Friday, December 29, 2006

Death Penalty

Do you believe in the death penalty? I am not fully sure. There are compelling cases on both sides.
The "pro" side would argue that their must be punishment that would deter criminals from committing such heinous crimes. This side would point to the Old Testiment in the bible with God ordering the deaths of several for breaking the law.
The "con" side would argue that Jesus asks us to turn the other cheek. We should not be violent to others, no matter the crime.

While I think I tend to lean to the pro side, I do have a hard time thinking of someone being hung, electricuted, or leathaly injected. I have seen the movie the Green Mile, and that is as close as I have ever come to seeing someone executed. I understand and support the rational thought behind the death penalty, but have a hard time thinking too long on the topic.

What do you think?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Should he be put to death?

I think so. Here is a story on the death of Sadame Hussain. This is being carried out by the Iraq court systems. What do you think?

NFL All-Pro Team

Here is my All-Pro Team for this season in football.

QB: Manning (Ind)
RB: Tomlinson (SD)
RB: Johnson (KC)
OL: Jamal Brown (NO)
OL: Kris Deilman (SD)
OL: Jeff Saturday (Ind)
OL: Chris Naeole (Jax)
OL: Willie Anderson (Cinn)
TE: Gates (SD)
WR: Harrison (Ind)
WR: Johnson (Cinn)

DE: Taylor (Mia)
DE: Kapman (GB)
DT: Sapp (Oak)
DT: Williams (Minn)
LB: Merriman (SD)
LB: Fletcher (Buff)
LB: Thomas (Mia)
LB: Urlacher (Chi)
DB: Bailey (Den)
DB: Williams (Dal)
DB: Wilson (AZ)
DB: Rhodes (NYJ)

K: Gould (Chi)
P: Turk (Mia)
Ret: Hester (Chi)

Almost on: Wayne (IND), Brees (NO), Gore (SF), Gonzalez (KC), Young (Ten)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Conservative or Liberal

I'm back. Took awhile with the traveling.

Are you a conservative or liberal? Do you think you fall somewhere in the middle? So do I, and about 99% of others reading this blog. After much thought on this subject I decided to blog on the issue. I am using the terms somewhat loosely (conservative/liberal). I mean them in the political and religious sense.

If most of you are like me you tend to view people that are more conservative than you as “not open-minded”. These people are just not educated enough to see things the way you do. These people are just not able to see what is true and important and usually stick to just a few issues that we would consider to be minor problems while missing the big picture.

The other type of people are those that are too liberal. These people are viewed as people that do not have a sound foundation of beliefs as far as the more conservatives would believe. Many of them ignore issues that we would find to be of extreme importance and they do not stand for what they do, or should, believe to be true. These do not want to levy their beliefs on others because they must not truly believe.

I compare this scenario to when I am driving. Those that are going slower than me are “old foggies” that are making it unsafe by how they are driving, while those that are passing me are “out-of-control” and do not understand how dangerous they are driving. While of course I am driving (at whatever speed I decide for the day) at the optimal speed that others should be driving at.

Personally I tend to lean more to the conservative side on most issues. However I find myself critiquing those that are more conservative that I am as people that cannot find the forest for the trees. While the many that are more liberal than me do not have a firm grasp on reality or they will not stand for what they believe in.

What I have learned in my interactions with many that see things differently than I do is that other people study as much, and often more, than I do. These people have put much thought into what they believe and although I do not always agree with them that does not make them wrong.

What do you think?

Friday, December 15, 2006


What do you think about this article? Here is the headline:
WELLINGTON, Ohio — An artist who was forced to remove his Nazi gingerbread men from the window of a hardware store has set up the display in an empty storefront in another town.

What about "free speech"? It is fine by me to have him take down this disgusting "art", but do you think he ought to be forced to?

Or what about this?

I support GWB for the most part. I know he has made some bad decisions, but who hasn't. This one though was a terrible move. One of the most difficult problems we have is immigration. I'd love to see the process made easier for those who'd like to be in America. That way they have rights, and are paying taxes. A fence!! Was that the best we could think up with the "smartest" men advising the president!! Really now, I could have given you that idea.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pop vs. Coke

Found this off my friend Jeremy's blog. What do you call your fountain drinks? I have always gone with Soda (I don't really know why). Living in the south though I hear about Coke all the time (even if people want a Dr. Pepper they call it coke). And I always found it funny to hear "them crazy yankees" call it Pop. Come on now, Pop?!?!
So what do you call it? Here is a map of the breakdown of the U.S.

My Blog

Somebody got to my blog with this as a google search:
tommy lee jones revolutionary war fan club


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I don't deny living in Alabama. I enjoy living in the deep south, but there are times when I do feel uncomfortable with the rednecks.

I call this one the redneck christmas.

What I would do with Avery, if I was truely a redneck.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Top 100 Artists Last group

Here it is. The top 20 in my artists. There are a few that made this group because of my love of their music, but for the most part I tried to be as objective as possible.

20: Garth Brooks: The face of Country music in the 90’s. He helped bring country music into the mainstream. He has several great songs. I even bought his box set, which is quite good.

19: Maria Carey: A great singer. She has been a constant in the music industry for many years. Her voice is unreal; too bad she is so weird. Looking forward to more of her music. She has over 15 number 1 singles already, and will most likely put out even more.

18: Journey: A great group. I still enjoy many of the songs they put out.

17: Sting: He was great in a group and as a solo artist. His voice is so distinct that it is hard to see anyone imitating him ever.

16: James Taylor: He has some great music. I still listen to his greatest hits while driving around.

15: Steven Curtis Chapman: My personal all-time favorite. He has produced hits since the early 1990’s and still is putting out great albums. His most well know (I will be here) is still played in many weddings.

14: Michael W. Smith: A stalwart in Christian music. For many years he was the face of the entire industry. He still puts out great worship music even today.

13: Nirvana: Dominated the music scene for several years. The music still reminds me of the mid-90’s.

12: Beach Boys: This was a great group. Have many hits that still make you want to sing today.

11: Led Zeppelin: Not my favorite. But they have sold more records than anyone other than the Beatles in the U.S.

10: Pearl Jam: This group was a great group for several years. I have always thought they were way under-appreciated for the impact on the music industry.

9: DC Talk: I feel this is the best group that existed in Christian Music. They were back in the days when old school rap was the way to go, and evolved into a great alternative sound.

8: Queen: I think the greatest group. They have many hits to back it up. And are still played today.

7: Metallica: A great group. They could easily be higher on the list. The Black album is a classic, but they have produced great songs throughout the years. Jamey actually came down the aisle to a Metallica song.

6: Pink Floyd: Again, not my cup of tea, but the music sold more copies than almost any other group.

5: Madonna: She changed music forever. Not always in a good way. But her influence is unmistakable.

4: Michael Jackson/Jackson 5: I know he is a terrible person today, but he was the king of pop. His impact still resonates in the music industry. And the Jackson 5 probably could have made the list on it’s own.

3: The Beatles: Way before my time, but I cannot argue with all they have accomplished, and the effect they have left in the music industry.

2: U2: A great group that has spanned the decades. They had great music back in the 80’s and have great music today. The Joshua Tree has to be one of the best all-time albums.

1: Elvis: He has to be at the top. How many people have a city named after them? His songs are still played and will always be played. He was more than just a great singer, but now is a historical figure.

Well, that is the list. Let me know who I left off that should have been included, or who shouldn’t have even been on the list. Who should be higher than who, and so on…

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let me get fat if I want to

NEW YORK — The Board of Health voted Tuesday to make New York the nation's first city to ban artery-clogging artificial trans fats at restaurants — from the corner pizzeria to high-end bakeries.

What's next, closing all the McDonalds?? Don't get me wrong I am not saying this is the best food to eat. But what happened to free choice.

Top 100 Artists part IV

Here are 40-21. Tell me who is too high/low.

40: Dave Matthews Band: Too many are almost in a worship-like trance when it comes to them to not include them on this list.

39: Patsy Cline: The greatest woman country singer. She has been the inspiration to many that have come after her.

38: Eric Clapton: He put out several albums that were at the top. Great to just sit and listen to a soothing voice. Change the world is a great one.

37: Third Day: Another great Christian group. They are in their peak now, so it might be too soon to judge them. Hopefully they will put out a few more albums like the first few and continue to be a great group.

36: Eagles: A good group. To put them higher would be I think to over-rate how good they were. Although, Hotel California is still a great song.

35: Barbara Streisand: Put out many albums that were very solid. She gets this high for her longevity and the sheer numbers of her fan-base.

34: Bruce Spingsteen: Great artist that was great to hear live.

33: Louis Armstrong: The father of the Jazz singers. Many still love to impersonate this great singer.

32: Phil Collins: A great artist. He has many hits by himself and with the group Genesis. “In the air tonight” is still one of my favorites right before a game on Friday night.

31: Harry Connick Jr: This one is for Jamey, although he has sold millions of albums, and still continues to put them out today.

30: Tim McGraw: He is still dominating the Country music scene. With over 7 singles off one album he established himself and he has not stopped putting out great music. His newest “My little girl” is a must listen to for all the dads out there.

29: Jimi Hendrix: He has influenced many with the guitar solos and unique music. Often imitated, but never duplicated.

28: Prince: “Purple Rain” is a great song. He has many others that have become great songs as well.

27: Chicago: A very good group. I have enjoyed their music for a long time. They have many songs that will stay around for a long time.

26: Elton John: Some would not include him on the list and others of you are telling me how dumb I am to have him this low. He has produced some great songs and is an icon in the music industry now.

25: Whitney Houston: Probably has the best voice of all-time. Her music gives anyone goosebumps.

24: The Temptations: “Sittin by the dock of the Bay” is a classic, as is most of their music. They have inspired many to sing in their style.

23: Lionel Richie: A great artist that had several albums in a row that were successful.

22: Bob Marley: A great artist in his own style. He has brought many who would love to copy his music into the industry.

21: The Rolling Stones: Alright, before you old fogies get onto me. This group has been old and not very good since the 1980’s so I am not counting longevity. Still they were good back in the day.

Monday, December 04, 2006

People person or task oriented person

Is it better to be a "people person" or someone, like me, that is task oriented? In class on Sunday the question was asked, and the answer was that both are important to have. I would agree, but I often wonder if it would be more important to focus on people than on getting the job done.
As a coach/teacher, I am friendly to the students I am around and do care about them, but I often am so OSD that I have to finish what I set out to do that day (especially in coaching).
The main example we use as Christians is Christ's, and many times he gives the example of putting people first and not always finishing whatever "task" was on his plate. I would say this is a bit unfair however, because Jesus' real task was people.

So I ask again is it better to be people minded or task oriented?

How 'bout them Gators

Way to go Florida. Beat OSU in the championship.

On a side note...I hate the Dolphins.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Top 100 Artists Part III

Here is 60-41. Let the comments fly.

60: John Mellencamp: Another artist that I did not realize had sold so much music.

59: Stevie Wonder: A great musician that has a voice that I could listen to all day. Not to mention the fact that he is blind.

58: 2 Pac/Biggie Smalls: I know I am putting 2 together, but the impact of their careers, and deaths, is still felt in rap music.

57: Shania Twain: I know she has not done much since her 2-3 first albums. But both those started the Country/Pop era of music.

56: Hank Williams Sr.: An artist that has inspired many Country singers.

55: Barry Manilow: I am not a “fanilow” but do respect the fact that he still has a huge fan base. The fact that I work with a guy who sang back-up to him helps as well.

54: Marvin Gaye: “What’s going on” is a great album. He is an icon in his type of music.

53: Johnny Cash: How many of these artists have had a movie come out about their life? Answer: Not many.

52: Bee Gees: Their very unmanly high voices have sold a lot of records. And “Stayin alive” is still a big hit.

51: Ozzy Ozborne: Not a great role model but has influenced music in a way not many others have. His “Ironman” is a favorite of mine.

50: Areatha Franklin: The first of the Divas. Might have been the best too.

49: Fleetwood Mac: I didn’t realize how many albums they’d sold until I started doing research. The numbers alone put them this high.

48: Ray Charles: A great artist that succeeded despite of his condition. Also had a movie done on his life (an automatic to get onto this list).

47: Alice in Chains: This is for all the real metalheads out there.

46: Bon Jovi: Anytime I want to hear an artist that is better when he is screaming than singing I plug him in. I actually really enjoy many of his songs.

45: Reba McEntire: A great story teller in her music. “The lights went out in Georgia” is still a classic.

44: Santana: I’ll admit I had never heard of him before his recent success. He is a great musician however, and he is still producing music that is popular to everyone.

43: Eminem: He represents a lot that is wrong with America today. But his impact will not be forgotten. And he did prove that some white-boys can rap.

42: Hootie and the Blowfish: If they were not still trying to hang-on to their careers they would be much higher on the list. Their “cracked rear view” album is one of the greatest of all time.

41: Celine Deion: Great singer. She has put out several hits. If she was not Canadian she might have been higher on the list (just kidding). Love to hear her belt out the notes.

Books for the holidays

Some books I'd like to see written for the holiday season. They would make great gifts.

Better Speech Writing: By George W Bush
Civil Rights: By Michael Richards
The Holocaust (why it didn't really happen): By Mel Gibson
How to be a clutch player: By Scott Norwood
How to add muscle: By Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Shawn Merriman, etc...
Why people like me: By Terrell Owens
How to win an election with no platform other than I hate George Bush: The Democrats

Let me know if you see any on the shelves in the upcoming year.