Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Growing up

I do not get sentimental much. Trust me you can ask my wife. But the other night we watched Cheaper By the Dozen II. Pretty good fun movie. One of the main story lines is about the youngest girl growing up. This for whatever reason got me a little sentimental about my little girl and how much she has already grown up. Tonight in church I watched for the first time how in class she can climb the little slide set they have and go down the slide all by herself. She did this several times and came running to me with a big smile as if to see if I was impressed. I will miss the days when she does not always run into my arms after every big acheivement...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Football preview

This is my football preview. It will feature college, pro and high school teams. Teams that I like and how I feel they will finish.

NFL: I am a huge Dolphin fan, but do not believe as some have suggested that they will make a run at the super bowl. I do feel they have a chance at a wild card given their division is not as strong as others in the AFC. My pick 10-6 and out in the first round.

Division Winners:


East: Giants: Tiki Barber. Manning with another year experience.
North: Chicago: Defense will lead the way.
South: Carolina: Too much talent.
West: Seattle: No one will put up a fight in West.

Wildcards: Cowboys, Tampa Bay

Just missing the cut: Saints, Falcons, Cardinals, Rams

Big disapointments: Redskins


East: Patriots: Tom Brady, 'nough said
North: Cincy: Carson looks ok.
South: Indy: Peyton Manning (seeing a theme here)
West: Denver: Running game always solid.

Wildcards: Miami, Pittsburg

Just missing the cut: KC, Jacksonville, San Diego (too much tallent in AFC West)

Big disapointment: Oakland (Again)

NFC Championship: Carolina vs. NY. Giants

AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Indy

Super Bowl: Patriots beat NY. Giants

College Preview

My favorite teams: Florida, FSU, Miami, Air Force, Arizona.
Of the above the Florida schools should fare well (although no real contenders for the BCS). Air Force will be above .500 and Arizona I think will creep above .500 under the "other Stoops".

Top 10

1. Ohio State: Too much Troy Smith (alot like Vince Young)
2. West Virginia: I believe in this under-the-radar team
3. Auburn: As much as I'll be rooting against them
4. LSU: Too much talent. Playing the "no respect card"
5. Notre Dame: Great offense. Bad defense. Rough schedule.
6. Oklahoma: If had QB would be my #2
7. Georgia: Too much talent. Under-the-radar. Due to beat FLA this year.
8. Cal: Should finally beat USC.
9. Florida: Next year will be their year.
10. FSU: Always loaded on defense. If they could just score a little...

Just outside: USC, Texas, Michigan, VTech, Miami, Louisville

Conference winners:

SEC: Auburn
Florida can win the East, but with Auburn or LSU out of the west look out.
Surprising team: Arkansas

Pac 10: Cal
USC will be there, but too much inexperience
Surprising team: Arizona

Big 12: OK
Texas is still good, just not vince good
Surprising Team: Colorado wins the north

VT and Miami will be around, just not enough
Surprising Team: Clemson

Big 10: OSU
Michigan could be very dangerous this year as well
Surprising Team: MSU

High school

Madison Academy: I am predicting a 12-2 season with the Mustangs getting to the semis. The defense returns 9 of 11 starters and should carry the team. Enough will be done on offense with the running backs to win games. Not pretty, but effective.

ACA: With the younger players the sky is the limit. Their DC is one of the brightest young minds in the game...

Let me know what you think.
Put in your favorite teams and lets hear how you think they'll do.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Top Ten places I'd like to go/have gone

This list will cover the top places I'd like to visit. I have been to a few, but most of these are places I'd like to go. The next list is the places I have been to that I enjoyed. Jamey and I love to travel and hope to be able to continue as we get older.

10. Italy: I'd love to go back to Rome/Florence/Pompeii and add in Milan/Venice and others to my list.

9. England/Scottland: Would enjoy seeing the coast and the terrain.

8. Australia: This is mostly for Jamey (it is one place she has always wanted to go). I'd like to see the coast and go to the Great Barrier Reef.

7. Israel: I'd love to walk the area where Jesus walked and see the things he has. I enjoy biblical history and would love to go back to the areas I read about.

6. Egypt: Would love to see the Nile, Pyramids, Sphinx.

5. Japan/China: Yes I realize these are different areas, but I figure I'd have to hit both in one trip. I'd love to see the huge cities in both places. I would also like to see the Great Wall.

4. South America: Anywhere that is not a war zone. Particularly Brazil.

3. Denver: I'd love to see my family more.

2. U.S. West: Kind of a cheat. But I'd love to do a road trip to hit: Yosimite, Mt. Rushmore, Glacier Park, Vancover, Seatle, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, 4 corners, Grand Canyon. (Yes it would be a long trip)

1. Alaskan Cruise: Jamey and I enjoy cruises and would love to do a 7 day cruise and also get to see Alaska for a few days afterward.

10. Guyana: Went there on a mission trip and enjoyed it.

9. Searcy: We loved living in this middle of nowhere place several years.

8. Chattanooga (spelling): We had a great weekend. Those in Huntsville, it is a good 3 day weekend place.

7. Football field: Doesn't matter where.

6. Huntsville: Another great place to live.

5. Gatlinburg: We had a great time on our honeymoon. I love the Christmas shops (even though it was June)

4. Florence: I enjoyed the city (even though we only had a day there)

3. Rome/Paris: We had a blast on this trip. History and love, can't do that much better.

2. Cruise to Carribean: We loved it. Went to several places, Cozumel, Cancun, Roatan. My favorite place: the ship.

1. My home: I love being at home with Jamey and Avery. (Even Curtis sometimes)

Hopefully Montgomery will be on the list soon...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Top Ten Again

Found this while looking for ideas about top ten's and thought I'd share it. Those of you who know me well know that I am a republican to the core (those on Jason's blog know it almost too well). This list is obviously sarcastic, I do not mean to offend any democrats, just ones who voted for Kerry in the last election (just kidding...well not really). I cannot take credit for the blog but did find it funny. Here you go.

Top Ten Reasons it's Cool to be A Republican
by: LittleOrangeFox

10. You control the weather (and can make hurricanes skip white people entirely.)

9. You can warm the entire globe single-handedly.

8. Your car is the reason the environment is bad. Go you!

7. You started all the wars yourself. Even the ones before you were born.

6. You get cool nicknames like NeoCon.

5. Dennis Miller likes you now.

4. Hillary doesn't.

3. All the elections get fixed in your favor.

2. You get to carry a gun.

And the number one reason it is cool to be a Republican

1. You can destroy entire buildings, make gigantic planes vanish into thin air along with the passengers and blame it on that guy in a turban - while at the same time really annoying Canadians who are on to you.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Top Ten Most Hated Athletes

This is another list for me. Top Ten most hated athletes. My criteria is the athlete must play a major sport and have been hated by most fans not just some (for example I'm sure Michael Jordan is not too popular in Salt Lake City).

10. A-Rod: I actually like him, but to be booed AT HOME in almost every game is something new. If he didn't make $250 million I might feel a little sad for the guy.

9. J.J. Redick: Hasn't even played a game yet but already people are against him. Just my luck that my favorite team (Orlando Magic) spent a first round pick on him.

8. Jeff Gordon: I really don't care but have heard enough people that hate the rainbow warrior that he made the list.

7. Terrell Owens: Hated by two cities now (SF and PHILLY). Soon to add Dallas to the list. Plays well when not chewing out his QB or Coach.

6. Vince Carter: Quit on his team and demanded to be traded and got away with it. Doesn't hurt that he has been a major disapointment in the playoffs.

5. Latrell Sprewell: The man choked his coach. He also invented the worst hairstyle to catch on since the afro.

4. Randy Moss: Been hated by most fans of the NFL for a long time, not likely to change...since he plays for the most hated NFL team (Oakland) now.

3. Kobe Bryant: The man got away with a crime (other than how selfish he plays on the court). He also single-handed ruined the Lakers.

2. Ray Lewis: I personally hate this guy. He is someone who probably got away with murder (literally) and plays for one of the most hated coaches as well in Baltimore.

1. Barry Bonds: This guy was hated before he "grew" a mere 40 pounds of muscle at the age of 40.

Tell me who you think should be on here.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A blog about nothing

This blog will cover nothing... If you are still reading you must watch Seinfeld regularly. I figure if a show can make millions over nothing why not try a blog that actually has no real topic or direction.

Here are a few random thoughts:
1) Why do I like lists so much (I feel like such a nerd)
2) Who decided that kissing was a greeting (have you really thought about kissing. Putting your nasty mouth on someone else and leaving saliva on them)
3) Who invented the wheel? Languages? Why are there other races? (OK sorry to get so deep)

Mascots that I would like to have if I owned a team: Knights, Bulldogs, Eagles or Cobras. Ones that would not be so good: Bison, Camels, Calculators, Muleriders (that is a real one), Wonderboys (also real), Inch Worms, Bunnies.

Great quotes of the 8th grade for the week:
"Why did God create the world in 7 days?" Like I am going to know that
"Why do evolutionist think we came from Animals" They are idots
"Why do we have black and white people and when did they get that color" ????

I am sure to have some more quotes for you next time and maybe a topic. Till then

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Top 10 Worst Jelly Belly's

Tonight I'd like to post on one of my favorite candies. The "Jelly Belly" is a great variety in a packet snack. What I love about Jelly Belly's is to be able to look at what I am eating and taste all the different flavors. For any who do not know what Jelly Belly's are, they are an updated version of Jelly Beans. Tonight I tried the buttered popcorn flavor and decided to come up with (with the help of Jamey, Jason and Sunny) a top ten worst flavors.
This list is the top ten worst flavors of Jelly Belly's that never made it to the shelves, Here they are:

10. Vienna Sausage flavor

9. Taco flavor

8. A-1 Sauce

7. Crisco flavored

6. Beef Jerky

5. Egg Roll

4. Cottage Cheese

3. Ranch/Any other salad dressing flavored

2. Shrimp

1. Bacon Flavored

Also, Jason Bybee and I are the most dominate spades players this side of the Mississippi. Up next top ten worst mascots. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Last list for a little

This may be my last post for a few days/weeks. I will be starting back to school Monday and with teaching and coaching my workdays should run from 7-7 (that is if there is no Varsity or JV game, in which case it would be from 7AM-11PM). So I will attempt to update as often as possible. I figured a good way to finish up would be a top 10 sitcom list.
Criteria: I have to have seen it. I have to have thought it was funny (even if looking back at it, it is not as funny as I once thought). It has to have run for several years.

10. Family Matters: Urkel. The name brings the face of this sitcom. At it's prime was a very popular clean sitcom.

9. Family Ties: Michael J. Fox in a sitcom. Before he was 40 and still looked 16.

8. Full House: Looking back this is sooooo not funny. But at the time was a great show.

7. Saved By the Bell: Another one that I don't always like to admit I watched, but was great in the 80's and early 90's. Hurt itself by trying "the college years".

6. Cosby Show: Classic show. These are sometimes still funny to watch the re-runs.

5. Everybody Loves Raymond: These are still hillarious even if I've seen the show 200 times. The characters are all great.

4. Friends: Was the top show for several years. Great actors.

3. Cheers: A classic.

2. MASH: Another that could have been number one.

1. Seinfeld: Still funny to watch, even though it is quickly getting dated. Look at the clothes they where. A show about nothing sparked many spinoff types.

Those with a chance: The Office, King of Queens, Tell me some more

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sports Movies/Servant Hearts

Before I get into my top Sports Movies I'd like to share something I saw today at Alabama Christian. While driving home I saw our maintanance men working on our shrubs and cleaning gutters, etc... Of course I thought nothing about it until I drove by... As I passed them I realized who the "maintanance men" were. The President of ACA, Principle of ACA, and Assistant Priniciple of ACA all covered in sweat and dirt. This made me realize I had made the right decision to come to this school. Places I have been in the past would not have had this happen to say the least. I was very impressed and feel I am under the right type of servant leaders.

Ok, now on to two of my favorite topics, sports and movies. Here is my top 20.
Criteria: Movie must be mainly centered around sport. I don't count cheerleading or sports like Tennis, etc (sports that are stupid). Also, no racecar movies (these may be concidered a sport by some, not me) or Karate weird type sports (sorry Karate Kid fans).

20. Miracle: Great Story. Have to have at least one hockey in the top 20 incase some Canadian reads my blog. Also I enjoy clean movies based on a true story.

19. Happy Gilmore: Love Adam Sandler. One of the few who can make me want to watch golf.

18. The Rookie: Great movie. Another clean one based on a true story. Could've been higher if he hadn't made the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I'd have changed it and put him on the Cardinals or someone.

17. The Waterboy: Adam Sandler again. A personal favorite with many great lines. "Mamamama said" this is a great movie. Also love when Lawrence Taylor says "Don't do drugs" the week before he gets busted.

16. Heaven Can Wait: Great older movie. For those who have not seen it. The main charater is the starting QB for the Rams. He is "taken" from life to early by his angel. Later on he is placed in a millionares body for awhile. Comedy that is worth renting some night. Women will even watch it with you for the smaller love story that develops.

15. White Men Can't Jump: Classic. Great actors, great plot, great dialogue.

14. Varsity Blues: Had to put it up there for the football scenes. Not a big fan of the rest of the stuff, but it had great action scenes.

13. Major Leagues Series: The first was one of the funniest movies every. Baseball fans will love it for the action, I love it for the comedy.

12. The Program: Movie that show the corruption in college sports. We don't know much about that down here around Auburn (Oops).

11. Radio: Great clean movie based on a true story.

10. Bull Duram: Classic.

9. A League of their own: Wasn't sure about putting this one up here. Not a big softball (even though they are playing baseball) fan. But the cast makes the movie. Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Rosie O'Donnell, Madonna.

8. Field of Dreams: Great movie. Another that the whole family can enjoy.

7. The Longest Yard: Both the original and remake were great. If you have not seen the original with "The Burt" watch it.

6. Raging Bull: Robert De Niro is great as a boxer in this classic.

5. The Natural: Great Baseball classic. The last scene with the homerun is great. Only problem is that Robert Redford was already too old for this part.

4. Rudy: Could move up later. Great clean family movie.

3. Rocky Series: Rocky IV is my all-time favorite movie (the one vs. the Russian). The others are classics. This will move down on the list if the rumored Rocky VI comes out.

2. Hoosiers: Could have been number one. Great movie for the family.

1. Remember the Titans: I know it is a newer movie, but man what a classic already. Great Actors and the worlds best sport. Has great action shots and teaches several lessons. And clean enough to show any audience.

Honorable Mentions: Eight Men Out, Summer Catch, The Last Boyscout, Out Cold, Jerry Maguire, 61, All the right Moves, Friday Night Lights, Any Given Sunday, Everybody's All American, Tin Cup, Bagger Vance, Brian's Song, North Dallas Forty, Sandlot, Might Ducks, Mystery Alaska, For Love of the Game, Chariots of Fire, Bad News Bears

Worsts: He got Game, Love and Basketball, The sixth man, Basketball Diaries, Blue Chips (Notice these are all basketball movies)

Till next time