Monday, April 30, 2007

Girl's rule...Boy's did well too.

Went to 4A section 1 meet this weekend. Jamey's girls won easily 138 to 39 (second place), beating 10 other teams rather easily. Our boys took second by beating the 3rd place team in the last race. You can view results with this link
Go to 4A section 1.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

About Time

Lovin this:

NEW YORK — On the heels of her obscene comments at a recent media event, an infamous feud with Donald Trump and countless politically sensitive remarks, Rosie O'Donnell is leaving "The View" at the end of her first season on the show.
ABC said Wednesday it was unable to agree on a contract with the opinionated host, and she'll leave the show in June.
O'Donnell said in a statement that "my needs for the future just didn't dovetail with what ABC was able to offer me."
"This has been an amazing experience," she said, "and one I wouldn't have traded for the world."
O'Donnell has helped raise the ratings for the daytime chat show invented by Barbara Walters. But her outspokenness has caused almost constant controversy, including her nasty name-calling feud with Trump.
Earlier Wednesday, rumors swirled that O'Donnell's bawdy humor while emceeing the Matrix Awards on Monday would result in her leaving "The View."
O'Donnell's antics occurred Monday in front of 2,000 people at an event feting New York's most accomplished women in media at the Waldorf-Astoria Grand Ballroom.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Random Thoughts #2

Couple things for today.


Track team won an invitational last weekend. Boys and Girls (first win for the boys). Girls doubled up second place in an invitational of 11 schools (8 were 6A).

The girls then won the city championship (public and private schools, mostly 6A). Final scores:
ACA 171, second place 85... The boys were runner up by 2 points to a 6A school. We are 4A in case not everyone knows that.

Have sectionals coming up Saturday, so hopefully we can continue the momentum we have started...


Jamey has already posted on this, but we've made an offer on a "project/house". Has a pool and 4 bedrooms. Hopefully it will work out.

Bad Politics:

Sheryl Crow:,2933,267783,00.html I don't think I want to use a square of toilet paper only...

War:,2933,267802,00.html. Can we not let the generals do their job.

Al Gore: Please run...Please, then maybe the GOP would have a chance.

Partial birth abortion: About time it was outlawed. Even if you are for a womans "right" to choose, this procedure is terrible. Jason K has posted a blog on the issue. Warning it is graphic


Dolphins: Please draft or trade for a QB. And quit calling me, I can't play this year.

NBA: Heat are in trouble, but so are Mavs and Spurs...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random thoughts

I am about to get into "super-busy right before school lets out" mode. But thought I'd try to post before I got too swamped.

My prayers as well as millions of others are with Virginia Tech. I'd like to think we could put aside politics at a time like this but not Rosie "why am still on public TV when Don Imus is fired" O'Donnell says its George Bush's fault because of allowing guns into the public. Come on now, somebody fire her...

Hope the Dolphins do well in the draft, cause it ain't looking good so far for next season. Real glad we gave up that home game to play in London...

Who's off American Idol? My pick is Phil Stacey is gone, Chris will be in the bottom three as well as one of the Divas. Please veto America's vote and get rid of Sanjaya. He sounded like a terrible 13 year old girl last night.

24: Will Jack get Audrey back? Will the president wake up?

DRIVE: Jamey and I tryed it the other night and it is a pretty good show. Not that we need more TV to watch.

Survivor: Who will win? I have enjoyed the season, with different twists. I love the old guy, but think he will be ousted near the end.

My Orlando Magic have earned the right to get swept by Detroit in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Way to go Magic.

Jamey and I are looking for a house now. There are a few (one especially) fixer-uppers that we have our eye on. And both have a POOL!! I hope it will work out for us to get one.

If I don't kill any 8th graders in the next few weeks. I will enjoy track season (hopefully) as it comes to a close and spring football as it gets started.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Give me a break!!

This man is an idiot. But did he deserve all he the trouble he has come in!!! What in the world happened to free speech. The man said something that was awful and should have been punished. But to fire the man for a radio show that has had much worse come out of it is not right. Here is the story;_ylt=ApBjultA1lGrUiLOyI5Ufco5nYcB?slug=ap-imusprotests&prov=ap&type=lgns if you want the full scope.
I may have a different perspective on this because I have seen racisim...ON BOTH SIDES. I grew up in Florida and played on a football team where I was called "cracker" by the team I was on and "n*#*@ lover" by the teams we played against. I have used awful words to describe people of color that I am not proud of. I am definitely not saying he should be completely let off the hook for what he said. But the punishment for this is worse than when he goes off about everything else.
To live in a culture where it is great to call out "upright, narrow minded christians" and be forced into rehab for calling someone a "fag" is not a place I want to be. Sure it is wrong to say "faggot" to refer to a homosexual or "n###" to refer to a person of color. And our country will make sure that is dealt with, but what about people that make fun of other areas. What about the use of the word "cracker". If that were as bad we'd be arresting Chris Rock as we speak. Or what about rap videos that call black women much worse than "nappy headed ho's". What about people calling out the president as an idiot, or racist man?
Is it just me or is anyone else tired of all the political correctness??

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol

Who's going home tonight? My pick Haley.

I thought that the 3 real candidates for the guys all did a good job, although Phil is on the bubble. Sanjaya is getting through even though he is terrible.

The girls did not have a good night, but Haley is the next in line...

Bottom 3 pick from me: Haley, Phil, One of the divas

This could get intersting if the guys continue to impress...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Junior High Champions

We won the Championship. In a domiating fashion we were able to defeat all the other junior highs in the city (well, at least the private schools).

Here are some of the results:

The final scores for the girls:
ACA 104
MA 26
MC 13
Trinity 7
Brew Tech 4

For the boys:

ACA 102
Trinity 47
MA 9
MC 5

Here are a few highlights:

Lacey Smith (1st: 100, 1st: 4 x 100, 1st: Long Jump, 3rd: 200)
Sierra Gray (1st: 200, 1st: 4 x 100, 1st: High Jump, 2nd: 100)
Jasmyne Pollard (2nd in 200, 400, Long Jump, 4 x 100)
Ashton Foss (1st: 400 and 4 x 100, 3rd: Long Jump, 4th: 200)
Jadie Coleman (2nd in 800 and 1600)

Ricky Toles (1st: 400, 800, Long Jump, 4 x 100)
Brooks Williams (1st: High Jump and 4 x 100, 2nd: 800, 4th: Long Jump)
Spencer Prescott (2nd: Long Jump, High Jump, 4th: Javelin)
Reed Teel (1st: 100Hurdles, Triple Jump)

A complete victory. The kids worked hard and earned a good win for them.

Monday, April 09, 2007

City Championships

Tonight Jamey and I have the city championships for our junior high track team. In reality it is the private school city championships (and whatever public schools show up) for Montgomery. We have a great chance at winning the boys and girls titles. I'll post results soon.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Who will win American Idol

Who is going to win American Idol? I don't know, but do have a few predictions about the show. Here is my take of the last 8 left. What I think they will do and who I would vote for.

#1) Melinda Doolittle: She is the best singer. I will not be purchasing an album from her, but she should have a solid career in R&B.
My rank: #2

#2) He will shock some people, but I think he is getting a very strong fan base. And people like to have at least one male in the top 4. I would buy an album from him already.
My rank: #1

#3) She is going to do well, but I don't think America will put 2 divas in the finale. She will do well in her area, but again I don't think I'll be buying her CD.
My rank: #4

#4) She is great. I love her voice and feel she will do very well after American Idol. She reminds me of Kimberly Locke, who has done very well. She will only be this low because of her youth and how she is somewhat annoying after singing.
My rank: #3

The worst ever to crack the top 12 in American Idol. He will put out an album that no one will buy. He may single handedly change the show to weighing the vote so someone like him cannot get this far. I am hoping he is gone sooner, but my gut says he lasts this long. He is making a famous website now.
My rank: #100,000,000 (8)

A solid singer. I have enjoyed his performances in the last few shows. Not a good enough voice to seriously challenge. May have a good career, but we'll have to wait and see.

My rank: #6

A good singer. He needs to get better in his lower register, but can hit the high notes with the best of them. He may be another that can have a good career, but I am not too sure. It just scares me that he looks like a cat that just got shaved.
My rank: #5

Should have already been gone. She is not a good singer. Simply there to have someone to look at (and she's not even that good looking). Don't forsee much of her after the show.

My rank: #7 (although I liked Sligh, and Gina over her)

Way to go Billy!!

Billy Donovan is staying at Florida. Check out the full story here: Here is a quote I am glad to here.

That being said I'm very proud of what we've built here at the University of Florida...

American Idol shaft

Another good singer has to go before....


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's Great to be a Florida Gator

It’s great to be a Florida Gator, said it’s great to be a Florida Gator. What a time to be a Gator fan. Two championships for basketball and one for football in a year. Can’t go anywhere but down from here. Last night was a beat-down and a way to prove Florida had the best team. I was impressed with Oden (although I found it ironic that Florida was called for several “touch fouls” against him, but didn’t see the same type of calls at the other end) but who cares in the end anyway.

I think one of the commentators hit the nail on the head in the pre-game when he was talking about Lee Humphrey. He said “If that guy is fifth on the scouting report it is no wonder Florida is almost unbeatable”. What was great was the way the Florida guards completely outplayed OSU’s. Brewer was the Most Outstanding Player, but the award could have easily gone to Horton.

Now what will Florida do. First things first, they better go to Donovan and offer whatever it takes to keep him in Gainesville and out of Lexington. They had a few returnee’s look pretty good last night (Green, Hodge and the freshman big man), but need to get another class like the one leaving to play in the NBA next season.

My prediction on NBA picks (Brewer: top 5, Horton: top 10, Noah: top 15, Richards: second round, Humphrey: NBADL). I hope Green comes back, I don’t see him as quite ready for that level of basketball.

Now lets get ready for some football…

Monday, April 02, 2007

Top 10: Worst American Idols to get to top group

This is my list of the worst American Idols that made it to the top group. These are the idols that I cheered to be voted off the show.

10. EJay Day: First Idol to be voted off in season one.
Where is he now: A Cruise ship for Princess

9. Matthew Rogers: The big guy who sang a sappy song and got the boot. Not a great singer. I wanted to like him, but couldn't.
Where is he now: A corespondant for several sports shows

8. Bucky Covington: One that I thought was awful, but somehow kept getting voted through. I felt he couldn't have made it on the country reality show, but managed to get by simply because he was different.
Where is he now: Put out a new album "A different world"

7. Julie Demato: I thought she was snotty, and couldn't sing. Not a good combination for this show.
Where is she now: Tried to make it, but nothing took in music industry. Now she is a cosmetologist. Was also arrested for a DUI recently.

6. Kimberly Caldwell: Screamed every song she sang on the show. She got as far as she did on personality, because she was not a good singer.
Where is she now: She has made the most out of her fame. Trying to become a foxnews anchorwoman. Working for many shows on the TV Guide Channel.

5. Jon Peter Lewis: Probably a decent singer, I just couldn't stand him.
Where is he now: He has gone his own way in the music industry and had a Canadian hit "It's Christmas". His new album "Stories from Hollywood" is out now.

4. Kevin Covalis: "Chicken Little". Was the first to get farther from the website
Where is he now: Finishing up high school as a senior this year.

3. Carmen Rasumusen: I liked her as a person. Very modest and well spoken, but we called her "goat girl" because of the vibratto in her voice. Randy hated her on the show, "dog".
Where is she now: On show Fear Factor last year. In a few comercials for local stores in Utah.

2. Mikalah Gordon: The Fran Drescher of the show. Her voice drove me nuts.
Where is she now: Cohosts American Idol Extra.

1. Sanjay: He will easily be at the top of this list by the end of the season. How many morons are there that will vote for someone, simply because he is so bad.