Friday, June 27, 2008

Topics for the political campaign

What are the major issues that will decide this years president? Here are a few that may be issues that need some discussion.

1) War in Iraq: In my opinion if McCain has any chance this must turn around quickly. I think it will be the #1 issue brought up by the "unbiased" media.

2) Money issues: This would include gas prices, food prices and even go into universal health care. I think this is the most important issue, and may decide many people's vote.

3) Immigration: Not sure this will get the air time it deserves, but could swing several of the western states.

4) Abortion: Not going to get the press it needs, and not sure McCain is strong enough against abortion for him to win the conservative vote anyway, although Obama is extremely pro-choice and that could scare some voters.

5) Experience: Don't think this hurt Obama very much, but may in older voters mind.

6) Race: How does the fact that Obama is black impact the vote. I think it works for and against him more than people want to admit.

All in all I think it is Obama's race to lose. As long as he doesn't do anything stupid between now and the election and the war in Iraq doesn't turn around he wins. I would agree with some (James) that say Obama is the media darling (much like the first black president...Bill Clinton :). What do you think? What issues do you care about? What will people care about? Who wins and why?


Jamin said...

I'm with you, I think Obama would have to do something really dumb to lose this election and I'm becoming convinced he is probably the best choice. There are things I don't like about him, but I just can't find it within me to support McBush.

I do think the war will be the driving issue behind this election with the recession following at a very close second. The republicans have messed up in both areas and it will be the main factor behind Obama winning.

Roxy Wishum said...

'at-a-boy! Now you are stirring things up. I am all in for Rick and Bubba. My only input at this time is "those that talk the most are not always those that vote the most". Don't be surprised if it is still close to 50/50 as it has been for several elections. Any last minute mud could sway the election.

Kenny Simpson said...

I think McCain is going to have to pick a much more conservative VP to have any chance. He has to win the south, and right now I'm not sure that is going to happen.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

Libertarian. Right here. ;)