Thursday, June 28, 2007

60 things about me

I am taking this from alot of others blogs and will give it a shot...

1) I am intimidated by this because there is no guide, and I am not the best at elaborating, ask my wife.

2) I may be the worlds worst speller, and often don't use larger words in my blog for fear of spelling them wrong.

3) I am in love with my wife more today than I was yesterday and probably will love her more tomorrow than today.

4) I like being the daddy of a little girl way more than I thought I would.

5) I am already struggling to think of things to put down, but don't think my life is boring.

6) My favorite color is and has always been blue, and I love that Avery's eyes are that color.

7) I am excited that my little brother will be moving down here at the end of July so I can spend time with him.

8) I obsess about coaching more than people think, and really spend 80 hour work weeks during the season and Jamey still loves me.

9) I am more of a pro football fan than a college one, although living in Alabama is slowly changing me (as well as Florida's recent title).

10) I am terrible at fixing up a home, but actually enjoy the process of making something better than when I bought it.

11) I have always been slow to get angry, but unfortunately as I get older I am able to get upset a lot easier.

12) I went to 3 different high schools since my father was in the military.

13) I actually enjoy moving somewhere new and starting fresh, but want to find a place to settle for Avery and Jamey.

14) Having lived all over the south and can honestly say that Searcy, AR is the hottest place on the planet, even more hot than Montgomery, AL.

15) If I could pick a place without worrying about friends, or a job, I'd live in the West (Colorado or Northern Arizona).

16) My favorite vacation was a cruise with Jamey and I can't wait to go on another, although we'll probably be waiting for a long time.

17) I have a good group of friends in Huntsville, Montgomery, and a few good friends in Searcy.

18) I don't see the need to drink beer, when dr. pepper is so good.

19) I love the holidays, with Christmas being my favorite time of the year. I even love the music (starting before Thanksgiving).

20) Eventually I'd like to buy a house with a pool, but the one we have now is going to be great.

21) I love the church we attend now, but would like to get to know many other couples better than I do now.

22) I have no ability to cook, although I can bake some serious frozen pizzas and have made pasta before.

23) I could eat mexican food every day.

24) I want to have 4 kids, but I think we will end up with 3 kids.

25) I have scars all over: One on my arm, one on my chest and a few in my head. I also have a finger that is broken and has never been fixed.

26) I am often reminded by friends and family about how lucky I am to be with Jamey, and they are right.

27) I wish I could spend more time around Avery.

28) I love to play mini golf and bowl and am actually fairly good at both. My high game in bowling is a 181 and I don't remember mini golf.

29) I am missing eating out already, Jamey and I made a decision to try and save more money, but I love to eat out.

30) I don't deal well with backtalk from kids that I teach, but for the most part am very calm with those I teach.

31) I had terrible acne when I was in junior high and am glad that I only have a few pimples now.

32) If I wasn't a coach, I'd be in the business world in marketing.

33) When I sleep I want it as cold as possible and then I pull the blankets all the way up. I can't sleep if it is warm.

34) I am terrified of needles. I gave blood this year at ACA for the first time and will not give again. I was scarred for 2 weeks from the needle, and they had to use both arms.

35) I don't like snakes much either, or birds for that matter.

36) I am glad that I was raised in a family that is against divorce and that showed me so many values of a marriage.

37) I am glad that I like my in-laws and respect my father-in-law.

38) I hope we have a good season in football, the boys have worked hard, but know as a coach that that does not guarantee wins.

39) I will probably watch all the Faulkner football games I can this year to watch my brother and several other players I coached.

40) I had to cheat and look at Laura's blog to get a few ideas after I got stuck and I'll probably have to look again to finish this post.

41) I don't keep in contact with anyone (except one person occasionally) from high school because I am embarassed about what a jerk I was and all the dumb things I did and said.

42) I love all my college friends and try to keep in touch with them as much as I can.

43) I would recommend Harding or any other Christian school to anyone because those schools are a great place to be.

44) I am stuck again....

45) ....And after checking Laura's blog...I like to shop for a man (which means under an hour in a store). I love finding a good deal and will often buy stuff we don't even need if it is cheap.

46) I will watch ESPN even if I have already seen the same highlights 3 times, ask Jamey.

47) I love reality TV. Survivor is my favorite, but I'll give any of them a chance.

48) I have watched every episode of friends, most of CSI, and I will become an addict of many shows.

49) I love Christian music. DC Talk, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith are my top 3, but I will listen to any group.

50) I enjoy singing. I have been on the praise team in Huntsville, and sang in several groups in high school.

51) I think kids today have too much going on, but remember when I was in school I played 3-4 sports, was active in the youth group, was in the chorus, and had good grades and I didn't feel I did too much.

52) I love having good ringtones on my phone, but am not popular to enjoy them enough.

53) I would love to own a old school nintendo. My favorite games were Mario Bros, Techmo Bowl, Track and Field (with the power pack) and Zelda.

54) I could play tetris for hours.

55) I am a man in Alabama and I don't like to fish or hunt. But I do like to camp (if there is a shower I can use).

56) I want a grill. I really think I would cook much more if I was able to grill everything.

57) I want Avery to be 5'10, but Jamey only wants her to be 5'7 or less so she can have more of a selection with the guys.

58) If I was a little shorter Jamey told me she would not have dated me and I don't blame her. I think it is odd when short men date taller women.

59) I actually enjoyed watching soccer a few days ago. Even though it was in spanish.

60) I didn't think I'd make it through this and don't know how many people will read this but if you do leave me a comment so I'll know who is reading my blog please.

Monday, June 25, 2007

NFL Preview: Playoff/Superbowl Picks, Random, College Football

Sorry for the long title, but I thoought I'd try to squeeze alot into this one post.

AFC Playoffs

1) Indianapolis 13-3
2) San Diego 12-4
3) New York Jets 12-4
4) Baltimore 11-5
5) Bengals 11-5
6) New England 11-5

I see New England upsetting the Jets in the first round and Baltimore winning against the Bengals. The second round I have San Diego getting some revenge on New England and Indianapolis beating the Ravens.

My super bowl pick for the AFC....San Diego


1) New Orleans 11-5
2) Eagles 10-6
3) Chicago 10-6
4) Seattle 10-6
5) Carolina 9-7
6) Dallas 9-7

In the wildcard I see Chicago getting knocked out by Dallas and Carolina beating Seattle. In the divisional round I have Dallas losing to New Orleans and the Eagles getting upset by Carolina.
My super bowl pick for the NFC... Carolina

In the big game I have Carolina winning the Superbowl.

In Random news I ran into one of the people that read my blog. JRB who teaches law at Faulkner and I met at a yard sale in Montgomery. It is neat to meet someone you feel like you already know.

You college fans keep checking, I will be posting my SEC and national picks soon.

My Girls.

Not everybody is this lucky. These are my two beatiful girls that I have been able to spend alot more time with.

Friday, June 22, 2007

NFL Preview: NFC South and East

Here's the latest part of my NFL breakdown. The next post will have my playoff and superbowl picks.

NFC South

1) 11-5: New Orleans is everyones favorite it seems, and for good reason. They have one of the best offenses in the NFL and the defense has improved enough to make them a legit contender for the Super Bowl.

2) 9-7: Carolina has not been mentioned much in teams that have a shot at the playoffs, but I think they are a team that will shock many in the NFC and could make a run in the playoffs. Delhome to Steve Smith is as good a combination as you can get.

3) 6-10: Tampa Bay will continue to struggle and I think this is the last year for many of the older players on this team. In order to win they must start from scratch.

4) 5-11: Atlanta will fall even farther than it did last season. Even if Vick were not in trouble with the law I felt this was a .500 team at best. With him in trouble I see them having a rough year and eventually cutting ties with Vick.

NFC East

1) 10-6: Philadelphia is the best team in this division as long as they can stay injury free. Donovan has to stay healthy all season. I think this is the year of Westbrook to break out in a big way.

2) 9-7: Dallas will finish in the playoff hunt, but I am not sold on Romo or how Owens will handle it when things get a little tough. Their defense is not good enough to win many games either.

3) 9-7: New York will finish with a decent record this season. I think Manning will do well and the offense will be solid (although losing Barber will be a big loss), just am not sure about the coaching or the defense.

4) 8-8: Washington will be a much improved team this year with Campbell having experience and Portis being healthy. The defense is just not there yet. They are the best-worst team of a division though.

Up next: Playoff and Super Bowl picks

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hate crime or not...

What do you think of this story by Foxnews?

The driver of the car carrying Morales struck a 3- or 4-year-old girl, apparently prompting the attack.
"The driver, for whatever reason, whether he realized he was involved in the collision or his vehicle forced a stop, got out of the car, got into a confrontation with several men and was assaulted," Piatt said.
Morales came to his aid and was fatally attacked in what police are calling a "spontaneous homicide." He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.
The driver was able to get back into his car and drive away. Both he and his vehicle have been located, Piatt said, but he declined to release the driver's identity because the man is a witness in an ongoing investigation.
"We could have had anywhere from two to 15 and 20 [people] who are actually involved in the assault," Piatt said. Some 2,000 to 3,000 people were gathered in the parking lot at the time.
The child was treated for non-life-threatening injuries at Brackenridge Hospital.
Piatt said there is no reason to link the assault with the Juneteenth celebrations.
"There were no city-sponsored events occurring on the parking lot of Booker T. Washington, although there were some events in the immediate area — Rosewood park," he said. "Some of the crowd may have gone onto Booker T. or people just out in their apartments — celebrating, having a good time, whatever — but there's nothing to tie one to the other and nothing to indicate that this was a hate crime."

First of all I would say beating a man to death would require a lot of hate (although I know that is not what a "hate crime" refers to).

Second do you think it matters that the crowd was black (as was the girl hit by a car) and the driver hispanic? I'd say it mattered alot.

Monday, June 18, 2007

NFL Preview: NFC West and North

I know I have taken a long break on my NFL picks, so here are two divisions in the NFC.

NFC West

1) 10-6: Seattle will win this divison, which I believe will be much improved from last season when it was the worst division in football. They will have Alexander and Hasselbeck healthy and that will allow them to win this divison.

2) 8-8: San Fransisco will be one of the more improved teams as they were last year, but with a much tougher schedule and people taking them seriously this will be a rough year.

3) 8-8: Arizona will finally tap some of the potential they have had in the desert the last few years. I think with a QB finally in place they should continue to get better, but they must improve their defense.

4) 6-10: St. Louis will slide further back in this division. They have an explosive offense, but probably would have a hard time stopping the Faulkner University Intermural All-Star team from scoring.


1) 10-6: Chicago makes me nervous, but I think they will at least make the playoffs out of a very weak division. I am not a believer in Grossman, but don't think he'll be the biggest of their problems. The defense will not be as strong as last year and that is why I see the slide from them.

2) 6-10: Green Bay will be the second best team in a very bad divison. Farve will break the record he came back to break, but will pay the price by playing on this team.

3) 6-10: Minnesota will struggle on offense. They have a very solid defense, but are in the worst shape at QB than any other team in the NFL.

4) 4-12: Detroit will be terrible again. I don't see them getting any better until they fire Millen.

I'll try to get the other two divisions up soon and my playoff picks for 2007.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Big Day...

Today was a huge day for the Simpsons. Not because Paris Hilton has decided to give up acting stupid, but for a few reasons.

Reason 1: We are having a baby boy. Due date is November 3rd, and he is already measuring big, so here's hoping he is as athletic as the little girl we already have. He looks healthy and we are excited about seeing him in about 20 more weeks.

No doubt here baby!!!!

Reason 2: We have agreed to buy our second house. It was Jamey's favorite and I think it will be a great house to raise our 2 kids. It is in a good area of town and is 2000 sq ft with 4 bdrms. It also has alot of character, being built in 1950. We just need a few rooms painted and it will a great house to move into.

Reason 3: I have been getting to spend much more time at home with Jamey and Avery and have been able to see Avery grow up. She now loves going to McDonalds or Burger King to play in the big kids playground. She is normally the smallest kid playing, but she loves to go up and come down the slides at these places. She is ready to be the "big sister" even though I am not sure she knows what that means. She is able to express herself very well now.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Money can't buy everything...

...or maybe it can. Paris Hilton is now out of jail after "serving" only 3 days of her sentence, which had already been reduced to 23 days. Not only is she able to drink, do drugs, and then get in a car and drive with very little punishment, now that punishment is even less.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Is he the man??

I sure hope so for the Miami Dolphins sake. What happens to Culpepper?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Oh Billy...

It now appears Billy Donovan will be heading back to Florida. As a Gator fan I was not happy to see him leave. But as an Orlando Magic fan thought at least he will be with a team I root for. Now he has flip-flopped his way back to Gainsville and left a bad taste in the Magic's mouth. Hopefully Orlando can sign Van Gundy to take over the team and UF will still be strong...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Vacation to Stone Mountain

I know Jamey will post a lot more on this later, but thought I'd let everyone know we are back from Stone Mountain, Ga. It was a great trip. I haven't been able to spend much time with Avery to watch all the new tricks she can do.

She can now sing (mimic whatever I am singing). She can open the fridge and get her own drink, and occasionally shut the door back. She can speak very well now in sentences (she has stopped using the 3rd person vocabulary she had for awhile). She can recongnize Applebees and other landmarks the Simpson's frequent. She can swim, with floaties, by herself and she doesn't want any help from Daddy.

Now to the trip. We started by going to a farmyard (plastic) which Avery had fun at, but was not a fan of the very loud noises. Next we ventured to the 4D movie theater, which did warn of animals coming off the screen. We went anyway and Avery was doing fine until a snake came at you and hissed. She now has a fear of snakes (even though we convinced her it was just "kissing" her). Next was lunch and then on to the train. Avery loves riding on trains and it was fun. Then we went to the sky lift. Jamey and Avery enjoyed this and I did once we were off the lift.

We saved the part where Avery could pet the animals to this point, as she was beginning to show signs of someone who had not had her nap. She loved petting the goats and sheep and we could have stayed there all day. But on to the Riverboat we went. Avery liked the paddle boats, was not too big a fan of the river boat, but loved feeding the ducks. For all the money we spent we could have saved it all and given her duck food and she would have been happy.

We did go back to watch the fireworks that night and after Avery was convinced no snake was going to come of the lazer show she enjoyed it.

I know I had a great time and I am sure Jamey will post some pictures later...