Friday, November 30, 2007

Top 10 upsets of the college football season

Thanks to a comment by James, I figured I'd do another list this week. The top 10 upsets in a very unpredictable season of college football. There were many to pick from, and I attempted to not pick too many SEC games.

10: South Florida over Auburn: My brother Thomas was able to go to this game. Auburn was still undefeated and not many people knew about South Florida. This game set the tone for Auburn, who would be upset again by MSU, and South Florida, who would go to #2 in the BCS before feeling the pressure.

9: Arizona over Oregon: I know they were able to win the game because of Dixon's ACL, but Oregon was a front-runner for the BCS with a heisman candidate. Another #2 getting knocked off, and it was in prime time. Doesn't hurt that I am an Arizona fan (having lived in Tucson).

8: Georgia over Florida: As a Gator fan I hate to put this in here, but UGA beating Florida for the first time in a million years and putting Tennessee in the SEC championship game and Georgia in a BCS was a huge game. Georgia (a team that got beat twice early in the year) played an outstanding game, and it didn't hurt that Tebow was not 100%.

7: Colorado over Oklahoma: This was another BCS team that fell on its face against an unranked team. Colorado is an improved team, but if they played this game 10 more times, Oklahoma wins them all.

6: ULM over Alabama: Although Alabama is not a great team, they were looking at a potential 8-4 season and a good bowl before losing at HOME to a team that is a mid-level team in a terrible conference.

5: Kentucky over LSU: Knocking LSU from the unbeatens. Great game as well. Kentucky was a solid team, but still should not have been able to beat LSU.

4: FSU over Boston College: Matt Ryan had just beat Virginia Tech and become a heisman candidate. Now FSU rolls in to Boston College and takes this team out of the BCS picture. They also effectively end Ryan's chances.

3: South Florida over West Virginia: Another great upset by the Bull of South Florida. This made them the team to beat and almost knocked out West Virginia. My prediction is this is the only loss of West Virginia this season.

2: Stanford over USC: This would have been one of the biggest upsets of the decade if not for number one...

1: App. State over Michigan: By far the biggest upset of all-time. A team that had no business on the field with Michigan getting the win. A blocked field goal, a last minute drive to take back the lead. I would say Michigan did not even play that bad at the end. App. State won the game, Michigan did not choke it away.

What did I miss?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Next list

I am going to attempt to do another top 10 list. See if you can follow this one.

Top 10...continuations of multiple part movies and the worst choice to replace the main actor.

10. Rocky VII: New lead...Leonardo Di Caprio

9. Mission Impossible: Dennis Hopper

8. Indiana Jones: Chris Tucker

7. Star Wars: Jim Carrey

6. Friday: Russel Crowe

5. Ace Ventura Pet Detective: Harrison Ford

4. Godfather: Jackie Chan

3. Rambo: John Voight

2. Austin Powers: Al Pacino

1. Legally Blonde: Whoopi Goldberg

Any other ideas for top 10 lists or to add to this one??

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Simpson update

A quick update on the stuff going on. Haven't been updating as regularly as I'd like, but with football over I may have more time...well if I'm not holding my boy or girl.

Braden is doing very well. He was born at 10 lbs even and 21 3/4 inches long. He is a big strong boy. Jamey says he is sleeping really well. Avery has been getting up during the night now. She is a proud big sister. Above are some pictures. Jamey has many other pictures.

Football ended last friday as we went 2-8. Highlight of the season was the Jodan Creel story. Read the last post for more on the story or this story picked up by Sports Illustrated. Now we start reloading for next season, with several new players and a few that played young we have a chance to be good.

Now Jamey and I turn our attention to track. The girls have a chance to be great and the boys have an outside shot at being a top team this season.

Also since I have time to blog (students studying for a US states and capitals test) thought I'd go over my preseason NFL picks at the halfway point.

Here's my link to the picks from preseason.
NFC East: Eagles at 10-6 is not a great pick, I did have Dallas at 9-7 and in the playoffs.

NFC South: Had New Orleans here at 10-6 which may happen, but did not see Tampa doing so well. Also had Carolina doing well, but without Delhomme they don't have a chance.

NFC North: Had Chicago here, did not pick Detroit or Green Bay (but who did?).

NFC West: Seattle was my pick here, and they may still be the team to make it, but no team here looks great. Arizona would be my new pick.

AFC East: I picked the NYJ to win, not looking so good now. Had New England at 11-5 and in the playoffs.

AFC South: Had Indy winning. But did not think much of Tennessee or Jacksonville.

AFC North: Picked Baltimore (bad) and Cinncy (also bad). Looking like Pittsburg wins the title.

AFC West: Had San Diego at 12-4, they still have a good shot at winning division, but not going 12-4.

Picked Carolina over San Diego in Super Bowl.