Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quick post

Just a quick post to say I do plan on posting as soon as we get back from Florida and the weeks vacation with my family to Disney and the beach. Been a little busy lately:

We finished up track season: girls were 5th at state, boys were 7th (best we've ever finished).

Turned right around and did spring football. We look improved from last season with several new players/coaches, but you really can't tell until you are playing someone else.

School is over now so I am gearing up for football. For those interested we have a jamboree August 22nd and open at home August 29th this season. We are picked to finish 7th in the region (out of 8). Hopefully we can prove some people wrong.

If you haven't check Jamey's blog she has some pictures of the kids. Braden is now over 20lbs and is growing by the minute. He can sit up and roll and grab everything. The best news...he is a daddy's boy as of now. Avery is 3 now. She is very smart and fun to be with.

Jamey and I will celebrate 7 years together on June 2nd. Fittingly we will both be working with our teams during the day.

Thanks to anyone still looking at this blog!