 50148
Password is Simpson

The only requirements are: You have to use either real or blogger name (no alienlover78 or something we can't put to you) so I'll be able to make fun of last place (as long as it isn't me.

Have fun...

Favorite Sport

I recently had a student ask me what my favorite sport was. It was a rather easy question for me to answer (football), but it got me to thinking what the next sports would be. Track, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball?? I am not sure.

The more I thought about it the more I began to wonder if football was my favorite. I enjoy coaching Football the most, but may have enjoyed playing Basketball the most. My favorite to watch is football, although nothing beats March Madness. So I guess I really am torn about which is my favorite...

What is your favorite?

Monday, March 05, 2007

A weekend of championships

I had a great sports weekend this past Saturday and Sunday. First off I was able to watch my old team (Madison Academy) win the 3A state title. Led by a former player of mine, Kerron Johnson 10th grader, MA came from 18 points down in the 3rd quarter to win state for the second year in a row. We had a great time with Jon and Stacy and Chris and Dawn at the game as well.

Next it was time for my upward team of 5th and 6th graders to play for the "championship". We managed to pull out a thrilling 29-27 win. It was by far more intense that I would have ever have imagined Upward basketball could be. I am not sure the spirit of what Upward is about took place during this game as we had coaches (not me or my assistant) get warned several times for coming on the court to argue a call. We had parents chanting back and forth. At times I literally forgot we were in my church playing Upward basketball.

And finally, on Sunday my Flordia Gators snapped out of a funk by beating the Kentucky Wildcats. Goooooo Gators...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Death and Destruction

As most of you have probably heard a tornado hit an area school in central Alabama yesterday. Enterprise High School, about 70 miles south of us, was destroyed by a tornado. You can read more about it here from Foxnews.

One of the students that died at the high school was a fromer ACA student, Katie Strunk. I did not know this girl, but many of my students were close to her. Please pray for her family.

In all 8 students were killed and several more injured as they were attempting to leave school, and then forced back inside to where the tornado hit it directly. The storms continued into Georgia and killed 9 more. Why do things like this happen? I don't know...but trust the one who controls all.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Important Issues in the upcoming presidential election

With the elections in the news already it has caused me to think about what are the issues that make me (or anyone) want to vote for a candidate. I have listed several issues. I will tell and rank what I feel is most important. Tell me what you feel is most important.


1) Morals: I know this is probably the hardest to judge. What are the morals you are looking for, who really believes in what they say, who will follow through with promises. To me this is an issue that is the most important, but is also the most debated about which candidate is the "most moral".

2) Abortion: I have heard over and over that this issue cannot be changed through legislation. And to a point I would agree, my issue is not wanting abortion laws to become more progressive.

3) Protection/Global issues: I am pro-military and in support of opposing terror. I am not a fan of how this war was run, but think we must have a force in other nations to protect our interests and protect our people. To me that is goal number 1 of the government, to protect it's citizens.

4) Economy: How does the candidate deal with Social Security/Retirement? What about Medical insurance? Is he in favor of leaving the people to handle their own money, or will he/she try to control the economy? What about the welfare system?

5) Sanctity of marriage: I think this is a very important issue, but it is more in the hands of the church to get out the message that homosexulity is wrong, not the government. I am in favor of keeping "marriage" privelages to only heterosexual couples though.

6) Charisma: I think it is very important that our next president be a person of charisma.

7) Enviromental issues: Not real high on my list, but I do think we ought to do what we can, although I am not convinced of actual global warming, as there are diffent sources with different information.

8) Experience: Another issue that does not really matter to me. If they have it good. But at the level of running for the Presidency all the candidates have enough.

What did I leave off? What are your more important issues?